2022 Passing Yards Betting Odds

We are in a day and age when we see QBs throw bombs through the air to find their receivers. An era where most of the league thrives when they have a good QB on the roster, capable of producing the goods by air.

We have seen plenty of tight races when it comes to passing yards leaders. The record for most passing yards belongs to soon-to-be Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning. He threw for 5,477 yards in 2013.

However, the record of more seasons as passing yards leader belongs to Drew Brees. The former Saints’ no.9 led the league seven times. He also has five 5,000+ yards seasons, when no other QB in history has more than one.

Now, Brees retired, and the new school of QBs is taking over the league. It’s a wide-open competition, as shown last year, when Deshaun Watson got the accolade, throwing for 4,823 yds.

How Is The Winner Decided?

It doesn’t matter how many TDs, interceptions, team records, or incompletions you have. What matters is how many yards you complete.

The QB who finishes the regular season with the most passing yards will be the winner.

2022 NFL Passing Yards Odds

NFL Passing Yards Leader Betting Odds Reports

With Watson’s future in the league in total uncertainty, looking at him repeating is dire. Especially when he is still with the Texans, and has no decent receivers on their roster.

This season is one for the taking. Records could be broken. Remember, it’s a 17-game season, and we have QBs putting practically 300+ yard games as a piece of cake.

We could be looking at astronomical passing yards numbers this year. We should be thankful. Let’s dive into the best-positioned to win this accolade, according to the betting odds.

The Favorites

Patrick Mahomes – The Arrowhead leader almost won this competition back in his MVP season in 2018. Back then, he threw for 5,097 yards, falling short only to Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger. He was runner-up once again last year, with 4,740.

Nevertheless, Mahomes is a walking bazooka. He has a strong, accurate arm, and weapons that extend his yardage after the catch. In an offense where he is the heart and soul, expect 15 to put masterpiece after masterpiece.

He led the NFL in yards per game last year with 316. Once again, the quest for a Super Bowl relies on Pat’s arm.

Dak Prescott – In the last few seasons, Prescott has turned on his production. In 2019, his last full season, he averaged 306.4 yards per game and finished with 4,902 in the year.

In 2020, he picked off right where he left it and was averaging a whopping 371.2 yards per outing. During the five games he played, he was leading the NFL with 1,856 yards.

Unfortunately, his leg injury sidelined him for the year. But Prescott’s numbers were astonishing. Now, back and healthy, it’s on Dak to make Dallas a success in the NFC East. Rest assured his numbers will be through the roof.

Josh Allen – Allen was fifth in this regard last season. He ended with 4,544 passing yards. Facing Allen has become a scary sight. His progression is unparalleled.

Back in 2018, he threw for 2,074 yards. In 2019, he shattered that mark, throwing for 3,089. Now, he was fifth in the league adding almost 1,500 yards more than his previous season.

Oh, and the Bills receivers just got better by adding Emmanuel Sanders. Buffalo is the one team that can threaten the Chiefs in the AFC. That’s because they found a raw diamond in Allen, and polished it to be a top-tier QB.

Allen entered the league with a reputation of having a big arm. He now has that same gunslinger talent, but a much more accurate one. He completed 69.2% of his passes—a +10.3% difference in comparison to his 2019 season.

Tom Brady – Fresh off a Super Bowl winning campaign, Brady didn’t show any signs of slowing down. Even when playing at 43 years old and with a torn MCL, he did what he always does—win. And he threw for 4,633 yards in the process, the third-best in the league.

Brady knows the importance of running the football. However, Tampa was the fourth-worst rushing offense in the league. So, he took matters into his own hands. The playcalling was terrible for Tampa; they ran on first and second downs to no gain.

Then Brady would have to bail them out on 3rds-and-long. Being the greatest to ever do it, he overcame that situation en route to a Super Bowl victory.

TB12 is still on the top of the table but maybe will throw less this year. This happens if Tampa’s running backs get their game going. If not, good ol’ Tom will save the day once again.

Justin Herbert – Man, Justin Herbert was a pleasant surprise last year! He started on the bench and only played due to QB1 Tyrod Taylor experiencing a medical mishap early on.

Herbert’s debut was a blessing in disguise. The Chargers knew immediately they found the QB to guide them for years to come.

Herbert broke the rookie passing TDs record and was 38 yards shy of the passing yards record for a rookie. He finished his season with 4,336, the sixth-best in the NFL in an eye-opening year for him.

Now, he has better protection around him, and a plethora of weapons. Herbert’s production will likely increase into the stratosphere. His bionic arm was shocking—no pun intended—opponents left and right and will continue to do so.

The Contenders

Matt Ryan – The Falcons stinking has been the story since their failed Super Bowl trip in 2016. However, their losing form has made Ryan throw the ball in bunches to try to come back from deficits. Needless to say, that hasn’t been the case, but Ryan’s numbers are big ones, anyway.

It also helps that the Falcons running game is dreadful— they’re ranked 27th in the league. Ryan finished last season with 4,581 yards, a plethoric number that placed him 4th in the NFL.

Matt Stafford – Stafford made a name in the NFL due to his massive arm. He has put up massive yardage in his career as well, averaging 3.759 yards per season. Out of his 12 years in the league, he’s thrown 4,000+ yards on eight occasions.

Now, he is in a team with two receivers capable of putting a 1,000-yard season in their sleep. Stafford should thrive.

Aaron Rodgers – Coming off a 4,299-yard season, Rodgers will defend his MVP title and, in doing so, may very well end as the passing yards leader. A-Rod has won it all but this accolade. He has never ended the season as the QB with the most passing yards.

We know Rodgers is angry at the Packers. This is only a reason to see him ball out of his mind and then leave them high and dry. Green Bay used a very balanced offense. They used the running game a lot, but the ship of discounting Rodgers is not one to take.

Joe Burrow – Burrow was straight up balling last season. Unfortunately, he got cut off due to a season-ending injury. He was throwing dimes left and right, on a dreadful team.

Now, the Bengals are still a bad franchise, but they got Burrow some protection. They also drafted his favorite weapon in college, WR JaMarr Chase. Chase and WR Tee Higgins are a great speedy combination.

Burrow will find them and since the Bengals will come from behind quite a lot of times, he will throw more and more. He is an exciting bet for a good payout. Not the most reliable, but a profitable one.

Deshaun Watson – The defending champ of this category is in shambles. First off, he is battling with dozens of lawsuits that may put his future in the league in jeopardy. Second, if he plays, his team will be so bad it’s hard to see him go back-to-back.

He lost his WR1 in 2019 when DeAndre Hopkins departed. Now, Will Fuller and Randall Cobb are gone too. His only decent wideout is Brandin Cooks.

He still has little to no protection and plays for the absolute worst team in the league. He faces an uphill battle.

How To Bet On Passing Yards Leader Betting Odds

1. Log into your sportsbook account.

2. Look for the ‘Betting Odds for NFL’ tab.

3. Click on ‘Player Futures’ to open the menu.

4. Select ‘Most Passing Yards’ to display the odds.

5. Place the bet from the bet-slip window shown on the right of the screen.