2022 Super Bowl Betting Odds

2022 Super Bowl Betting Odds

One of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy sports betting during a football season is to play some NFL Super Bowl futures bets.

A few Super Bowl futures tickets in hand will allow you to cheer on your teams throughout the regular season and for as long as they last in the playoffs.

One bet gives you a reason to support a team for at least 17 regular season games and, hopefully, a few more come playoff time.

Futures betting, as it sounds, are bets made where the outcome won’t be decided for a significant period of time.

In the case of NFL Futures Betting, each preseason odds are released on every team to win the Super Bowl.

As the season plays out, the odds for each team will adjust based on their performance.

Often, savvy bettors like to jump on some preseason odds with teams they believe will outperform expectations.

Before the 2021 regular season started, the Cincinnati Bengals were +15000 to win the Super Bowl, and the Los Angeles Rams opened at +1500.

When November rolled around, the Bengals were down to +2500, and the Rams were +750.

The difference between +15000 and +2500 is obviously pretty significant.

Those who were able to identify the preseason value in Joe Burrow and the Bengals last year fell just a field goal short of a huge payday.

2022 Teams To Watch

Last year’s Super Bowl featured the Los Angeles Rams, who were a +1500 in the preseason, taking on the surprising +15000 Cincinnati Bengals.

Unfortunately for bettors who recognized great value on Joe Burrow and his Bengals in the preseason, Cincinnati fell a field goal short of cashing in some great Super Bowl futures tickets.

The 2022 season is loaded with many great teams to start the year. Will there be another +15000 longshot that can surprise us and contend again this year?


Buffalo Bills – Despite losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs last year, the Bills are ranked by most as the team to beat in the AFC this year.

Getting home field advantage for the playoffs will be a big deal for Buffalo.

Last year, in their playoff loss to the Chiefs, the Bills had to travel to Arrowhead. Most assume that if the game had been played in Buffalo instead, the outcome would have been much different.

Kansas City Chiefs – There is little doubt the Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL, but they also play in arguably the toughest division.

Patrick Mahomes will have to go up against Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson, and Derek Carr a combined six times this year.

If KC can survive the AFC West and somehow finish with a record that allows them to host some playoff games, they are always tough to bet against.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – There was a two-week stretch this offseason when the odds of Tampa Bay winning the Super Bowl were very high.

Then, Tom Brady decided retirement was not for him, and of course, their odds plummeted before bettors could take advantage.

Any team with the G.O.A.T. under center is always a Super Bowl contender. If Gisele Bundchen is ok with Tom playing until late January, it could be another championship year for the Bucs.


Los Angeles Rams – It’s a tough league when the defending Super Bowl champions are not even considered one of the top teams to beat.

Stafford, Kupp, and Aaron Donald showed the world last year, there is definitely enough talent on the Rams to go back-to-back.

The Rams started this year poorly, getting embarrassed by the Bills in Week 1. However, a Super Bowl hangover is not uncommon, and most expect L.A. to be there come playoff time.

Los Angeles Chargers – Instead of picking either the Rams or Chargers, maybe the play for Super Bowl futures bettors is to just blindly back both L.A. teams.

Even though the Rams are the defending champs, many believe that the best team in L.A. is the Chargers. This is the year when Justin Herbert needs to make a playoff push and show that he is more than just a statistical darling.

Green Bay Packers – As long as a team has Aaron Rodgers throwing the football for them, they must be considered a Super Bowl contender.

Rodgers is coming off back-to-back MVP seasons and appears to have made up with the Green Bay organization.

That is good news for Packers fans, not so much for the Vikings, Bears, and Lions fans, who will have to meet Rodgers twice a year for the foreseeable future.


Philadelphia Eagles – The biggest advantage the Philadelphia Eagles have going for them is that they play in the NFC East.

Early in 2022, the Dallas Cowboys lost Dak Prescott to injury for at least six weeks, and many believe that gave the Eagles a clear path to winning the division.

Philadelphia added A.J. Brown in the offseason, and if they can keep him healthy for 17 games, talk about Jalen Hurts winning MVP might only get louder as the year plays out.

Miami Dolphins – It was only a few years ago when fans encouraged their teams to “Tank for Tua.” The Dolphins selected Tua with the pick just before the Chargers took Justin Herbert.

The arrival of Tyreek Hill to Miami means now is the time for Tua to produce. With Hill and Jaylen Waddle catching balls, expectations for Tua and the Dolphins have never been higher. Getting through Buffalo will not be easy.

Detroit Lions – It has been a long time since the Detroit Lions were considered a contender for the Super Bowl, and they probably aren’t there yet.

This year we have seen them listed as a betting favorite in a game for the first time in 24 games.

24 straight games as an underdog means something has gone very wrong.

Detroit was +15000 to win the Super Bowl before the season started. Is there a chance they can repeat the Bengals (+15000 last year) success?

Popular 2022 NFL Super Bowl Bets

The Super Bowl is North America’s most popular annual sporting event.

Each year, billions of spectators worldwide watch, and millions of dollars are wagered on this game.

But often, it’s not the actual game or teams involved that are being wagered on. Fans of all interest levels enjoy the impressive exotic prop bet selection offered only for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Betting On The National Anthem

What better way to get Super Bowl Sunday started than with a prop bet on the Star-Spangled Banner?

It’s the Super Bowl! This isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill national anthem.

You can be guaranteed a big name will perform it. You can be guaranteed fighter jets will be flying over at the exact perfect moment, and you can be guaranteed it will be a spectacular rendition.

What you can’t guarantee is how long it will take the artist to perform it.

But you can bet on it.

Who doesn’t love to get the first bet settled before the game even kicks off?

Gatorade Dumped On Winning Coach

Dumping a bucket of Gatorade over an unsuspecting Super Bowl-winning head coach is a tradition that has been going on in the NFL for decades.

Winning ColorTimes Dumped
Orange5 x times
No Color (Clear)4 x times
Blue3 x times
Yellow3 x times
No Gatorade Dump Performed4 x times

Overall, Orange is the color that has been dumped the most onto a winning HC. Bettors should know that Blue Gatorade has been the color of choice over the last two years.

Another piece of strategy for this Super Bowl prop is betting No Gatorade Dump on a veteran Head Coach who has won before.

There was no doubt the first time Super Bowl winner Sean McVay would get a bucket dumped on him last year.

But will Bill Belichick forgive a player at this point of his career for a Gatorade Bath? Highly unlikely you will be on the roster next year if you dump the sugar juice on Bill,

Super Bowl MVP

As much fun as the exotic prop bets are, there are some who will actually wager on the game as well. The most popular game prop annually is betting on the Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl YearPlayerTeamPosition
2022Cooper KuppRamsWR
2021Tom BradyBuccaneersQB
2020Patrick MahomesChiefsQB
2019Julian EdelmanPatriotsWR
2018Nick FolesEaglesQB
2017Tom BradyPatriotsQB
2016Von MillerBroncosLB
2015Tom BradyPatriotsQB
2014Malcolm SmithSeahawksLB
2013Joe FlaccoRavensQB

Our table above tells us that in six of the last ten years, the MVP of the big game has been the winning QB. Considering that the league-wide MVP award is dominated by QBs as well, this is not a surprise.

Also not surprising is seeing Tom Brady on the list three times since he turned 35 years old.

Last year, Cooper Kupp won the award, but many felt the best value bet was Aaron Donald The Rams defense held the Bengals to just 20 points in the Super Bowl and Aaron Donald was the best defensive player on the field.

NFL Super Bowl Point Spread Betting

Throughout the regular season and most of the playoffs, NFL point spread betting is the most popular type of bet placed each week.

For those unfamiliar with point spreads, they are used by sportsbooks to help make teams more equal from a betting perspective.

Let’s use last year’s Super Bowl point spread as an example.

2022 Super Bowl Odds:

  • Cincinnati Bengals +3.5 / -110
  • Los Angeles Rams -3.5 / -110

Above, we can see that the Bengals are listed as +3.5 points. Those points represent the assigned point spread by oddsmakers.

The plus (+) sign means that team is the underdog. A minus (-) sign means a team is the betting favorite.

In the case of the Bengals from last year’s Super Bowl, as +3.5 underdogs,they can lose by as many as 3 points OR win outright, and be considered the winning team for this bet.

In fact, the Bengals lost 23-20 to the Rams last year, but those bettors with a +3.5 Bengals ticket were able to celebrate a winning bet.

NFL Super Bowl Moneyline Betting

Sometimes, it makes sense to bet on the point spread, and sometimes it makes sense to bet on the moneyline.

In last year’s Super Bowl, we already discussed how the point spread was set at +3.5 for the Bengals. But what if that spread had instead been set at +1.5 points?

What if you could bet Cincinnati +1.5 / -110 on the spread or bet the Bengals to win the game outright on the moneyline and get them at +115 instead?

At -110 odds, a $100 point spread bettor would win $90.90.

At +115 odds, a $100 moneyline bettor would win $115 in profit.

Now a bettor has to decide how important those +1.5 points really are. What are the chances the Bengals lose by just 1-point? Is that one point worth $24 in profit?

Those are the decisions a bettor faces when choosing when to bet the point spread and when to throw down on the moneyline instead.

Super Bowl Betting Strategies

There is no other sporting event in North America that comes close to the Super Bowl regarding popularity and betting.

Millions of fans will place a bet on the big game who wouldn’t usually bet on NFL football.

There will also be hundreds of media personalities who decide to weigh in with their opinion on how the game will play out.

Follow The Sharp Money

History tells us that both the general public and famous media personalities are not very good at picking winners.

As a Super Bowl bettor, you need to dig through all the noise and find information that can help. Finding sources on how the sharp money is betting is always great information.

Several sites track sharp and public money and share that information with the betting public.

Remember, Sharp Money is not just betting on a particular team. They are betting on a team and the odds associated with them.

Sharp money may love the Bengals at +3.5 points, but if that line fell under a field goal, they might not touch it.

When you are tailing sharp money bets, it’s essential to understand what odds they are playing as well.

If you research early enough in the week and shop around, you should have luck finding your Best Odds.

Super Bowl Prop Betting History

During the 1985-’86 season, the Chicago Bears weren’t beating opponents, they were toying with them and having fun at their expense.

In fact, Head Coach Mike Ditka was having so much fun that his 350-pound D-Lineman, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, was being used on offense to carry the ball in goal-line situations.

That season, the Chicago Bears would meet the New England Patriots in what was expected to be a somewhat predictable and boring Super Bowl.

Las Vegas sports-gambling legend Art Manteris saw an opportunity to attract even more bettors and public money to the big game.

Manteiris decided to offer “The Fridge” to score an anytime TD at +2000, in what was considered the first-ever Super Bowl prop bet.

It didn’t take long for other sportsbooks to offer the same bet.

The public loved the opportunity to throw a couple of bucks down on a novelty prop, and by the time the game kicked off, odds on Perry to score a TD were down to +200.

Although Perry did punch one into the endzone and the sportsbooks took a big loss in year one with their novelty prop bet, a new Super Bowl tradition was born.

Today, bettors have hundreds of Super Bowl prop betting options, and the novelty and game prop bets have become a Super Bowl staple for fans.

How To Bet The Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl has been happening since Vince Lombardi, and the Green Bay Packers were running power sweeps.

Fortunately for today’s NFL bettor, it has never been easier to place a Super Bowl wager. If you live in one of the many legalized states, you already have great operators open for business.

When you chose a regulated, licensed sportsbook, you have the peace of mind that there is a governing body in charge of ensuring these operators follow the rules and aren’t able to take advantage of their customer base.

If you don’t already have your different accounts set up, you will want to browse through the different bonus options available for setting up a new account.

Each operator has their own unique bonus offering to try and earn your business. Take the time to read through the details being offered.

Sometimes a free cash deposit comes with certain restrictions before you can withdraw it.

You can also download sportsbook apps in advance of opening an account and become familiar with their digital platform before you place bets.

Are they user-friendly and do they make it easy for you to find your game and place your bet?

A bettor has never had as many quality options to place their Super Bowl bets as they do today.

Give yourself some time to explore the options before you place your first bet.

Always Shop Around For The Best Odds

The Super Bowl is no different than all the other sports gambling events we like to break down and discuss.

If you are interested in making a wager or two on the big game, shopping around for the Best Odds is the best strategy and advice you can follow.

Let’s look at a very fun novelty prop bet, the total length of the national anthem.

The Over / Under on how long it would take grammy-nominated singer Mickey Guyton to perform last year’s national anthem was 92.5 seconds, 95.5 seconds, or 98.5 seconds, depending on which sportsbook you chose.

Depending on how you want to bet, you can gain an extra six seconds just by shopping around for your best odds.

That extra six seconds equates to an almost 7% edge for a bettor, just by picking the best line for their bet.

On a single wager, that 7% edge may or may not be a difference-maker., But over time, a 7% edge can significantly impact your overall profit and ROI.