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NFL Player Props Bets

Malcolm Darnley

Updated: Aug 16, 2023


Looking for NFL betting predictions for player prop bets? You can find this week’s picks here.

NFL player props are growing in popularity. It’s not hard to see why, as they add a lot to the entertainment value of a game.

All licensed and legal U.S. sportsbooks offer NFL players props within their betting menu.

Not only that, but they’re putting a greater focus on them and providing a more extensive selection of NFL player prop options than ever before.

Player prop betting has never been more popular, and that popularity among NFL bettors is only growing.

Below we dive into everything you need to know about NFL player prop betting before the 2023 NFL season kicks off.

What Is NFL Player Prop Betting?

NFL player props are side bets that differ from traditional sports betting options because they are typically unrelated to the game’s final score.

Usually, NFL player props revolve around player statistics and how individual players perform in a game.

One of the primary reasons for the increasing popularity of NFL player props is that they are also attractive to daily fantasy sports (DFS) players.

Fantasy games are centered around an individual player’s performance. In a correlated way, fantasy players have an easy transition from DFS to NFL player props.

An Example Of An NFL Player Prop

Say you are looking to bet on an NFL player prop.

You decide to bet the over/under total on Patrick Mahomes’ passing yards in a game.

A player prop wager has a total and a moneyline to consider.

The prop odds look something like this:

  • Patrick Mahomes over 275.5 passing yards (-130)
  • Patrick Mahomes under 275.5 passing yards (+110)

The sportsbook has set the total for Patrick Mahomes passing yards at +275.5. Mahomes must throw 276 yards or more to go over that total.

Obviously, 275 passing yards or less means Mahomes went under the total.

The sportsbooks have determined that Mahomes is more likely to go over that number, so the odds of betting over 275.5 are -130.

To win $100 in profit, a bettor would have to risk $130.

Under 275.5 is the underdog; in this case, a $100 wager returns $110 in profit.

Let’s have a look at another example of an NFL player prop.

This time, it is a yes/no prop. Like in the over/unders, you have two options.

You can find yes/no props like: will Christian McCaffrey first score a touchdown?

  • Christian McCaffrey to score a touchdown (-240)
  • Christian McCaffrey not to score a touchdown (+220)

Yes / No props can also be found as Over/Under props, where the total is set at +0.5.

The more popular a player is, the better the chances oddsmakers will create prop bets for bettors to play.

Injuries can impact whether a sportsbook offers odds on a player or not.

If a sportsbook is aware that a player is injured but unsure how serious that injury is, often, they will withhold setting prop bets for that player.

Different Types Of NFL Player Props

An extensive menu of NFL player prop bets is already available, and that list continues to grow each NFL season.

Here are some of the different forms of NFL player props you can find listed at all licensed online sportsbooks.

  • QB passing yards
  • QB completed passes
  • QB interceptions thrown
  • RB total rushing yards
  • RB touchdowns
  • RB rushing + receiving yards
  • WR receiving yards
  • WR total receptions
  • Two-player head-to-head props

NFL Prop Betting Strategy

Player prop bettors must be aware of the point spread, and game total and use that information to help create a narrative for how specific players will perform.

Let’s say you want to bet on Derrick Henry to go over 24.5 rush attempts against the Jaguars.

Obviously, you will want to check out Henry’s recent game logs and get an understanding of how he is being used within the offense, especially recently.

However, let’s also look at the point spread.

If Tennessee is a big favorite against Jacksonville and is expected to play with a lead for most of the game, that might be a sign the Tennessee offense will run the ball more than if they were trailing and trying to play catch up.

You can also look at the Over/Under for a game to gather expected player performance information.

If the total has been set at +38 points, you wouldn’t expect that either of the quarterbacks would be throwing for many yards.

Rarely do teams throw for 300+ yards in a game and score very few points. It’s more likely that a QB with a lot of passing yards will put up a lot of points.

As a bettor, if you think a point spread or a total is a little off, you can also use that information with your player prop bets.

If the Broncos team total is set at +18, but you believe they will score at least three touchdowns (21 points), that might be a great time to bet a Russell Wilson over his passing yards total.

How BestOdds EDGE Can Help

The BestOdds EDGE sports betting platform was built by sports bettors for sports bettors.

Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics started Moneyball in Major League Baseball.

Since then, GMs, coaches, players, agents, and sports bettors have understood the importance of data analysis and how it can help us predict future player performance.

As recreational bettors, how many of us have the same access to data and the technology resources to analyze that data to compete with the major sportsbooks?

Companies like BestOdds EDGE and their sports betting platform were created to level the playing field between recreational bettors and sportsbooks.

Now, bettors of all experience and skill levels can access the same information, insights, trends, and data analysis the sportsbooks use to create their betting odds.

Where Can You Bet NFL Player Props?

NFL player props are now available at all licensed online sportsbooks and the amount of props available is growing.

DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, FOX Bet, and PointsBet are some of the top-tier regulated sports betting sites.

All of these operators offer NFL player props.

The popular and fierce Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook is famous for its extensive prop bets menu for the Super Bowl every year.

Of course, these include many NFL player props for the big game.

You can look at our Online Sports Betting section for the best sites to bet on NFL player props.

As with all of our sports bets, it’s always important we shop around for the best NFL betting odds we can find.

We call this line shopping and heavily encourage you to do it, even if you’re only betting for fun and entertainment purposes.

Many sportsbooks will also provide you Daily Odds Boosts that can be claimed to bet NFL player props. We advise bettors of all levels to make the most of these daily odds boosts.

When you take advantage of odds boosts, and promotions and play only the Best Odds available, you give yourself the best chance at beating the books.

How NFL Prop Betting Works

When wagering on NFL props, you can bet on a player, a team, or a game.

Prop betting differs from traditional NFL betting because prop bets are usually unrelated to the game’s final score.

Player props involve a specific player’s performance and stat line. These bets can either be for one game or the entire season.

Team props involve one team’s performance in a game or season.

Finally, game props refer to specific events happening within a game.

For instance, let’s say you’re betting on a player prop in the San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks game.

You decide to bet on TE George Kittle getting over 90.5 receiving yards.

To win this bet, Kittle must have at least 91 receiving yards when the game ends. It doesn’t matter if he has TDs or if San Francisco wins the game.

As long as Kittle gets 91 or more receiving yards, you win.

If you’re seeking a player prop that pays more with plus odds in the moneyline, you can bet on a specific player to score a touchdown in a given game.

For example, you bet for RB Nick Chubb to score a touchdown (+170) when the Browns play against the Bengals.

This bet would win $17 on a $10 bet.

You may also want to bet on a player’s season-long output on totals.

For example, you can bet on Jonathan Taylor going under 1500.5 rushing yards.

You would need Taylor to get fewer than 1501 rushing yards to win your bet.

Best NFL Prop Bets

The most popular NFL prop bets are single-game player props. Daily Fantasy Sports was already legal for many years, while sports betting was not.

This means that many NFL fans became intimately familiar with players and how they perform.

Once sports betting became legal in North America, the passion for player-prop betting was almost immediate.

NFL player props consist of betting on a player’s performance, whether in a single game or the entire season.

If you bet on Keenan Allen receiving over 82.5 yards against the Broncos, you need him to get at least 83 yards to win that wager.

Likewise, if you bet on Stefon Diggs gaining over 1,350.5 receiving yards, you need him to end the season with 1,351 yards to get paid out.

Don’t forget to read our in-depth guide full of betting strategies for NFL player props.

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