Best NFL Parlay Bets Week 18

Best NFL Parlay Bets Week 18

This is the week where we draw a line under the 2022 NFL Regular Season and wonder where the time went.

The glass-half-empty folk will moan that they are eight months away from having up to 16 games to enjoy each weekend.

Those who see glasses as half full will be licking their lips at the prospects of some epic playoff action.

If the games are up to par with last year’s remarkably entertaining games, then we can eagerly anticipate a feast for the senses.

As we draw my 18 regular weeks of parlay selections to a close, the method for choosing them remains the same.

Given it is the final roll of the dice this season, it feels apt that I’ve chosen the biggest underdog for my moneyline leg.

There are some familiar teams making up my other selections. Two spread bets, as well as an over and an under, make up the rest of my parlay. Week 17’s potential payout of +2700 was the lowest of the season.

This week, if the Texans can produce a miracle up in Indiana, then a whopping +6800 bet awaits.

Mind you, the two spread bets and over, as well as under must all hit! And we have been let down by the -110 legs often enough this season.

What do you make of these selections?

Moneyline – Houston Texans Vs. Indianapolis Colts (Best Odds – +420)

It seems like years ago that the Colts went south to Houston way back in Week 1.

Of those early Sunday games, for 80% of the time, we were looking at two big upsets with the Falcons and Texans.

Atlanta and Houston were well on top against their divisional foes, New Orleans and Indianapolis. Of course, both reverted to type and failed to finish on top!

The Texans held a 20-3 lead with ten minutes left.

They contrived to chuck it away. The game ended in the first tie of the season 20-20. The Colts stormed back with 17 unanswered points and should have won it. I’m taking another glass half full view on this game.

Houston could easily have been double-digit winners. As it is, the early lines for this game are giving the Texans 10 points for their trip to Indiana.

As one of the largest underdogs in recent weeks, is there no value in betting them on the moneyline? Indianapolis may have a 76% all-time win ratio against the Oilers / Texans, but

I’ll be praying for Week 1’s first three quarters’ history to repeat itself. Houston has dominated Indianapolis once this season. Bring it on again!

Spread – Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) at Chicago Bears (-110)

For the loyal readers of this section over the past 17 weeks, you will know my soft spot for the Vikings.

Nearly forty years of being a fan have brought its fair share of disappointments. At various times since the 1980s, a mid-winter trip across to Solder Field has made me nervous and anxious. 2023 is not one of those occasions!

The Bears have blown hot and cold as usual. It certainly merits it’s being known as the Windy City, but Chicago’s franchise lacks puff on the playing field.

I expect the Vikings to demonstrate that just because they play indoors nowadays, the toughness remains when they travel across the northern states in winter.

They are one of the most adaptable teams in the NFL. With such a depth of talent across the team and better self-belief, I think they’ll complete their season with a double-digit victory.

The Bears’ offense will be tamed and struggle for points, yards and possession.

Over/Under – Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Los Vegas Raiders (51.5) (-110)

Remarkably this is only the second time this season that the Chiefs appear in any of my weekly five-leg parlay selections.

For a team that has been one of the most entertaining in recent years, with a future Hall of Famer at the helm, I’ve surprised myself with this stat.

I joined many commentators in early September stating that the AFC West was the NFL’s division of death.

Long in talent, short in means to make the playoffs given how often that four superstar QBs must face each other.

Back in Week 13, I sided with Los Angeles visiting Las Vegas to go over. Now it’s the turn of Kansas City to put on a spectacle in Sin City.

Two consistently high-scoring and entertaining franchises are expected to give their fans one last blast of regular season excitement.

It’s been a helluva long season and there will be some very bruised bodies out there, with one eye on the postseason.

The high-octane offense is the order of the day. Even though this is one of my highest totals to go over this season, I think we are due a thriller…

Spread – Baltimore Ravens (+3) Vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-110)

There has been a remarkable symmetry over the past two seasons when these divisional rivals square off.

Cincinnati either exploded and racked up 41 points or was utterly dominated and scored a solitary Field Goal!

Will they repeat their Week 5 score in this final game of the regular season? I frankly don’t mind whether they do or not, as long as Coach Harbaugh’s team repeats what they did in 2020!

Back then they outscored the Bengals by eight touchdowns to zero. The Bengals are struggling to match last season’s heroics.

Taking an early line with a Field Goal advantage for the visiting Ravens roster rammed with so much talent seems like a value trade here!

I expect a rampant performance from Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ secondary to cover not just the spread, but also to run out easy winners.

If it wasn’t my final regular season parlay and my desire to choose the biggest underdog on offer, the Ravens would certainly have been my moneyline selection.

DraftKings currently have the best odds on offer with +140 for those who are tempted.

Over/Under – Carolina Panthers Vs. New Orleans Saints (44.5) (-110)

Now for my 90th and final parlay pick. It’s been a tough journey to reach this point.

We’ve had some successes, some near-misses, and a few disastrous selections along the way. Rather than making my underbet on one of the feature games, I see value down in Louisiana.

This final week of the regular season is dedicated to divisional duels.

These sides know each other inside and out. Their past two end-of-regular season games in January have averaged just 34 points.

I believe that at the end of the long season, these two fatigued NFC South rivals will simply nullify each other.

The coaches, players and data scientists will struggle to break down their opponents.

My one nagging doubt about my selection here is that occasionally both Panther and Saints defenses go missing in a monumental way! In the past decade, they have put on 79, 79, and 82 points at the Superdome.

I might have a saver bet on more than 75 points to be scored just in case they put on a crazy show!

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