NFL Offensive Player Betting Odds

NFL Offensive Player Betting Odds

While the MVP is the NFL’s highest individual award, the NFL Offensive Player is one to watch as well.

The MVP is QB-favored, but the NFL Offensive Player award has a wider range of options for other skill positions.

In the last four years, three winners have not been a QB. This means it’s not a lock to bet on a signal caller. With no further ado, let’s get into the NFL betting odds for the Offensive Player of the Year.

How Is The Winner Decided?

Before getting into who may win it, let’s clarify who chooses the winner.

The Associated Press gives the award. It’s chosen by votes from a nationwide group of sportswriters, who focus on NFL coverage.

2023 NFL Offensive Player Odds

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Offensive Player Of The Year Betting Odds Reports

Every single year, the NFL odds for this award change according to the moves the teams do. As for this year, we have a good measure of favorites and contenders.

Now let’s get into those poised to win the award this year according to the odds.

The Favorites

Derrick Henry – Fresh off a 2000-yard season, the Titans running back has been established as one of the most powerful weapons in the whole league. He has led the league in rushing yards, rushing TDs, and carries in the last two seasons.

However, the arrival of Julio Jones as a wideout may have the Titans relying a bit more on their passing offense. Still, Henry has the x-factor and can dominate a game any time he wants.

Even though he doesn’t catch much as other backs (only 19 catches and 114 receiving yards), Henry’s output is still better than any of them. He was the player with the most scrimmage yards in the league.

His ability to make highlight reels due to his sheer strength and speed made Henry a main target for the cameras every Sunday.

Patrick Mahomes – Easily the best QB in the league. Mahomes commands the most explosive offense in the NFL. It’s easy to see why he would win this award year in and year out, or at least be among the favorites.

He was second in yards thrown with 4740. His TD to INT ratio was 38/6, almost mistake-less. Mahomes led the NFL in yards per game with 316 and made three 4th quarter comebacks.

Mahomes’ style also makes him a top contender. His flash, flair, and arm make him a primetime player who pulls all the attention. Add that he has studs receiving his dimes and you get a mighty offensive force.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love watching the Chiefs’ offense run wild?

George Kittle – Kittle is a beast. Arguably the best tight end in football, Kittle has a habit of doing big-time plays, in clutch time. Relying on QB Nick Mullens halted his production, as well as injuries that sidelined him half of the season.

Still, Kittle garnered 634 yards in eight games. His speed for a tight end is superb. He has the strength and IQ to join his pace. As an absolute playmaker from the TE spot, Kittle is the best you’ll get to win the OPOY from this position.

Christian McCaffrey – After missing most of the last season due to injuries, CMC is back at the Panthers’ backfield. McCaffrey is the best dual-threat weapon in the league.

In his last full season, he passed the 1000 yard mark in receiving and rushing action. He also led the league in total TDs with 19. McCaffrey is as good as it gets to win this award.

The Panthers enter a new era, with a new QB in Sam Darnold, but McCaffrey is still the star of the show. He is the best weapon to have if you’re a young QB, he takes the pressure off of you. If CMC is backfiring on all cylinders, we can expect another 2000-yards season.

Josh Allen – The Bills QB is an electric player. He can run, he can sling the ball, and he has all the weapons to shine as Buffalo’s main man. Allen has had a stellar leap every single year he has been in the league, so once again you can expect a big season for him.

Allen threw for 37 TDs and added another eight by running into the end zone. The Bills’ running game is not their forte yet Allen still ran 421 yards, almost as much as RB Zach Moss. Allen is the heart and soul of this team.

The Contenders

Saquon Barkley – After a season-ending injury last year, one of the most elusive RBs will be back to help propel the Giants’ offense. Every time he has played at least 13 games, he has gone over the 1000 yards.

Barkley will have a big workload even though the Giants’ have a stacked receiving corp. Why? Because trusting their QB Daniel Jones has never been effective. Barkley has the talent to put defenses on notice and make Jones play more calmly.

Nick Chubb – The Browns’ offense is a special thing. The main reason is Nick Chubb. The RB1 has the balance, power, and speed to guide Cleveland to an impressive season.

Despite sharing much of the backfield action with RB Kareem Hunt, it didn’t stop Chubb from leading the team in total yards and TDs last season. Sometimes, it seems he is at a different pace from everyone else.

Dalvin Cook – Minnesota’s offense relies so heavily on Dalvin Cook’s output. Not only is he an elite back, but he lets the Vikings establish the play-action, which helps his limited QB.

Cook had 1918 total yards with 17 TDs in 2020, and he didn’t play the entire season. His health has always been an issue, but it doesn’t stop Cook from delivering the goods.

Travis Kelce – Five straight seasons with 1000+ yards, and the last one, the best of them all. Kelce is showing no signs of slowing down.

Having Pat Mahomes throwing darts at him is always a good thing, but what Kelce does with it is unreal.

Kelce had 587 yards after the catch in 2020—that’s a crazy number. Combined with the fact that he has an elite route running that puts many receivers to shame, Kelce is the complete package.

Aaron Rodgers – The defending MVP is still an elite QB. He led the league in pass completion percentage with 70.7%.

Also in passing TDs with 48, and in QB Rate with 121.5. Add the 4299 yards he threw and you can see why he won the MVP.

But there are so many issues surrounding his 2021 season that betting on him is not a good plan yet. Will he play at Green Bay? Will he play at all? Will he host Jeopardy? Too many questions…

Davante Adams – Yes, Rodgers was the MVP, but he wouldn’t have if he didn’t have Davante Adams. A bonafide superstar in the wide receiver position, Adams was plethoric all season long.

He had 1374 yards and led the league with 18 TDs, as well as having 98.1 yards per game. His route running might be the best in the league.

With this, you can almost rest assured Adams will be open on every snap he plays.

He also has safe hands, catching 115 of 149 passes thrown at him, for a career-high 77.2% catch rate.

He also appears to crave a way out of Green Bay since he is not getting paid what he wants. With that uncertainty in his future, staying away from him in the betting department is a good thing.

Lamar Jackson – The 2019 MVP is one of the fastest players in the league. The Ravens’ QB leads the NFL’s best running offense.

Yes, a QB. Even if Jackson has a name for his elusive running game, he’s shown he also can throw. In 2019, he led the league in TD passes.

However, Baltimore hit a slump last season. They had the worst passing offense of them all, and Jackson had a mere 2757 yards by air.

He won’t win the award unless he finds his balance again. The Ravens brought receivers, it’s time for him to use them.

How To Bet On Offensive Player Of The Year

To bet on the OPOY award, you have to:

1. Go into your sportsbook.

2. Look for the NFL betting odds tab.

3. Click on the Players Futures category.

4. Select the OPOY award to display the odds.

5. Choose the player you want to wager on.

6. Submit it from the bet slip window on the right-hand side.