2022 Super Bowl Betting Odds

The NFL season is the highest-betting time of the year for most online sportsbooks. The Super Bowl is where it all ends, so the magnitude of the game makes it the biggest sporting event in America.

The two best teams in the league fight for the right to win the Lombardi Trophy and bragging rights until the next big game rolls around. Thus, bettors around the globe want a piece of the action.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about Super Bowl betting and this year’s game analysis, so you can get started betting on the game too.

Rams vs. Bengals Betting Preview

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs provided us with two enthralling games. Last week was gripping with a game-sealing interception and an intense overtime game in Kansas.

Let’s hope for a cracking Super Bowl game. Last week I was correct on one of my two picks.

With odds for the Conference round finding their range, let’s preview the final game of the 2022 NFL season.

Bengals: Cincinnati shocked the world and made it to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1989. Joe Burrow continued his excellent season with 250 yards and two TDs against the Chiefs.

The Bengals have assembled an excellent group of skill position players. On Sunday, Tee Higgins was the most productive receiver, with Chase constantly double-teamed. Joe Mixon was also effective with 88 yards from 21 carries.

The Bengals’ defense had an outstanding second half, including two interceptions and three sacks. Mahomes simply had no answers to this defense, which drastically improved over the last year.

Rams: Los Angeles Rams sealed a gripping game against the 49ers with a late interception on Sunday. Matthew Stafford was outstanding, finishing with 337 yards and two TDs.

The Rams’ rushing attack only managed 70 yards at a disappointing 2.4 yards per carry. However, Kupp and Beckham made up for the poor run game with 142 and 113 yards respectively.

The Rams’ defense held the 49ers to just 282 total yards. Elijah Mitchell managed just 1.8 yards per carry and the 49ers finished with a paltry 50 rushing yards.

The Rams didn’t achieve a single sack but did hold Garoppolo to a 53% completion rate, which was his lowest of the entire season.

The Rams’ defense has come alive in the playoffs. They have conceded an average of just 18.3 points per game. I don’t think anyone would have predicted the Bengals making the Super Bowl at the start of the season.

With respect to those bettors who are sitting on +15000 tickets going into the most anticipated game of the season. Cincinnati is 9-4 overall in games when it records more than 21.9 points and is 13-7 against the spread.

Therefore, I am taking the Bengals to cover the spread of +4.5 points. Whether they have enough to win outright, we shall see…

The Super Bowl is the last game of the season, you don’t want to leave empty-handed.

That’s why you need to study which bet(s) you’re placing when the Big Sunday comes.

The Super Bowl brings your usual betting styles but is also famous for being the most prop wagered event. These are some betting styles you’ll find when the Super Bowl comes around:

Super Bowl Prop Bets

There are three types of Super Bowl prop bets. Team props, player props, and fun, exotic props. Team props can go from how many TDs a team scores to how many sacks they will get. Player props are like the team props but focused on one name only, not the entire team.

In the Super Bowl, exotic props are the ones people go crazy about. You can bet from the color of the Gatorade to the half-time show or coin toss flips.

These bets are for fun and have a high risk of losing.

The advice here is to not bet on these unless your bankroll is solid. And even in that case, don’t put too much money on these wagers.

NFL Spread Bets

These are the best two teams in football, but one will be the favorite. The team favored by the oddsmakers will have a handicap.

This means they will not only have to win but to cover the margin given as favorites.

For example, a Super Bowl betting odds would look like this:

LA Rams -4.5

Cincinnati Bengals +4.5

The Rams are the favorites according to the odds, and they have to win by four points or more to cash the bet. The Bengals can either win or lose by three and still get the payout.

NFL Moneylines

In this bet, you need to pick the outright winner of the game, and that’s it. This is a good bet when you look to place a wager for the underdog. The payout is better.

It looks like this:

LA Rams -190

Cincinnati Bengals +170

Rams’ bettors have to lay $190 to win back $100. Meanwhile, the Bengals’ backers win $190 for every $100 bet they place.

Super Bowl Betting Strategies

Being the most important game of the season, come prepared with a betting strategy. Here are the ones you should look at when planning to bet on the big game:

Line Shopping

The sportsbooks throw odds in bunches; go through many to find the best odds available.

Be patient as well. The original lines by the oddsmakers are the hardest to beat. Waiting until public bettors move the line can be one big edge.

Let’s say the opening lines are as follow:

LA Rams -4.5

Cincinnati Bengals +4.5

If you wait for public bettors to make the moves, you could find the line shift and then find something like this:

LA Rams -4

Cincinnati Bengals +4

If you’re betting for the Bengals, you’re buying a half-point. That means that the Bengals could lose by four, and you would push, not lose the bet. This is great for underdog bets.

Fading The Public

Betting against the popular side can pay off. It shouldn’t be used with great frequency. However, the public falls in love with a team or player from time to time.

Using the example above, the Bengals’ QB moves masses. This means lots of bettors will wager in his favor.

LA Rams -2.5

Cincinnati Bengals +2.5

This means the Rams would become the value bet as the spread line will lower. This makes the outcome for the Rams more likely. They’ll need to score less than what the original spread indicated.

Using Advanced Metrics

Do your research. Advanced metrics can translate into profit when betting in team or player props. How does the Rams defense perform against TE?

Will Bengles’ QB throw for 300+ yards against a Rams’ tough defense? Look for stats and trends to educate your bet, collect the reward later.


Middling means the bettor wagers for both sides. It helps mitigate the risk by improving the chance of winning at least one of the two bets.

Middling comes in handy when the lines move within a week span. Using our example.

The Rams opened as a 4.5-point favorite. A bettor places a bet on this line. Then, just before the game, the line has gone to a projected six-point advantage for the Rams. So the bettor then places a wager of Bengals +6.

In this case, not only the bettor increases his chances of winning at least one bet, but he can win both. For that to happen, the Rams need to win by a margin between four and five points.

Super Bowl Handicapping Tips

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year.

Because of that, public bettors and people around the world want to bet on it. These are some tips you need to follow before placing a wager on the Super Bowl:

It’s Just A Game

We don’t say that in a sports way. Of course, the Super Bowl is massive. Betting-wise, though, that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with your bets.

For your betting purpose, a Super Bowl doesn’t mean you need to bet a large chunk of your bankroll, it’s a game.

Beware Of Public Action

The Super Bowl gathers a lot more bets than usual. Thus, the public’s effect on the opening lines is way larger than normal.

The oddsmakers will try to avoid moving the line quickly, but the public may force them to. Take advantage of that.

Super Bowl Line Movement

As we know now, the Super Bowl brings bets from all over the place. The public leans towards favorites and overs.

The sportsbooks generally shade their lines when the public goes all-in on one side. This means that if you find an edge against the larger bet, the profit can be massive.

How To Bet Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl winners before the season even starts has lots of benefits. Look at last year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were at +1200 to win the last offseason. That’s a nice payout.

Odds change with every blockbuster trade, and draft additions matter to oddsmakers. Once the season starts, injuries, slow or fast starts, or even new trades will shift the odds as well.

One thing you should consider is not betting on favorites. The payouts are not as juicy as others, and many things can go wrong for them.

Go to the sportsbook of your choosing, look for NFL, and usually, a drop-down menu appears with ‘futures’ on it. Choose your team, place your bet, and wait until the team performs.

Super Bowl Prop Betting History

During the 1985-’86 season, the Chicago Bears weren’t just beating opponents, they were toying with them and having fun at their expense.

In fact, Head Coach Mike Ditka was having so much fun, that his 350-pound D-Lineman, William “The Refrigerator” Perry was being used on offense to carry the ball in goal-line situations.

That season, the Chicago Bears would meet the New England Patriots in what was expected to be a rather predictable and boring Super Bowl.

Las Vegas sports-gambling legend Art Manteris, who was running the Caesars sportsbook during the 1980s saw an opportunity to attract even more bettors and public money on the big game by deciding to offer “The Fridge” to score an anytime TD at +2000, in what was considered the first-ever Super Bowl prop bet.

It didn’t take long for other sportsbooks to offer the same bet. The public loved the opportunity to throw a couple of bucks down on a novelty prop and by the time the game kicked off, Perry to score a TD odds were all the way down to +200.

Although Perry did punch one into the endzone in the predictable Bears blowout win and the sportsbooks took a big loss year one with their novelty prop bet, a new Super Bowl tradition was born.

Today, bettors have hundreds and hundreds of Super Bowl prop betting options and the novelty and game prop bets have become a Super Bowl staple for fans.

Always Shop Around For The Best Odds

The Super Bowl is no different than all the other sports gambling events we like to break down and discuss.

If you are interested in making a wager or two on the big game, the best strategy and best advice you can follow is to shop around for the best line.

Let’s look at a very fun novelty prop bet, the total length of the national anthem.

The Over / Under on how long it will take grammy-nominated singer Mickey Guyton to perform this year’s national anthem can currently be found at 92.5 seconds, 95.5 seconds, and 98.5 seconds.

Now, depending on how you want to bet, you have the ability to gain an extra six seconds just by shopping around for your best odds.

That extra six seconds equates to an almost 7% edge for a bettor, just by picking the line that works best for their bet.

On a single bet, that 7% edge may or may not be a difference-maker, but over time a 7% edge can have a significant impact on your overall gambling profit and ROI.