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In each regular season NBA game, a team will dress 13 players.

Basic math tells us that for one game, there will be a combined 26 players dressed between the two teams.

Compared to other major sports, 13 players isn’t a big number.

However, hundreds, if not thousands, of NBA player props, will be available to the betting public on a busy night during the NBA season.

Realistically, without the benefit of some intense software and access to large amounts of different data points, it’s just not possible for a recreational bettor to identify the NBA props with the most significant advantage in our favor.

That’s why BestOdds EDGE has developed a cheat sheet to help recreational players identify opportunities where the advantage lies with a bettor, not the sportsbook.

In this article, we discuss:

  • What is an NBA Player Prop Cheat Sheet
  • NBA Cheat Sheet Features and Benefits
  • What Is NBA Player Prop Betting
  • The Most Popular NBA Player Prop Bets
  • How BestOdds EDGE Can Help NBA Player Prop Bettors
  • NBA Player Prop Betting Strategies
  • Why Shopping Around For Your Best Odds Matters

What Is NBA Cheat Sheet?

Sportsbooks have the technology and capabilities today to set lines and odds for almost every player who will see action during an NBA game.

The operators have access to thousands of different data points, and a large technical team is used to create these player prop odds.

Realistically, it’s just not possible for the majority of recreational bettors to properly research and analyze all the available NBA player prop options each night.

Fortunately, BestOdds EDGE was developed by sports bettors, for sports bettors, in an attempt to level the playing field between the sportsbooks and sports gamblers.

BestOdds EDGE is similar to the sportsbooks because they are ingesting thousands of different data points and have a deep technical team running complicated algorithms over top of all the data they are ingesting.

These algorithms are created to identify the few bets where the advantage favors bettors and not the sportsbooks.

Instead of spending hours and hours trying to analyze several hundred different NBA prop bets, bettors can now look over only the best bets as recommended by the EDGE platform.

NBA Cheat Sheet Features & Benefits

Edge Percentage

After analyzing all the data inputs, the BestOdds EDGE betting platform will create its proprietary projected edge percentage for each NBA player prop bet on the market.

In our graphic above, the EDGE platform is suggesting that bettors have a 32% advantage if they are to play LeBron James Under his total assists.

The majority of advantages will be low numbers, sometimes even negative numbers because sportsbooks are very good at what they do.

However, when opportunities like a 32% advantage appear, they are highlighted within the NBA Cheat Sheet, allowing bettors to quickly find the biggest edges in their favor.

Recent Form, Streaks & Trends

The NBA Cheat Sheet will also provide information detailing a player’s current form and any streaks or trends worth identifying.

Above, the EDGE betting platform gives us information on the Denver Nuggets Jeff Green playing the Los Angeles Lakers.

Not only does the platform suggest that Green has a 37% advantage to go Over his assist total today, but they provide streak information detailing that he has gone over his assist total in 39 of the last 52 games.

Best Available Odds

Bettors must understand that a projected edge is only calculated using the Best Odds available for that specific NBA player prop bet.

Looking at the Kevin Durant prop bet within the EDGE platform, we see the Best Odds for that specific wager are +110 with BetMGM.

The projected edge calculated by the sportsbook for Durant to go under his assist total is a very attractive 47%.

However, if you are using a sportsbook offering that bet at -110 instead of +110, your advantage for that wager will not be 47% because the return on your bet if it wins will be less than what it would be at +110.

One of the most essential topics for recreational bettors to become familiar with is the long-term importance of playing the Best Odds available for each bet you make.

A bettor has no greater advantage against the sportsbooks than their ability to shop around and play the Best Odds for their bet.

What Is NBA Player Prop Betting

Traditionally, bets were tied to a game’s final score or outcome. Bettors would wager on which team would win the game or over or under the total set for a specific game.

NBA player prop betting is not tied to the end result of a match or the final score.

Instead, we are betting on a player’s statistical performance within a game.

In an NBA game, all kinds of player prop bets are available, including how many points, assists, rebounds, and more a player will have during a game.

Most Popular NBA Player Prop Bets

NBA fans love to cheer for their favorite teams and players. Most fans are cheering for offensive performances, and player prop betting tends to focus on a game’s offensive aspect as well.

However, it is possible to wager on other stat categories like rebounds and steals.

  • The most popular NBA player prop bets include, but are not limited to:
  • Total points
  • Total assists
  • Total rebounds
  • Combined total of points, assists, rebounds
  • Total steals

How Can BestOdds EDGE Help?

There was a time when sportsbooks had a significant advantage over their betting customers because of their access to data and internal technical resources that the betting public just didn’t have.

However, because of betting platforms like BestOdds EDGE, which are focused on providing access to data and information on behalf of the recreational bettors and not the sportsbooks, the playing field has leveled out significantly.

Like oddsmakers, the BestOdds EDGE platform is ingesting thousands of data points for each sport.

They have a deep technical team capable of running complex algorithms over top of all this data, giving bettors access to information and insights they never had before.

NBA Player Prop Betting Strategies

The BestOdds EDGE betting platform is an amazing resource for those who love to wager on NBA player props because it does an incredible job of identifying opportunities within the hundreds of bets available where the advantage lies with a bettor and not the sportsbook.

The EDGE platform and Cheat Sheet will list the best options for bettors each day. From there, a bettor can dive into just a few bets instead of trying to analyze them all.

Bettors will want to look through the information provided by the platform and then do their own research.

They should ensure that they agree with the analysis when the platform has identified a significant edge in their favor.

A bettor will want to ensure that nothing significant has changed recently that might impact a player’s performance or, more importantly, his playing time.

Sometimes when a teammate gets injured or when a teammate returns from an injury, it can have a ripple effect on other players on the roster.

The BestOdds EDGE platform is an amazing tool for bettors of all skill levels and experience because it helps us find the signals within the noise.

By that, we mean the platform and the NBA cheat sheet can help us identify opportunities where we have the advantage, not the sportsbooks.NFL Player Prop Cheat Sheet