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Self-Exclusion From Casino Gambling In PA

Self-Exclusion From Casino Gambling In PA

Gambling is a form of entertainment that is easily enjoyed in Pennsylvania, as the state offers a wide variety of gaming options, including online and land-based casinos.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board oversees the industry, and the group works hard to ensure that players are protected in several ways, including offering self-exclusion programs.

The specialized self-exclusion programs in the Keystone State allow players who are affected by problem gambling to distance themselves from services.

Individuals who choose to place themselves on the self-exclusion list are banned from casino gaming, video gaming terminals, online gambling, and fantasy sports wagering.

Learn more about how to sign up below to help yourself or someone you love that may be struggling with problem gambling.

How Do I Get On A Self-Exclusion List In Pennsylvania?

To get started, you need to go to and create a Keystone login. You will need this to sign up for self-exclusion.

Once signed up, click the “Sign Up for Self-Exclusion” section to begin the process.

  • From this point, you will need to verify your identity. Answer questions correctly and watch for the “Validation Complete” statement. You must pass this process to move forward.
  • After passing validation, you are logged out. Please log in again to continue.
  • Next, you must fill out the enrollment form. Select the type of self-exclusion program you want to enroll in. Each program requires an application, so you will need to complete the process a few times to exclude from land-based and online casino gambling.
  • Provide your photo ID information and a current photograph of yourself.

You can also enroll by visiting a Gaming Control Board office. You can schedule an appointment at an office by calling 717-346-8300.

You can also email for an appointment time to

What Will Happen After I Sign Up For A Self-Exclusion List?

Information provided during enrollment is given to operators. This data is used to keep you from visiting a physical location or creating an online account.

This includes your name and address, as well as your photo ID and a current photograph.

How Do I Get Off A Self-Exclusion List In Pennsylvania?

Once you are on the self-exclusion list, you cannot be removed until the time frame selected has passed.

Once eligible, you can request removal from the list by visiting the Gaming Control Board website.

What Will Happen After I Get Off A Self-Exclusion List?

After your name is removed from the self-exclusion list, you are free to enjoy gambling once again. This will include casinos and online gambling.

Self-Exclusion FAQ

How Do You Find Out If You Are Banned From A Casino?

You are automatically banned from a casino if you select the land-based program.

The Board provides your information to operators, so you are not allowed entry.

How Do I Block Myself From Gambling Sites?

During enrollment, select the online gambling self-exclusion program to be banned from online gambling sites.

How Long Will I Be On The Self-Exclusion List?

The state offers one or five years of self-exclusion.

Struggling with a gambling problem? Learn more about how to get help.