2022 Super Bowl LVI Prop

2022 Super Bowl LVI Prop

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA) over 23 million Americans placed a wager on last year’s Super Bowl between Tampa Bay and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The AGA suggested that almost 8 million of those people placed a legal wager through an online sportsbook and that the total Super Bowl handle (legal + offshore bets combined) was over $43 million.

This year, there are another 40 million Americans who now live in a state that has legalized sports gambling since last February’s big game, including New York, which opened for business in January of 2022.

The expectations are once again that this year’s legal handle will smash all previous records.

In fact, the AGA is predicting over 31 million Americans will place a bet on Super Bowl LVI, an increase of over 8 million from last year’s game.

A lot of those bet tickets will be trying to predict the point spread and overall game-winner.

However, a lot more of those tickets will be trying to predict the outcome of one of the many unique prop bets that have now become a staple of Super Bowl week.

Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets

As the popularity of the Super Bowl continues to grow worldwide and the legalization of sports betting becomes more mainstream, bettors have more options today than ever before on the types of bets they can place on the Super Bowl.

If you are not ready yet to venture into placing a bet you can enjoy the Big Game with friends doing the Super Bowl trivial.

Of course, for those die-hard football fans, there are plenty of game-related bets to play if you actually care about stuff like which team wins.

However, those of us at the party for the chips, dip, and Eminem’s halftime show, the sportsbooks have all of us covered with some non-game-related prop bets as well.

What will the outcome of the Coin Toss be?

Odds: Heads -105 | Tails -105

Sportsbook: PointsBet

Analysis: Over the course of 55 Super Bowls, Tails have landed right-side-up 29 times, Heads have successfully landed 26 times, and never once has the coin landed on its side and stayed right there.

As we dig into those numbers, even more, we learn that tails have been the right call in six of the last eight games.

For this bet, I am going to throw away the knowledge that each coin toss is an independent event and that there is no relationship between what has happened previously and what will happen this time.

Instead, it’s way more fun to analyze those numbers and confidently predict that Heads is the obvious choice because we believe in the theory that over time things will revert back to the norm and in this case, 50% heads and 50% tails are the norm.

Our theory won’t hold up in court, but I’m laying the 5% juice and going with heads.

Recommended Bet: Heads -105

Total Length Of The National Anthem (Mickey Guyton)

Odds: Over 95 seconds -105 | Under 95 seconds -105

Analysis: OK, this one is a little bit tougher for me. While I am absolutely certain we have an edge with Heads this year, I had to google Mickey Guyton (this year’s anthem singer) to find out who she is.

Quick side note, she is an extremely talented country artist and if you haven’t checked out her music, I recommend you do so.

My research told me that at 95 seconds, Mickey is not expected to drag this thing out. Last year’s O/U was set at 119 seconds and cruised Over that total. Over the last 15 years, the Over has a slight edge at 7-6 with 2 pushes.

My theory is this thing is going Over 95. Way over.

Here is why: If anyone has done any type of public speaking, you know the first piece of advice a new speaker is given is that when you are nervous you should SLOW DOWN.

I know Mickey has played in front of big crowds before, but when you include the billion people watching at home, Super Bowl LVI is a very big crowd. Mickey is going to be nervous, who could blame her?

I will double down on my “take the Over” analysis and add that Mickey Guyton has worked very hard to get to this point in her career and there is absolutely no need to rush this once-in-a-lifetime achievement. 95 seconds is quick. It would put her in an anthem singing category very few have reached before.

I’m going OVER and if I could find a 6-second teaser line for it, I would push it up higher and take the plus money OVER 101 seconds. But I couldn’t find a teaser line for the anthem, so I didn’t.

Recommended Bet: Mickey Guyton National Anthem OVER 95 seconds.

Color Of Gatorade

Odds: Orange +200 | None +350 | Blue +400

Sportsbook: BetMGM

Analysis: I’m going to start my analysis for this bet by ruling out NONE at +350.

Sean McVay wants the Gatorade shower. When the rest of us were growing up and pretending to make heroic game-winning TD catches while playing in the backyard, McVay was mixing down his Mom’s Kool-Aid and dumping it over his head.

That is a not-so-nice way of saying, the man is hungry to be validated as a Super Bowl coach and I’m sure the Gatorade shower is a part of that validation process.

If the Bengals win, Zac Taylor is definitely getting showered with the sugar juice. Only coaches who are long-term veterans have the ability to give that look to their players that says “No Gatorade this year” and fewer less have the ability to get players to obey it.

If Taylor and his Bengals win, he might get multiple dumps. There might be an on-field celebration and another Gatorade bath in the locker room.

I’m not feeling blue. I don’t know if I have ever seen anyone drink blue Gatorade.

I hate to do it, but I have to go chalk with this one.

Recommended Bet: Orange +200

Super Bowl Prop Bets History

Many of us know that somehow William “The Refrigerator” Perry was involved in the first Super Bowl prop bet.

Most of us don’t know the idea to create the first-ever prop bet belongs to Art Manteris, who recently retired after +20 years at Station Casino and a Hall of Fame career.

During the 1985-’86 season, the Chicago Bears were beating up opponents with such ease that then Head Coach Mike Dikta was using the 350-pound William Perry in goal-line situations. During the regular season, “The Fridge” actually punched the ball into the endzone three times.

Manteris, who was running the Caesars sportsbook during the 1980s saw an opportunity to attract even more bettors and public money on the big game and decided to offer The Fridge to score an anytime TD at +2000 when the Bears faced the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

It didn’t take long for other sportsbooks to offer the same bet. The public loved the opportunity to throw a couple of bucks down on a novelty prop and by the time the game kicked off, Perry odds were all the way down to +200.

Although the House took a beating in year one when Perry actually came into the game with the Bears leading 37-7 and plowed his way into the endzone, there was no going back, Super Bowl prop bets were here to stay.

Super Bowl Prop Bets In The 90s

Super Bowl Blow-Outs late ‘80s and early 90s

YearWinning TeamLosing TeamFinal Score
1986ChicagoNew England46-10
1987NY GiantsDenver39-20
1990San FranciscoDenver55-10
1995San FranciscoSan Diego49-26

Thanks largely to the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills, during the late 80s and into the 90s, bettors were getting just a little bit frustrated watching the Super Bowl.

Even winning tickets were left with little drama as repeatedly the Super Bowl was ending as a Super Blow-Out.

Repeated lopsided games spawned the next evolution of Super Bowl prop betting. If Art Manteris is credited with the first Super Bowl prop bet, Jay Kornegay is credited with really blowing up prop betting into what we know it as today.

During the 1995 Super Bowl, the 49ers were -19.5 favorites against the Chargers. Bettors had little interest in the game itself and at that time most sportsbooks were offering somewhere between 20-30 different prop bets.

Kornegay and his team went from offering 30 to offering over 100 prop bets and bettors loved it immediately.

Today, there are hundreds of different prop bets every Super Bowl, and names like Manteris and Kornegay are big reasons why.

Shop Around For The Best Odds

We have said it before and of course, you will hear us say it again, if you are into Super Bowl prop betting, whether game action betting or on some of the many non-game related props, a smart bettor will always shop around for the best line.

Let’s have a look at a simple game-related prop bet and we will understand why.

Matthew Stafford Or Joe Burrow To Score Anytime Touchdown

Odds #1:

Burrow +650 @BetMGM

Stafford +1000 @BetMGM

Odds #2:

Burrow +500 @DraftKings

Stafford +650 @DraftKings

Burrow +650 @FanDuel

Stafford +800 @FanDuel

In this situation, we can see that three of the most popular sportsbooks are offering odds on either QB to score an anytime touchdown.

We can also see that the odds on Joe Burrow to score a touchdown range from +500 to +650. When it comes to Matt Stafford, the range in odds is even bigger.

Let’s pretend we wanted to be adventurous and parlay both Burrow and Stafford to score a touchdown in Super Bowl LVI. If we parlayed the +650 and +1000 odds offered at BetMGM, a $10 wager would payout $815.

If we made the same parlay with the +500 and +650 odds from DraftKings, our payout would be $440.

$815 payout vs $440 payout for the same bet.

Your honor, the Defense rests.