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Printable 2023 Super Bowl Squares

Printable 2023 Super Bowl Squares

For rabid NFL fans and many football bettors across North America, the Super Bowl is the grand finale of a 300-game NFL season full of drama, excitement, heartbreak, and elation.

As popular as the NFL is, the Super Bowl itself has grown into something far bigger.

Super Bowl Sunday is a day when Football and Non-Football fans can come together and find many enjoyable ways to spend the day together, watching the big game.

Squares Betting is one of the more popular Super Bowl party games helping to bridge the gap between football and non-football fans.

This super easy, very enjoyable form of sports betting allows party guests with all levels of NFL knowledge to enjoy the excitement and entertainment that comes with betting on NFL football.

What Is Super Bowl Squares Betting?

Squares betting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, often found at large sporting-event parties, where a mixture of rabid and non-rabid fans is in attendance.

These events are often as much a social gathering as a big game and are not reserved for die-hard fans only.

Think Super Bowl, College Football Playoffs, and NCAA Basketball Final-Four games.

How Does Super Bowl Squares Betting Work?

  1. To begin, create a board (like a checkerboard) with exactly 100 squares. (10 rows up the Y axis and 10 rows across the X axis.)
  1. Traditionally, the board is left blank – while people purchase their squares. When someone buys a square or squares, they will write their name into one of the 100 empty squares on the board.

*There should only be one name per square; you will want to ensure all 100 squares have a name assigned to them.

  1. The goal is to sell all 100 squares. Each square has an equal opportunity to win one of the four prizes.
  2. Once all the squares have been purchased, numbers (between 0 – 9) are assigned along the X and Y axis.
  1. The host will determine the cost of each square. Most friendly house parties and small gatherings keep the cost reasonably low to enter. Some bigger Square Games run by sportsbooks can have a larger entry fee.

How Do You Win At Super Bowl Squares Betting?

This is where things are going to read a little confusing if Squares Betting is new to you.

However, hang in for this section, and you will realize that Squares Betting is very easy to play and understand. It might take a minute before it sinks in.

Importance Of The Y & X Axis

  • The Y-axis (vertical axis) will represent one of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl. Either the Visiting team or the Home team.
  • The X-axis (horizontal axis) will represent the other team competing. Make sure to label each axis with the team they represent.
  • Each axis is a row of 10 squares. You need to randomly assign the numbers 0-9 along the ten squares that make up the Y axis.
  • You will also randomly assign the numbers 0-9 along the ten squares that make up the X-axis.

Each of the 100 squares represents a potential score in the actual game.

By focusing only on the last digit of the actual score in the game, the 100-square board now has the ability to ensure every possible scoring scenario is covered.

It sounds confusing, but it isn’t.


In the 2022 Super Bowl, played between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, the score at the end of the 2nd QTR was 13-10 for the Rams.

  • To find the LA Rams score, we take their 13 and focus only on the last digit, which is a 3.
  • To find the Bengals’ score, we take their 10 and focus only on the last digit, which is 0.

To find the 2nd QTR winner, we must find where Rams 3 and Bengals 0 intersect on our 100-square board.

The person who purchased the square where Rams 3 and Bengals 0 intersect on our board is the winner of the 2nd QTR prize!

Prize Breakdown For Super Bowl Squares Betting

Traditionally, prizes are handed out after each of the four quarters.

The fourth quarter (last quarter) is usually worth double the prize money of the first three quarters.

If you wanted to use that prize structure, your formula looks like this:

  • End of 1st QTR prize – 20% of the total pot.
  • End of 2nd QTR prize – 20% of the total pot.
  • End of 3rd QTR prize – 20% of the total pot
  • End of 4th QTR prize – 40% of the total pot.

This a reminder that if a game goes into OT, there is no money left to provide a prize. 

Remind entrants that all the prize money is handed out after the end of regulation, so enjoy the OT if it happens, but there is no prize money left to give away!

Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All-Time

When introducing a football and non-football crowd, it’s nice to have a few icebreakers on hand to help kickstart some conversation.

Referencing iconic Super Bowl commercials and some of the most memorable halftime performances can be a great way to get the conservation rolling.

Let’s start with three (of the many) commercials that ultimately impacted us far longer than just the big game.

1984 Wendy’s – Where’s The Beef?

Before the world fell in love with Betty White, the 1980s provided us with the “Where’s the beef?” lady.

Three elderly ladies were looking at their fast-food burgers, and one of them was about to influence American pop culture for the next decade by shouting what would become an extremely famous and often quoted line.

Next thing you know we have t-shirts, bumper stickers, and an entire generation of people randomly asking Where’s the beef?

1999 Budweiser – Wazzup?

If Wendy’s had a good run from their Where’s the beef campaign, Budweiser had a great run with their single word catchphrase – Wazzup, also known as Whassup?

From 1999 to 2002, Budweiser used its Wazzup branding to change how friends greeted one another and answered their phones.

No longer was a simple hello acceptable, especially when meeting up with your close pals.

For many of us, whassup became the greeting of choice, and for those old enough to remember Y2K, it might still be an actual thing.

Wazzup may have aired during a Monday Night Football game prior to running during the Super Bowl. However, the Super Bowl launched this buzzphrase into pop culture, not MNF.

1993 – McDonald’s – M.J. vs Larry

So many great commercials have been gifted to us in the last 15 years. Unfortunately, this short list doesn’t have space to celebrate any of them.

For our favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time, we go all the way back to 1993.

It’s MJ vs Larry.

Michael vs Bird.

Good for Mcdonald’s to capitalize by pitting two of the NBA’s all-time greats against each other in what quickly becomes the most competitive game of H.O.R.S.E ever played.

“I will play you for it” and “Nothing but net” are two memorable lines that were heard in high schools across North America for many years after this commercial aired.

Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows Of All-Time

Super Bowl XXXVIII – AKA “Wardrobe Malfunction”

Be honest; you thought that “Nipplegate” would end up as number one on our list, didn’t you?

When it comes to the most talked about halftime performance of all time, you can make a case that this one leads the way.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson were the two main stars of this event. Both claim that a public “wardrobe malfunction” that exposed JJ’s right breast was accidental.

Very few who watched the live halftime thought they were telling the truth.

PTA Committees everywhere were outraged and demanded personal apologies for the children who were watching and exposed to such horror.

Almost 20 years later, the term Wardrobe Malfunction lives on.

Super Bowl XLVI – Madonna and Super Bowl XLVII –  Beyonce

We are not about to pick between two of the greatest Queens to ever sell out a concert venue.

In 2012, Madonna became the first solo female headliner since Diana Ross performed at the Super Bowl 16 years earlier.

Madonna lost some of the spotlight when guest performer M.I.A. gave the camera a one-finger salute, once again sending PTA Committees everywhere into a huge frenzy.

The very next year, Queen Beyonce graced the stage and absolutely rocked it. Beyonce’s live performance and the planned stadium blackout that followed her performance set the social media world on fire.

In fact, Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance set a Twitter record averaging almost 300,000 tweets per minute.

Super Bowl XLI – Prince

Urban legend suggested that it had never rained during a halftime performance in the previous 40 years before Prince took the stage at the Super Bowl in 2007

Not only did it rain for this Super Bowl halftime, but when told of the not-so-pleasant weather, the always iconic Prince asked if someone could make it rain even more.

Then, to absolutely nobody’s surprise, Prince took the stage in terrible weather conditions and put on a performance that left the millions watching at home wanting much more.

Of course, with the wind blowing sideways and everyone getting very wet, the Pop-Star sensation belted out Purple Rain in spectacular fashion.

For those interested in viewing this spectacular halftime show, you can check it out here.