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Updated: 17th Jan, 2023

ParlayPlay Review & App Experience

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Pros & Cons Of ParlayPlay

  • The generous new players welcome bonus 
  • Straightforward user interface and gameplay
  • Budget-friendly, choose your stake amount in each contest
  • Reliable customer support
  • A new site, relatively untested 
  • ParlayPlay doesn’t have a mobile app
  • Limited availability
  • High withdrawal minimum

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Most players aren’t new to daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting in all its forms. You might have even taken part in a contest on one of the bigger DFS sites.

So, ParlayPlay, a new and relatively small DFS platform, has to offer something unique to succeed in this environment.

When our team at started on this ParlayPlay review, we wondered what would be so unique for a new platform to succeed in this industry.

We cracked our heads together and eventually figured out the answer.

The idea behind ParlayPlay is amazingly simple, but it works. The site provides players with an easy alternative to regular sports betting.

ParlayPlay also places itself on a better footing than traditional fantasy sports sites by doing away with things like lineup management.

Let’s show you what else this site is doing to attract more players.

Pros & Cons Of ParlayPlay


  • The generous new player welcome bonus
  • Straightforward user interface and gameplay
  • Budget-friendly, you choose how much you’ll stake in each contest
  • Reliable customer support


  • A new site, relatively untested
  • ParlayPlay doesn’t have a mobile app
  • Limited availability
  • High withdrawal minimum

Would We Place Sports Bets At ParlayPlay?

Yes! ParlayPlay has unique and engaging gameplay.

It provides prop-based betting that we continuously see on new DFS sites.

Prop-based betting also has the advantage of playing against the sportsbook, not some shark waiting on the other end to trick you out of your hard-earned money.

We can go on about the no deposit offer available for new players on ParlayPlay.

But what we’ll instead focus on is that here you don’t need to go all in to have a good time.

The sportsbook allows you to protect your investment by settling for a lesser payout but benefiting if one of your legs loses.

Even though ParlayPlay is still somewhat limited, being established only in 2021, we see no reason any serious DFS player can’t have a good time here.

Betting Odds Quality

Betting odds are usually a reliable first-level indicator of the quality of a sports betting site.

This is a no-brainer if you are looking at traditional sportsbooks, but ParlayPlay isn’t your regular sports betting site.

This daily fantasy sports platform provides players with betting action on individual props. So the numbers on DFS sites are set daily, unlike odds that fluctuate now and again.

A better way to get a fix on how good ParlayPlay is as a DFS site would be to compare it with other similar platforms.

We’ve already done this for you and established that ParlayPlay is in line with similar sites of the same size and pedigree.

An In-Depth Look At ParlayPlay

ParlayPlay is a relatively new site established in 2021.

The platform provides players with a new way of betting, far removed from your typical sportsbook and fantasy gaming.

Here, you can place bets on individual player props against the sportsbook and benefit from the number of parlay bets you win.

Since ParlayPlay offers a new way of betting, the only way to get the most out of this site is to know how it differs from your typical fantasy sports platform.

You build a team on a regular fantasy sports site, and hope player performance meets your expectations.

If the players in your team perform well, you earn more points; but the reverse is true if they perform poorly.

On a regular DFS site, you also play against other players who may be more experienced than you in many cases.

ParlayPlay has done away with most of the weaknesses found on typical fantasy sports sites, coming out with a hybrid version of this entertaining pastime.

Here you play against the site, meaning there are no sharks.

You are also not picking entire teams like you would on a typical fantasy sports platform. Only two to four predictions are required on individual player props.

You win if your predictions come in over or under set statistical milestones or your pick scores within a specific range.

Now, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes and how to play on ParlayPlay.

The site has two ways to play. The first one is more or less, which is your typical over and under bet.

Here, you bet that a player’s performance comes in over or under the set target.

You can also play “hit it” games. You pick at least two players and predict if their score totals fall within a specified range.

So, how do you win? Naturally, the more picks you get correct, the more money you’ll make.

This is usually a multiple of your stake, made clear before placing your bet. However, ParlayPlay also offers freeroll contests from time to time.

In these games, the buying is free, but you stand a chance to win a share of the pot if you score more points than other competitors.

ParlayPlay Bonus Details

Even though ParlayPlay provides unique gameplay, the site also has a set of regular and new player bonuses to keep players engaged.

New players on ParlayPlay can instantly take advantage of a couple of lucrative offers.

The first is the no deposit bonus, secured by signing up. You don’t need a promo code to receive this bonus and need only to create a new account.

New players instantly receive five free entries when opening a new ParlayPlay account.

The second new player offer is a deposit match bonus. ParlayPlay $5 Risk Free Bet.

This bonus is valid for 30 days, and ParlayPlay makes bonus funds available as soon as you satisfy a 1x rollover requirement.

ParlayPlay bonuses are new player-friendly, but regulars have other offers they can take advantage of.

The site runs freeroll tournaments now and again. These tournaments are open to all players on ParlayPlay.

At the time of writing, ParlayPlay had an NBA freeroll tournament running. Seven hundred fifty contestants were required, with the first place winner walking away with $36.

Referring a friend is always an excellent way to get credit in most sportsbooks. ParlayPlay doesn’t leave players hanging and exchanges referrals for free entries.

More bonus goodies are waiting in the Parlay club.

Here, members can take advantage of free entries regularly, premium player insights, access to exclusive contests, and even sportsbook t-shirts.

If you want to be notified whenever a promo goes live, the best way is by following the site’s social media pages or checking the ParlayPlay promotions page.

Registration Process At ParlayPlay

One thing we noted instantly when we landed on the ParlayPlay homepage was how simple the site is.

It’s simple to use, simple to navigate, and understand. It also carried this simplistic nature into how you register a new account.

Let’s show you what we mean.

You can complete the ParlayPlay account registration process by following the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to the ParlayPlay homepage by using any of the links available on our site
  • Click on the “Join Now” button in the top right-hand corner
  • Find and click on the black create account button
  • Create a username and password, and click next. If you’ve got a referral code, this is when you can use it
  • Provide the ParlayPlay with your name, surname, and date of birth. Before the process is complete, you’ll also need to provide a valid email address and a US phone number. ParlayPlay will send you a code that you must input in the required field
  • Complete the registration process by verifying your account. This will also earn you extra free entries.

ParlayPlay App Experience

Most online gaming is now conducted on mobile, and this is a fact.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sports betting platform or a casino gaming site, the provision of a downloadable mobile app is almost a given.

This makes it hard to believe that ParlayPlay doesn’t have native app options for the sportsbook in the App Store or on Google Play.

So, how do you play on mobile? Well, the platform has again gone for simplicity.

You need to use your mobile web browser to get the app. You can simply visit the sportsbook on your phone or tablet.

The site gives you access to the same contests that are available on the main website.

One would wonder how such a setup fares against downloadable versions of the sportsbook, and honestly, you wouldn’t be wrong in doing so.

Web browser apps aren’t as robust as native options when playing on an unstable network. But, you don’t need to worry about regularly updating web apps.

The sportsbook pushes the latest version every time you log on. Web apps don’t require any installation knowledge and are effectively plug-and-play.

Aesthetically, the ParlayPlay mobile web browser app is identical to the main site accessed via the desktop.

So, if you like the yellow and white display and the easy navigation features on the main website, you’ll like the web app too.


ParlayPlay is available to everyone, but you need to be in the right location.

The site is available in many jurisdictions and can only provide services to players logging in from these states.

To help ensure that you follow these regulations, ParlayPlay uses GeoComply.

GeoComply is software that monitors your device and ensures you are playing from regulated jurisdictions.

The software detects VPNs and other popular location masking services on your device. You can use the software on your mobile phone or desktop.

To set up GeoComply, you need to allow location services in your device settings.

They made the process even more straightforward because you’ll receive a notification to switch on location services as soon as you log on to the site.

ParlayPlay Site Experience

ParlayPlay exhibits an easy-going, laid-back feel you wouldn’t normally associate with sports betting sites.

The platform has a bright aesthetic featuring a clean white and yellow design.

We found this refreshing, especially in an environment where most online betting sites go for the dark theme.

Finding your way on the ParlayPlay website couldn’t be easier. The platform doesn’t use drop-down menus and leaves everything right there on display.

You can quickly see the login button and where to go if you want to create an account.

ParlayPlay has a limited selection in betting markets, but these also have been placed front and center for quick access.

Site navigation is always on top of our list when we consider the quality of a sports betting site.

ParlayPlay provides players with a bottom menu featuring some of the essential links on the site.

From here, you can find the home tab, free-to-play contest, a link to the Parlay club, and the all-important sign-up button.

This review wouldn’t be complete if we failed to highlight how you can place your first bet.

From the ParlayPlay homepage, choose the sport you want to bet on by selecting one option on the games menu.

Click on a specific prop and select the bet type you want. ParlayPlay has more/less or hit-it betting options.

You also need to choose the number of picks making up your parlay. Players on ParlayPlay must choose from 2 to 4 picks per ticket.

The last step is to pick your entry fee and also select if you are going all-in or protecting your bet through the “increase your chances of winning” feature.

ParlayPlay Sports Betting

ParlayPlay is still a relatively new daily fantasy sports site. So it comes as no surprise that the betting markets are still so limited.

For now, you can bet on:

  • NBA
  • College Basketball
  • MMA
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • College baseball

Notable Features

The philosophy behind the ParlayPlay website is simple, but don’t let this trick you into believing there’s not much to this site.

Players have access to features that make betting on this platform a breeze.

We’ve included our favorites below, but you’ll find some more when you log in.

  • Parlay betting on props
  • Player parlay points stats for the last five games
  • Insights into what other players picked
  • Players’ season average stats
  • Free2play contests
  • Scoring card
  • Increase your chances of winning

Understanding Betting Options

ParlayPlay has two main betting options, more or less, and hit it. Under more or less, players select whether their pick will perform over or under the preset score.

When betting on hit it, you predict the range in which your player’s score will fall. We’ve covered this in earlier sections of this review.

What we haven’t covered thus far are the payouts. According to ParlayPlay rules, you can select two to four picks on the same parlay.

The number of legs that succeed determines your payout.

On a two-pick parlay, you’ll receive 3x your wager if you go all in and they both succeed. Three and four-leg parlays will earn you 6x and 10x, respectively, under the same conditions.

ParlayPlay allows you to increase your chances of winning by paying out, even if you miss one of your picks.

According to this feature, two legs will earn you 2x your wager if you get both correct and 0.5x if you drop one.

A three-leg parlay earns you 3x and 1.25x if you get two correct. The four-leg parlay will earn you 4x your stake and 1.25x if you get three correct.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Payment methods are an important part of any online betting experience. ParlayPlay doesn’t fare well in this category.

The site offers less than half a dozen payment options for deposits and withdrawals.

They have excluded entirely popular alternatives like PayPal, making it more difficult for players to transact freely.

If you want to deposit money, these are your only options for now:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • ACH Echeck

$30 is the minimum you can take out of ParlayPlay. This is relatively steep, and you can find better rates elsewhere.

The site also takes three to five days for you to receive your cash, which is average at best, compared to other established daily fantasy sports sites.

ParlayPlay State Restrictions

You can find ParlayPlay in many jurisdictions across the United States.

Though it isn’t available in the entire country, the number of states at your disposal gives you plenty of choices when you are looking for somewhere to play.

ParlayPlay is currently available in 28 states. Unfortunately in major sports betting states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, or New York you’ll have to sign-up at other DFS sites.

Loyalty Programs

ParlayPlay provides players with a loyalty rewards program in line with other top sports betting sites.

Dubbed the parlay club, this scheme rewards regular players for consistent play. You start on level one and build your experience up to the 4th and 5th top levels.

Level one is available for new players, and you receive access to the clubhouse, exclusive free-to-play contests, and $5 in risk-free entries.

All you need to do to get these benefits is to invite one friend to join ParlayPlay, take part in a free-to-play contest, and verify your email address.

Customer Service

All the standard channels of communication are available on ParlayPlay. You can pick what suits you best when you want to contact customer support.

First, the site has a detailed FAQ covering many of the teething issues you encounter when you first start on this platform.

In addition, you can also contact customer support via email, phone, live chat, and text, 24/7.

We’ve listed your options below:

  • FAQ
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone-in
  • Text

ParlayPlay Safety And Security

ParlayPlay provides players with a secure playing environment like established financial institutions online.

Players can use the site’s robust SSL encryption that secures your details and transactions.

As part of the account creation process on ParlayPlay, each player creates a secure password. The security of your account largely depends on how safe you keep your password.

The sportsbook is not accountable for any transactions conducted after a valid password has been produced. So you need to ensure that no one accesses your password.

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