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Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Looking for NFL betting predictions for player prop bets? You can find this week’s picks here.

NFL player props are growing in popularity. It’s not hard to see why, as they add a lot to the entertainment value of a game.

Legal U.S. sportsbooks are offering player props within their betting menu.

Not only that, but they’re putting a greater focus on them and bringing a bigger variety than ever before.

Player prop betting is peaking. Get the inside scoop on prop bets including options for NFL games and where you can place this wager type below.

What Is An NFL Player Prop Bet?

NFL player props are side bets that are not determined by the final scoreboard of the game.

Usually, NFL player props go around the player statistics and how they fare in the game.

When betting with this option, you’re hoping that the outcome you wagered on happens before the game ends.

However, the result of an NFL player prop is not correlated to the result of the game.

One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of NFL player props is that they are attractive to daily fantasy sports (DFS) players as well

Fantasy games are centered around an individual player’s output. In a correlated way, fantasy players have an easy transition from DFS to NFL player props.

An Example Of An NFL Player Prop

Say you are looking to bet on an NFL player prop. You decide to bet an over/under total on Tom Brady’s passing yards in a game.

Just like standard wagers, you’ll often find these with a betting line attached for both sides of the bet. The prop odds look something like this:

  • Tom Brady over 275.5 passing yards (-130)
  • Tom Brady under 275.5 passing yards (+110)

Now that we have a better view of what it looks like, let’s explain.

In this case, a $130 bet on the over would pay a bettor $100 for a total payout of $230 if Brady throws for more than 275.5 passing yards.

A $100 wager on the under would win you $110 for a total payout of $210 in the scenario where Brady doesn’t get to the 275.5 yards mark.

In lesser words, the minus player odds represent the amount you need to lay on the line to win $100. Meanwhile, plus odds are what you would be winning if you bet $100.

You’ll also usually see the two sides of an NFL player prop with the same juice, the standard is -110, although you can find a lot set in the -105 player odds.

Let’s have a look at another example of an NFL player prop.

This time, it is a yes/no prop. Like in the over/unders, you have two options. You decide whether the outcome offered happens or not.

You can find yes/no props like: will Christian McCaffrey first score a touchdown?

  • Christian McCaffrey to score a touchdown (-300)
  • Christian McCaffrey not to score a touchdown (+250)

By the way, yes/no player props can also be found as over/under 0.5. It’s pretty much the same.

The more popular or important a player is, the bigger the chances that oddsmakers will put up more player props for that player.

For instance, you will find way more props on a player like Patrick Mahomes than on second-tier RBs like Alexander Mattison.

Different Types Of NFL Player Props

There’s a wide menu of NFL player prop bets available, and this list is growing every single day.

Here are some of the different forms of NFL player props you can find listed at a sportsbooks menu. Some of those are the following:

  • QB passing yards
  • QB completed passes
  • QB interceptions thrown
  • RB total rushing yards
  • RB touchdowns
  • RB total yards from line of scrimmage
  • WR receiving yards
  • WR total receptions
  • Two-player head-to-head props

Where Can You Bet NFL Player Props?

NFL player props are now available at pretty much all legal U.S. sportsbooks and the amount of props available is growing.

DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, FOX Bet, and PointsBet are some of the top-tier regulated sports betting sites.

All of these usually offer NFL player props. The popular and fierce Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook is famous, precisely, for its extensive prop bets menu for the Super Bowl every year.

Of course, these include a ton of NFL player props for the big game.

You can look at our Online Sports Betting section to see the best sites for you to bet on NFL player props.

There is no shortage of available sites to wager on NFL player propositions. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you should just dive in with reckless abandon at the first sportsbook you see.

As with any sports bet, it’s key for you to shop around for the best NFL betting odds you can find.

We call this line shopping and we heavily encourage you to do it, even if you’re only betting for fun and entertainment purposes.

Remember, if you shop lines, you can increase your money. Say one sportsbook has Brady throwing over 3 TDs at -110, but another one has it at -105.

It’s those minimal differences that make you richer in the long run. Don’t let bucks go by not taking some time to shop lines.

This site will be regularly filled with lots of NFL player props being posted at legal U.S. sportsbooks.

That’s why we recommend you to check back here every time you want to bet on props so you know where to find the best odds and prices.

Many sportsbooks will also provide you Daily Odds Boosts that can be claimed to bet NFL player props.

Just like line shopping, we advise bettors of all levels to make the most of these daily odds boosts.

They can help you increase your edge and of course, your bankroll.

How NFL Prop Betting Works

When wagering on NFL props, you can bet on a player, a team, or a game. Still, none of the bets have to do or are resolved with the outcome of the game.

Player props involve a specific player’s performance and statline. These bets can either be for one game or, in some sportsbooks, for the entire season.

Team props have to do with a team’s output in one game. Finally, game props refer to specific happenings within a game.

For instance, let’s say you’re betting on a player prop in the San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks game.

You decide to bet on TE George Kittle getting over 90.5 receiving yards.

For you to win this bet, you need Kittle to have at least 91 receiving yards when the game ends. It doesn’t matter if he has TDs or if San Francisco wins the game or not.

As long as he gets 91 or more receiving yards, you win.

If you’re seeking a player prop that pays more with plus odds in the moneyline, you can bet on a specific player to score a touchdown in a given game.

For example, you bet for RB Nick Chubb to score a touchdown (+170) when the Browns play against the Bengals

This bet would win $17 on a $10 bet. A 70% profit on the money you invested.

You may also want to bet on a player’s season-long output on totals. For example, you can bet on Dalvin Cook going under 1500.5 rushing yards.

You would need Cook to get fewer than 1501 rushing yards to win your bet. Giving that he struggles to stay healthy for a full season, you could have an edge here. Now that we said this…

Keep an eye out for any minimum games required on the bets. Lots of sportsbooks will have this. The reason is that if the player doesn’t meet this number of games, the bet could become void

For example, going back to Cook’s bet.

If he gets a season-ending injury in Week 5, the sportsbook would lose a lot of money if they didn’t have the requirement of minimum games set at 14. This way, they protect themselves from catastrophe.

Team props are available in specific games of their schedule. For example, you can bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers to get over 4.5 sacks in the game vs. New York Jets.

In this bet, you would need five or more sacks to win the wager.

Given the fact that the Steelers have a stout defense and the Jets a woeful offensive line, it’s a tempting bet to get.

NFL betting picks can also happen on game props.

Things like the longest field goal or longest touchdown or reception are also usually on display at the prop betting menu.

Best NFL Prop Bets

The best NFL prop bets are single-game player props.

Let’s take a look and explain why player props are the best option.

NFL player props consist of betting on a player’s performance, whether it is in a single game or the entire season.

If you bet on Keenan Allen receiving over 82.5 yards against the Broncos, you need him to get at least 83 yards to win that wager.

Likewise, if you bet on Stefon Diggs gaining over 1,350.5 receiving yards on the season, you need him to end the season with 1,351 yards to get the payout.

Player props are the best choice for NFL prop betting.

NFL Prop Betting Strategy

Player props give you an easier analysis to study a player’s input in a game.

Paying attention to the points spread, game totals, and injuries to help your prop selections.

Let’s say that you want to bet on Derrick Henry to go over 24.5 rush attempts against the Jaguars.

First, check his season-long usage and notice he rushes an average of 28.4 attempts per game.

Next, look for the spread. The Titans are 7-point favorites against Jacksonville.

In this case, the over is a great play because Tennessee is favored, which means that they should play with the lead.

Therefore, they’d run the ball more.

Don’t forget to read our in-depth guide full of betting strategies for NFL player props.

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