2022 Sunday Night Football Odds

The NFL season is hectic Sunday after hectic Sunday. After an action-packed day, the NFL always gives us a treat in the form of Sunday Night Football (SNF) to end the day on a high.

SNF is only for teams destined for big things. With a flex policy in place, games can change according to the form of the teams. Broadcasters and the NFL ensure the spectacle is always there.

Sunday Night Football Betting

Because SNF is a single-broadcast game at the end of a jam-packed football day, bettors want to close on a high. They can find lots of options at online sportsbooks, including:

  • Moneylines: Pick the outright winner of the game.
  • Point spreads: Take a handicapped favorite, or a boosted underdog. Then hope your pick covers the spread.
  • Totals (over/under): Bet on whether the teams combine to go over or under a set number of points.
  • Prop bets: Bet on specific events, not the scoreboard. Have fun!

Since it’s a prime-time game, beware of special prop bet bonuses or odds boosts on the game’s outcome. You can also place a same-game parlay by playing a side and the total in the same game.

What Are Sunday Night Football Vegas Odds?

No, the header doesn’t mean you need to travel to Sin City, even if it sounds fun. It means you can find online sportsbooks with odds aligned with those in Vegas.

Live Betting On Sunday Night Football

Live betting allows you to have an immersed experience in SNF games. Place your bets in real-time as the game unfolds before your eyes. Markets shift very fast, and you can find great betting opportunities as well.

These are some of the bets you can find at the live betting menus:

  • Which side will have more rushing yards in the first half—Saints or Packers?
  • Who throws a TD first—Justin Herbert or Tom Brady?
  • What will the first half result be—Dolphins lead/ Jets lead/ Tie?

You’ll also find the moneylines, spreads, and totals offered in the live betting window.

SNF Betting Trends & Tips

Home favorites have the historic advantage when it comes to prime-time betting. Having said that, it’s no guarantee. So before you go all-in on that loose statement, here are some betting tips for your SNF action: 

  • Home/road splits: Good home teams should level up when the prime time spotlight is on them. As for those who have road struggles, turning that factor around on night games is quite unlikely.
  • Travel: You’d be surprised about the importance of traveling in the NFL. Putting long miles before a game is tiresome. It can also affect time zones or weather. The road team could be looking for it to end before it even starts.
  • Prime time performances: Some teams ball under the bright lights, others choke. This also happens to franchises as a whole. This factor alone can take an otherwise good team to very bad performances on prime time.

NFL Sunday Night Football Schedule 2021

It is a prime-time game; hence the sportsbooks will push another market. This doesn’t mean the usuals are excluded. Find moneylines, and point spreads, and totals to bet on SNF in pretty much all sportsbooks.

Week 1: Sept 12th: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams

The Rams will debut a new QB in Matthew Stafford. In front of them, a great defense with none other than Khalil Mack hunting down the new guy under center. Also, could we see Justin Fields in action as the new Bears QB?

Week 2: Sept 19th: Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

Two Super Bowl contenders from the AFC face-off early in the season. It’s a battle between two former MVPs in what can be a preview of the AFC title game in January.

Week 3: Sept 26th: Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

Aaron Rodgers visits his hometown in a true NFC showcase between two contenders. The Packers’ elite offense will be on display against the Niners’ ferocious defense. What’s not to love?

Week 4: Oct 3rd: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots

The most awaited game of the season! Tom Brady returns to Foxborough, where he made his legend. Also, he faces Bill Belichick for the first time. Both Bill and Tom know each other well; who gets the upper hand, though?

Week 5: Oct 10th: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

An AFC title game rematch on prime time? Oh, yes. Two MVP candidates like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes with limitless weapons at a packed Arrowhead. It’s going to be amazing.

Week 6: Oct 17th: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers

Two perennial playoff contenders cap a Sunday football with a Heinz Field collision. Two future Hall of Famers at QB battle as Russell Wilson aims to outscore Ben Roethlisberger.

Week 7: Oct 24th: Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers

The AFC dark horse goes to the bay to battle an NFC contender. Two teams with playoffs expectations battle it out under the lights of Levi’s Stadium.

Week 8: Oct 31st: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings

Both teams will be looking for a playoff berth, so this game is a crucial one. The stacked NFC leaves no room for error, and these two franchises need to leave this SNF with a W.

Week 9: Nov 7th: Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Rams

The Titans’ holy trinity of Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, and AJ Brown added a fourth member. The guy comes in the shape of Julio freaking Jones. The Rams have an explosive offense of their own. It’s going to be a fun one.

Week 10: Nov 14th: Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders

Not only is this a big rivalry in the NFL, but these two AFC West foes always give us games to remember. Just last season, they brought two shootouts filled with highlights.

Week 11: Nov 21st: Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have an elite gunslinger in QB Justin Herbert, but how will he fare against the NFL’s top defense? SoFi Stadium is in for a treat in this battle of styles.

Week 12: Nov 28th: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

By this week, these two AFC North rivals should be in the mix for the divisional title. Two of the best running teams in the league as well. This can be one helluva game.

Week 13: Dec 5th: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

These two teams don’t know what a boring game is, usually giving games that go to the wire, and both NFC West teams will trade blows once more. Non-stop action with the 12th Man on the stands; this is football to the purest expression.

Week 14: Dec 12th: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

The NFL’s oldest rivalry at a snowy Lambeau Field is as good as a prime time game gets. Another history-making encounter between NFC North foes.

Week 15: Dec 19th: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Saints swept the Bucs in the regular season last year. However, it was Brady and his bunch that sent Drew Brees into retirement in the playoffs. With a new QB under center, can the Saints exact revenge against the NFL champs?

Week 16: Dec 26th: Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys

While the NFC East is atrocious, its rivalries are pretty intense. With a plethora of offensive talent, the Cowboys aim for a win. The WFT has a strong defense capable enough to make this a competitive matchup. Simply put, it’s a coin toss, a very violent one.

Week 17: Jan 2nd: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

There is some serious bad blood between these two NFC North franchises. Add the possibility of both battling for the top spot in their division, and this is a must-watch game.

Week 18: Jan 9th: TBD

This is the last game of the regular season. The spot is only for the biggest game with the highest implications. Making that clear, it doesn’t even matter who’s playing—we are watching.

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