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Brock Purdy | Same Game Parlay For Super Bowl 58

Thomas Snodgrass

Updated: Feb 11, 2024


Brock Purdy has come a long way from being Mr. Irrelevant.

From the last pick in the NFL Draft to Super Bowl 58, a span of only 652 days.

In that short time, Purdy has also produced his first season of 4,000+ passing yards and 30+ touchdowns and setting the 49ers’ franchise record for passer rating (113).

The San Francisco franchise has seen great QBs, such as Joe Montana and Steve Young, so Purdy has done quite a good job in his young career.

For Purdy’s first Super Bowl appearance, I’ll be placing an all-Purdy Same Game Parlay on Bet365.

Purdy – UNDER 247.5 Passing Yards, UNDER 1.5 Touchdown Passes, Under 20.5 Completions, OVER 12.5 Rushing Yards

After a fantastic season that has led the 24-year old Brock Purdy all the way to Super Bowl 58, I just don’t see him having that big of a performance in the Big Game.

Not that Purdy isn’t a great QB, I already mentioned that he beat Montana and Young as the most efficient passer in single-season history for the Niners.

It’s just that the Chiefs’ defense is unlike anything Purdy has played against in quite some time.

Purdy made a decently strong run at the NFL MVP Award in the second half of the season, and these are the defenses Purdy faced from Week 10 to Week 17.

SF OpponentFinal Score (W/L)Opp. Scoring DefensePurdy’s Results
Week 10: Jacksonville34-3 (W)16th (21.8 ppg)19/26, 296 yds, 3 TD
Week 11: Tampa Bay27-14 (W)5th (19.2 ppg)21/25, 333 yds, 3 TD
Week 12: Seattle31-13 (W)24th (23.6 ppg)21/30, 209 yds 1 TD, 1 INT
Week 13: Philadelphia42-19 (W)30th (25.6 ppg)19/27, 314 yds, 4 TD
Week 14 Seattle28-16 (W)24th (23.6 ppg)19/27, 368 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT
Week 15: Arizona45-29 (W31st (26.8 ppg)16/25, 242 yds, 4 TD
Week 16: Baltimore33-19 (L)1st (16.2 ppg)18/32, 255 yds, 0 TD, 4 INT
Week 17: Washington27-10 (W)32nd (30.5 ppg)22/28, 230 yds, 2 TD

The most comparable defense to Kansas City’s 2nd-ranked scoring defense is Baltimore, and that defensive unit dismantled Purdy, collecting four interceptions in a 14-point Ravens’ win.

Those lesser quality defenses really gave Purdy a statistical boost, launching him into the MVP conversation.

In his first two games of the postseason, Purdy has faced the Green Bay Packers’ 13th-ranked scoring defense (21.4 ppg) and the Detroit Lions’ 25th-ranked scoring defense (23.8 ppg).

That means Purdy has squared up against only two top 10 NFL scoring defenses in the last 10 games he’s played.

Over their 20 games played this season, Kansas City has allowed a quarterback to throw for 250 or more yards just six times, which is only 30% of the time.

The Chiefs also allowed an opposing quarterback to throw for two or more touchdown passes in only four games this season; out of 20 games, that’s only 20%.

Kansas City’s defense is more vulnerable to the run, which is why I would expect a heavy workload for 49ers’ running back Christian McCaffrey.

While he may not have a big passing game, I do believe we’ll see Purdy escape the pocket and pick up a few yards with his legs though.

Purdy ran for 48 yards against the Lions’ defense in the NFC Championship game, and he picked up 14 yards on the ground against the Packers in the Divisional round as well.

Purdy picking up 13 rushing yards in Super Bowl 58 is not asking too much.

Purdy SGP Legs – bet365Odds
Purdy – UNDER 247.5 Passing Yards-110
Purdy – OVER 12.5 Rushing Yards-110
Purdy – UNDER 1.5 Touchdown Passes-105
Purdy – UNDER 20.5 Pass Completions-105
Purdy Super Bowl 58 SGP Odds+1289

A $10 wager on this Purdy Parlay would win $128.89!

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