Current Super Bowl Betting Odds

The NFL season is the highest-betting time of the year for most online sportsbooks. The Super Bowl is where it all ends, so the magnitude of the game makes it the biggest sporting event in America.

The two best teams in the league fight for the right to win the Lombardi Trophy and bragging rights until the next big game rolls around.

Thus, bettors around the globe want a piece of the action. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about Super Bowl betting, so you can get started betting on the game too.

Super Bowl Futures Reports

Waiting for the Super Bowl to happen is not always easy. Thankfully, you can bet on it even before the season starts.

How? Futures. Sportsbooks will provide NFL betting odds for all 32 franchises and their chances to win it all. So now it’s time to look at the favorites, contenders, underdogs, and long shots for this year’s season.

Super Bowl Favorites

Kansas City Chiefs +500: Patrick Mahomes alone will put the Chiefs as favorites. Add weapons like Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, plus an improved offensive line, and KC is the team to beat.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650: Can you believe the reigning champs got to keep their 22 starters and Antonio Brown? Well, they did. Tampa looks to run it back, and with Tom Brady under center, you know they will go for the two-peat.

Super Bowl Contenders

Buffalo Bills +1200: The Bills have an MVP-caliber QB in Josh Allen, one of the best receiving corps in the NFL, and a good O-Line. In defense, a plethora of young and experienced talent ready to punish whoever is in front. All capped by a brilliant mind like Sean McDermott as Head Coach and an innovative offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. The Bills are for real this year.

LA Rams +1300: They had the best defense in 2020, and with Aaron Donald as DE, they will cut heads. As for the offense, HC Sean McVay will now have one of the biggest arms in the NFL. New QB Matthew Stafford is ready to unleash his full potential. He’ll have excellent protection, great wideouts, and a brilliant offensive coach to work with.

Baltimore Ravens +1400: Baltimore enters the season yet again as one of the AFC’s best teams. Led by Lamar Jackson under center, expect another big year with an elite rushing offense. Can they get over the Chiefs, though?

San Francisco 49ers +1400: Don’t judge the Niners by their 2020 season. They were awfully injured all year long. Healthy, they have an elite run-game, a top-tier defense, and a decent QB. Remember they were in the Super Bowl just a couple of years back. Kyle Shanahan knows what he does as HC.

Cleveland Browns +1600: 2020 Coach of the Year Kevin Stefanski is a man on a mission. He guided the Browns to the postseason and beat rivals Pittsburgh in the Wild Card round. Stefanski exploits his offensive talent based on a big run game and incredible offensive line. QB Baker Mayfield is comfortable with the play-action as well.

On defense, they have Myles Garrett as the main threat to the QBs and decent talent in the secondary. Cleveland can make some noise.

Green Bay Packers +1600: These odds can change if MVP Aaron Rodgers finally parts ways with Green Bay. If he stays, remember the Packers had the best offense in 2020. They come off two NFC Championship appearances and want to take the next step.

Super Bowl Underdogs

Denver Broncos +2500: The Broncos have a talented team, but they lack a good QB to put themselves as dark horses this year. They also compete in the AFC West, which is tough as nails. They are a fun team, but they are not going anywhere.

Indianapolis Colts +2500: Oh yes, Indy can make some actual noise in 2021. Of course, it all falls into the gamble of QB Carson Wentz. The Colts have been a quarterback away from being real contenders for a couple of years. If the reunion of Wentz and HC Frank Reich brings the 2017 version of the QB, then the Colts are dangerous.

Seattle Seahawks +2500: Russell Wilson will work his magic again under center. The Seahawks should’ve reinforced more of their O-Line, but cap issues were a big problem. However, Wilson can make magic and has some big weapons downfield to create real damage. Bringing back DE Carlos Dunlap will help a lot when putting pressure into opposing QBs. Something Seattle desperately needs.

Dallas Cowboys +2800: Dallas is very unbalanced. Their stacked offense will put points on the board if Dak Prescott returns from his leg injury. It’s too much talent. Their defense causes concerns. It’s shaky at best, and their new defensive coordinator is Dan Quinn. He just lost the Atlanta Head Coach position because of their awful defensive output, so…

Miami Dolphins +2800: The Fins are an outstanding team. They forced turnovers weekly last season and were a game away from the playoffs. The big question mark is second-year QB Tua Tagovailoa. He was too shy. And if you don’t take risks, you’re going nowhere. With new weapons like college teammate Jaylen Waddle, Tua should improve and put Miami on the map.

New Orleans Saints +2800: After years of being perennial contenders, that label is no more. With Drew Brees gone, a new era begins for the Saints, and the QB options aren’t top-tier ones. Either Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston will have the task to keep this team competitive. It’s an experiment season for the Saints.

New England Patriots +3000: Belichick is a sore loser—can we say that? After missing the playoffs last year, he splashed the cash in free agency and brought big names to the team. They also drafted QB Mac Jones to compete with Cam Newton. They are not powerhouses, but they are ready to compete.

LA Chargers +3300: It’s surprising to see the Chargers with as big of a payout. Their roster is massively talented and has a baller under center in Justin Herbert. Both offense and defense are stacked. It all comes down to how good the new Head Coach Brandon Staley does. After Anthony Lynn’s tenure, the only way is up.

Super Bowl Long Shots

Arizona Cardinals +4000: Two factors make the Cardinals have this payout. One is being in the NFC West, A.K.A., the toughest division in football. The other reason is that HC Kliff Kingsbury is so undelivered as a coach. Especially if compared to the ones in the division. Still, the Cardinals roster is high level, and they added experience like DE JJ Watt and WR AJ Green.

Minnesota Vikings +4000: Au contraire to the Cardinals, the Vikings will struggle. Their QB is still Kirk Cousins, who has a 7-31 record against winning teams. That is bad news. Their defense is terrible as well. Forget about the Vikings.

Pittsburgh Steelers +4000: The Steelers are a weird one. Their defense is elite. HC Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season, and he knows his stuff. The problem is they lost valuable names in their offensive line. Also, Big Ben Roethlisberger is not the QB to guide you to a Lombardy, and he has declined a lot.

Tennessee Titans +4000: Two years ago, they were in the AFC Championship game. Now they face serious challenges. Their defense has gone backwards. Last year it was a tragic thing to see. They brought some names, but they still leave doubts. They have to outscore their rivals by using the truck that is RB Derrick Henry. He, alongside QB Ryan Tannehill, WR AJ Brown, and Julio Jones, can make the Titans competitive. To win it all is a big stretch.

Chicago Bears +5000: Can Justin Fields do the unthinkable and guide the Bears to Super Bowl glory in his rookie season? No, he can’t; Chicago has serious flaws. His running game could be better, as well as the offensive line. But if Fields deliver, the Bears can have a pretty solid season and surprise a few. Remember, their defense is solid and has playmakers on both sides of the ball. Expect OLB Khalil Mack to dominate on defense and WR Allen Robinson to break out.

Washington Football Team +5000: Their defense is serious. Any team in front of them is in danger. However, their offense leader will be journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick. The veteran QB has been in the league for 15 years and is yet to make a playoff appearance. His record is 59-86-1. Not good enough. Fitz can sling it from time to time. He is fearless, but it comes with a high turnover ratio.

Atlanta Falcons +6000: New Head Coach, veterans past their prime with huge contracts, and lack of talent is not a good combination. That’s Atlanta’s situation; they need to rebuild. A postseason appearance would overachieve, let alone win the Super Bowl.

NY Giants +6600: The Giants may win the NFC East. The reason it’s the worst division in the NFL. They have a good HC in Joe Judge. He galvanized the troops, make their defense a tough one to beat. Also, they gave QB Daniel Jones more weapons than the army itself. ‘Danny Dimes’ needs to prove he is the man for the job. The Super Bowl is quite literally a long shot for the Giants.

Carolina Panthers +7000: The Panthers are quite the project. Last year they were a pleasant surprise. Now, they have Sam Darnold as a signal-caller, and star RB Christian McCaffrey is back. There is still lots to improve for Carolina, but they are a fun team to keep an eye on.

Las Vegas Raiders +7000: The Raiders threw their whole offensive line out of the team for some weird reason. With Derek Carr still at the helm, the expectations for the Raiders are not super high. Also, what is up with HC Jon Gruden’s curse in the second halves of the season? His teams usually go down the drain.

Philadelphia Eagles +7000: Yeah, the Eagles are a bad football team right now. New HC, a young, unproven QB in Jalen Hurts, a weak o-line, and not many weapons. All tied up by their salary cap issues, the Eagles have a long way to go before thinking about the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville Jaguars +8000: The Jags brought college royalty to their team. HC Urban Meyer will work his magic in the NFL with QB sensation Trevor Lawrence. Can the #1 overall pick ball out? Probably. Can he win the Lombardy in his first year? No way.

Cincinnati Bengals +10000: Joe Burrow will be back after his horrific knee injury. He will also reunite with college teammate WR JaMarr Chase. Both of them made history at LSU. The Bengals have some talent but also too many holes to think they’ll compete for something.

NY Jets +10000: It’s a new era for the Jets. They had a good offseason and brought a commanding presence in Robert Saleh to be their Head Coach. They also have a new guy under center with a #2 overall pick in Zach Wilson. There are still long ways to go before they make any noise, though.

Detroit Lions +15000: The Lions are one of the worst teams in the NFL. They got rid of HC Matt Patricia, but the Lions are awful. They even lost their best offensive player in QB Matthew Stafford. They also shipped out their best wideouts. Kenny Golladay, Danny Amendola, and Marvin Jones are all out of Detroit. The Lions are closer to the first overall pick next year than the Super Bowl.

Houston Texans +17500: This team is the perfect example of how to ruin an NFL franchise. They lost superstars like DeAndre Hopkins and JJ Watt. Apart from that, they don’t have QB Deshaun Watson anymore. No talent at all; this team won’t win much.

How To Bet Super Bowl Futures

Betting on the Super Bowl winners before the season even starts has lots of benefits. Look at last year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were at +1200 to win the last offseason. That’s a nice payout.

Odds change with every blockbuster trade, and draft additions matter to oddsmakers. Once the season starts, injuries, slow or fast starts, or even new trades will shift the odds as well.

One thing you should consider is not betting on favorites. The payouts are not as juicy as others, and many things can go wrong for them.

Go to the sportsbook of your choosing, look for NFL, and usually, a drop-down menu appears with ‘futures’ on it. Choose your team, place your bet, and wait until the team performs.

Popular NFL Super Bowl Bets

The Super Bowl is the last game of the season, you don’t want to leave empty-handed. That’s why you need to study which bet(s) you’re placing when the Big Sunday comes. The Super Bowl brings your usual betting styles, but is also famous for being the most prop wagered event.

These are some betting styles you’ll find when the Super Bowl comes around:

Super Bowl Prop Bets

There are three types of Super Bowl prop bets. Team props, player props, and fun, exotic props. Team props can go from how many TDs a team scores to how many sacks they will get. Player props are like the team props but focused on one name only, not the entire team.

In the Super Bowl, exotic props are the ones people go crazy about. You can bet from the color of the Gatorade to the half-time show or coin toss flips. These bets are for fun and have a high risk of losing. The advice here is to not bet on these unless your bankroll is solid. And even in that case, don’t put too much money on these wagers.

NFL Spread Bets

These are the best two teams in football, but one will be the favorite. The team favored by the oddsmakers will have a handicap. This means they will not only have to win but to cover the margin given as favorites.

For example, a Super Bowl betting page would look like this:

Buffalo Bills -3.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5

The Bills are the favorites according to the odds, and they have to win by four points or more to cash the bet. The Bucs can either win or lose by three and still get the payout.

NFL Moneylines

In this bet, you need to pick the outright winner of the game, and that’s it. This is a good bet when you look to place a wager for the underdog. The payout is better.

It looks like this:

Buffalo Bills -150

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +200

Bills’ bettors have to lay $150 to win back $100. Meanwhile, the Bucs’ backers win $200 for every $100 bet they place.

Super Bowl Betting Strategies

Being the most important game of the season, come prepared with a betting strategy. Here are the ones you should look at when planning to bet on the big game:

Line Shopping

The sportsbooks throw odds in bunches; go through many to find the best odds available.

Be patient as well. The original lines by the oddsmakers are the hardest to beat. Waiting until public bettors move the line can be one big edge.

Let’s say the opening lines are as follow:

Buffalo Bills -3.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5

If you wait for public bettors to make the moves, you could find the line shift and then find something like this:

Buffalo Bills -4

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4

If you’re betting for the Bucs, you’re buying a half-point. That means that the Bucs could lose by four, and you would push, not lose the bet. This is great for underdog bets.

Fading The Public

Betting against the popular side can pay off. It shouldn’t be used with great frequency. However, the public falls in love with a team or player from time to time. Using the example above, the Bucs’ QB Tom Brady moves masses. This means lots of bettors will wager in his favor.

Buffalo Bills -2.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2.5

This means the Bills would become the value bet as the spread line will lower. This makes the outcome for the Bills more likely. They’ll need to score less than what the original spread indicated.

Using Advanced Metrics

Do your research. Advanced metrics can translate into profit when betting in team or player props. How does the Bills defense perform against TE? Could that mean Gronkowski could have a big game?

Will Brady throw for 300+ yards against a Bills’ tough defense? Look for stats and trends to educate your bet, collect the reward later.


Middling means the bettor wagers for both sides. It helps mitigate the risk by improving the chance of winning at least one of the two bets.

Middling comes in handy when the lines move within a week span. Using our example. The Bills opened as a 3.5-point favorite. A bettor places a bet on this line. Then, just before the game, the line has gone to a projected six-point advantage for Buffalo. So the bettor then places a wager of Buccaneers +6.

In this case, not only the bettor increases his chances of winning at least one bet, but he can win both. For that to happen, the Bills need to win by a margin between four and five points.

Super Bowl Handicapping Tips

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year. Because of that, public bettors and people around the world want to bet on it. These are some tips you need to follow before placing a wager on the Super Bowl:

It’s Just A Game

We don’t say that in a sports way. Of course, the Super Bowl is massive. Betting-wise, though, that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with your bets.

For your betting purpose, a Super Bowl doesn’t mean you need to bet a large chunk of your bankroll, it’s a game.

Beware Of Public Action

The Super Bowl gathers a lot more bets than usual. Thus, the public’s effect on the opening lines is way larger than normal.

The oddsmakers will try to avoid moving the line quickly, but the public may force them to. Take advantage of that.

Super Bowl Line Movement

As we know now, the Super Bowl brings bets from all over the place. The public leans towards favorites and overs.

The sportsbooks generally shade their lines when the public goes all-in on one side. This means that if you find an edge against the larger bet, the profit can be massive.