2022 Receiving Touchdowns Betting Odds

The NFL is taking steps towards big passing offense stats. This is a pass-happy league, for the most part.

With that said, it’s clear lots of passing TDs will happen. For this to happen, you need prolific receivers making catches in the end zone. Or taking them into it.

We have an array of top receivers in the National Football League. Hence, it’s always interesting seeing who gets the most receiving TDs. It’s some sort of bragging rights.

Last year, it was Packers’ wideout Davante Adams who won this category. With QB Aaron Rodgers back in Green Bay, Adams could go back-to-back.

However, he has some serious competition. In this article, we are taking an in-depth look into the receivers that the betting lines think can get this accolade.

Remember, being a Pro-Bowl receiver doesn’t necessarily translate into receiving TDs. The playbooks, the receiver’s depth within a team, and the player’s characteristics all play a part in scoring.

How Is The Winner Decided?

The player who catches the most TDs will be the winner. It is as simple as that. The fun thing about this is you don’t only have wide receivers. Tight ends and even running backs can get into the party.

TE Jimmy Graham was the last non-WR to win the award, back in 2013. As for records, the mythical Jerry Rice got 22 in 1987.

The record stood for 20 years until another all-time great, Randy Moss, broke it in 2007, when he caught 23. Moss’ number still commands the record to this day.

Additionally, these two are the only players to get 20+ catching TDs.

2022 NFL Receiving Touchdowns Odds

Receiving TDs Betting Odds Reports

Now, we get to the good stuff. With so many great receivers, it’s time to see if someone can stop Adams in his quest for a two-peat.

Let’s get right into those receivers poised to have a big season at the end zone.

The Favorites

Davante Adams – Of course, Adams is the favorite to repeat as receiving TD champ. He has the QB in Rodgers; he has the favor of his HC and OC. Nobody threw more red-zone passes than Green Bay last season. The reason? Adams is as secure as a target can be.

After an 18-TDs season, Adams enters his contract year, which means he will ball out of his mind. With a prolific offense, where he is the main target—expect Adams to bring his a-game.

Tyreek Hill – The “Cheetah” has played explosive offenses his entire career. A reason for this is because he makes these offenses explosive.

He is the fastest receiver in the world, with a QB that can reach him from 80 yards if necessary. Somehow, someway, Hill has never won the receiving TDs championship.

There are two reasons for this. One, he shares targets with TE Travis Kelce, who is a top star in the league. The other, Hill, is more of a long-distance target. His average yards per catch is 14.6, which is 2.7 yards more than Davante Adams, for example.

Still, Hill was second in TDs last year thanks to his ability to make long plays get to the promised land. If he has the ball, defenses are in a world of trouble.

Calvin Ridley – The Falcons are a pass-loving offense. They were the fifth-best passing attack in the league. As for Ridley, he will have the chance of becoming WR1 since Julio Jones departed the team.

Ridley has caught 26 TDs in his three seasons as a pro. Now, being the main wideout for the team, Matt Ryan will look for him a lot. Also, let’s not forget that their new HC, Arthur Smith, is an offensive savant.

The only concern Ridley carries is the fact that Atlanta drafted the highly-awaited Kyle Pitts. With Pitts getting many targets, Ridley may be the second option in red zone territory.

Still, he’ll get his numbers. Will it be enough to declare himself the receiving TDs leader at the end of the season?

Travis Kelce – The mighty TE that puts WR’s numbers. Travis Kelce is a machine. He is Mahomes’ favorite option, especially when close to the end zone. Their chemistry is second to none. He comes off a career-high 11 receiving TDs.

Kelce not only is a prolific route runner, but he is also reliable in 50/50 throws, which happen a lot in the end zone. And let’s not forget, the Chiefs’ offense always brings rabbits out of the hat with Kelce being the receiver in many of them.

Underarm throws to him or elaborated pre-snap motions that put him in good positions, Kelce will be there. Plus, he had 13 targets inside 10 yards, and caught 8, scoring 7.

This puts him first among NFL’s tight ends. In a team with too many variants to score, having a weapon like 87 means touchdowns in bunches.

Adam Thielen – Adam Thielen is up there with the best of them. He has a habit of spectacular end zone catches.

He came off a career-high 14 TDs last season, which ranked him third in the league. Out of the 14 scores, 13 came inside the 20, and 10 inside the ten-yarder.

Thielen thrives in short, fast-paced routes. He also had a high catch percentage in the red zone, with 84.21% (16/19 receptions). Even if the faith in QB Kirk Cousins is not much, he can throw dimes. Thielen will translate them into points.

The Contenders

DK Metcalf – Metcalf caught 10 TDs last season, and only five came from targets inside the red zone. The reality is Seattle can score a lot exploiting Metcalf’s physicality in long plays.

QB Russell Wilson loves sending a lovely deep ball, and Metcalf is catching them left and right. When it comes to stopping DK, the task is tough. He is 6-feet-4 inches tall, 229 lbs, and as fast as any receiver out there. He is a mismatch to defend.

Mike Evans – Evans was impeccable in the end zone last year. He had 1006 yards and 13 TDs, but QB Tom Brady knew when to look for him. That’s when the Bucs were inside the 10. Evans caught nine of his TDs like that.

He is too tall for CBs to defend. At 6-feet-5, Brady threw rainbow after rainbow as Evans leaped over his defender and caught the balls. He is a massive threat.

Justin Jefferson – Boy did Jefferson have a stellar rookie season. Having 1400 yards in the first season is quite the mark. He had a respectable seven touchdowns as well.

Jefferson only scored three times inside the red zone. As you can see, when the Vikings get to the 20, they don’t look for him much. He was actually the third player in end zone targets, behind Thielen and Irv Smith.

Assuming these targets are going to increase, but wouldn’t go as far as to put Jet atop the receiving TDs list.

DeAndre Hopkins – How can an all-world receiver be ninth according to the betting lines? Well, sometimes you make your mark outside of the end zone.

D-Hop is not exactly a TD machine, he is a yard-getter. He’s had 1000+ yards in six of his eight seasons but only has cracked double-digit TDs three times.

Plus, for Arizona, they have one of the fastest, most dynamic QBs in Kyler Murray, who uses his speed to score. Murray had 11 running touchdowns last season. It’s a hampering stat for receivers.

Stefon Diggs – Not even the most faithful Buffalo fans expected the kind of debut season Diggs had. He led the league in receptions and yards but fell short to get double-digit TDs.

It may come as a surprise to see Diggs never reaching that mark. Still, he led the Bills in receiving touchdowns, and his 2021 season should be another world-class affair for him.

How To Bet On Receiving TDs Betting Odds

To bet in this department, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Go to your preferred sportsbook and log into your account.

2. Select the ‘NFL Odds’ tab option amongst the menu of sports available.

3. Go to the ‘Player Futures’ submenu.

4. Click on ‘Most Receiving TDs.’

5. Pick your bet and make it real by submitting it in the bet-slip window.