Monday Night Football Odds


Updated: Sep 15, 2022

On Monday, September 21, 1970, the New York Jets took on the Cleveland Browns, and in the process, history was made as the first-ever Monday Night Football game (MNF) was played.

The Browns won the historic match 31 – 21, and at the same time, ABC changed the way primetime football was broadcast on TV.

Also impacted by the invention of MNF was the NFL betting community. No longer was football all about 1 pm and 4 pm Sunday start times.

There was now a primetime regular-season game on the schedule each week and bettors had to learn how to play it.

Monday Night Football Betting

The main difference between MNF and traditional regular-season games is that MNF is the only game on.

With millions of bettors placing wagers each Sunday, bets, and action can be spread across many different games.

However, the Closing Line for an MNF game will have seen more action from both amateur and sharp bettors compared to a normal 1 pm Sunday kick-off.

MNF Betting Trends & Tips

When betting on MNF there are definitely a few tips that can help us as we handicap this marquee match.

Get your bets in early

For those who find themselves placing their bets just before kick-off and dealing with closing lines regularly, MNF might prove to be an even trickier bet to win.

Because MNF is a primetime game with no other football betting options, the longer we wait, the sharper the odds will get.

There will be a lot of time, effort, and research spent on the MNF game as bettors don’t have another option to play.

There might be value in doing your research early and jumping on your Best available Odds before running the risk of seeing the lines move against you late.

Find The Sharp Money

As the only game in town, the MNF game gets a lot of action from both amateurs and sharps.

Sometimes you will see a scenario where the total bets are in favor of one team, but actual dollars bet favor the other team.

These types of stats can help us understand how the general public is betting the game vs how the sharp bettors see it.

Whether you want to fade the public or believe in the power of the masses, understanding how the sharps view the game is never a bad idea.

Beware of Historical Data Trends

Analytics, data, and trends are great. Being able to interpret them correctly and understanding what information is actually valuable is even better.

Playing an MNF game doesn’t happen for teams very often. With only 17 games played annually, teams and games are handpicked before the season, and more often than not, the teams featured are two of the premier teams in the league.

This means that historical MNF data trends run the risk of being very old. Let’s use the Indianapolis Colts as an example. Overall the Colts are 25-19 on MNF. In their last 10 games, the Colts are 2-8.

A 10-game sample size seems like it might be relevant information for a bettor. However, what if I told you that the 10th game in our data sample was played in 2011 when the Colts lost to Tampa Bay.

What if I told you the Colts QB that game was someone named Curtis Painter. How much value should we put on that outcome when we are analyzing the Colts on MNF this year?

Always be careful with historical trends and data when it comes to MNF because a lot of it isn’t relevant to the teams and players currently playing the game.

NFL Monday Night Football Schedule 2022

The schedule is set for MNF in April of each year, and it doesn’t get changed.

This means that every once in a while we have an MNF contest that isn’t one of the premier games of the week.

But more often than not, football fans get to enjoy two great teams when they tune in for the Monday Nighter.

This year is no different.

Week 1: Sept 12th: Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks

In 78 career games with the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson threw for over 18,000 yards and more than 150 touchdowns.

This year, Wilson and his new teammates in Denver go to Seattle in Week 1. Schedule makers knew what they were doing with this game.

Expect the Seahawks crowd to be as loud as ever, making life difficult for their once favorite star.

Week 2: Game 1 – Sept 19th: Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee Titans

Last year in a closely contested MNF game, the Titans outlasted the Bills 34-31. This year Buffalo looks for their MNF revenge and will travel back to Tennessee.

At +600, Buffalo opened as the Super Bowl betting favorites this year. If Tennessee beats them on Monday night again this year, their +3500 odds to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy will surely drop.

Week 2: Game 2 – Sept 19th: Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings

In the only MNF double-header this year, the Eagles travel to take on the Vikings.

Both teams are projected to be playoff bubble teams, and the winner of this game will gain a significant boost in their quest to make the postseason.

Week 3: Sept 26th: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

The Week 3 Cowboys vs Giants match-up gives us three NFC East division teams in primetime only three weeks into the season.

If the Cowboys want to prove to NFL fans that they are indeed a legitimate contender and the beasts of the NFC East, then they will want to make a statement in their primetime moment against the lowly Giants.

Week 4: Oct 3rd: Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers

49ers fans and players are probably still upset over how their season ended against Los Angeles in last year’s playoffs.

San Francisco seemed to be in control early into the 4th QTR and instead, Matthew Stafford and the Rams completed the comeback against San Francisco and then ended the season as Super Bowl champions.

No doubt SF has this game circled on their calendar.

Week 5: Oct 10th: Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

Week 5 gives us our first MNF glimpse into the toughest division in all of football.

Last year, Kansas City combined to score 89 points in their two meetings against the Raiders, winning both easily. No doubt Las Vegas will be underdogs on the road for this one.

Week 6: Oct 17th: Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers

Staying with our AFC West theme, Denver travels to take on the Chargers in a Week 6 game that will have huge early-season playoff implications.

In the last couple of years, the Broncos haven’t been able to compete against the better AFC West teams. Does the addition of Russell Wilson change that narrative?

Week 7: Oct 24th: Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots

The Chicago Bears traded up in the 2021 draft to get Justin Fields with the 11th overall pick.

In that same draft, the Patriots stayed patient with the 15th overall pick and selected QB Mac Jones.

No doubt Jones and Belichick will want to show a national audience who the better pick was.

Week 8: Oct 31st: Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

The 2021 playoffs belonged to Joe Burrow and his Cincinnati Bengals. Burrow and his Bengals shocked everyone with their Super Bowl run, falling just short of winning it all.

The 2022 off-season headlines have belonged to Cleveland. The arrival of DeShaun Watson has put Baker Mayfield in an awkward situation.

A Week 8 win could help eliminate some drama and get Browns fans talking about the playoffs.

Week 9: Nov 7th: Baltimore Ravens vs New Orleans Saints

Oddsmakers have set the Baltimore Ravens’ win total at 9.5, which would put them right on the bubble for this year’s playoffs.

Going into New Orleans and taking care of business on the road could be the difference between playing postseason football this year or not.

Week 10: Nov 14th: Washington Commanders vs Philadelphia Eagles

At +175 odds, the Philadelphia Eagles are not the betting favorite to win the NFC East.

That honor belongs to the Dallas Cowboys. At +600 to win the NFC East, Washington will need to win this divisional match-up if they want to cash some underdog tickets.

Week 11: Nov 21st: San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals (in Mexico City)

Our second look at the 49ers on MNF is another very tough divisional opponent. The Arizona Cardinals started last year 7-0 before losing five of their last six games.

Oddsmakers have made the Cardinals +350 to win the division. A win against San Francisco in Week 11 should reduce those odds.

Week 12: Nov 28th: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts were +2200 preseason odds to win the Super Bowl. The Steelers, in their first year without Ben Roethlisberger, are even more of an underdog at +8000.

The Colts’ win total is 9.5, which puts them right on the bubble of being a playoff team.

This game almost feels like a must-win for Indy if reaching 10 wins and a playoff spot is going to happen for them.

Week 13: Dec 5th: New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Saints fans must have been very excited this past off-season when it was announced that Tom Brady was calling it a career.

This game got a whole lot more difficult for New Orleans once Brady told the world that he was actually coming back for at least one more year.

Week 14: Dec 12th: New England Patriots vs Arizona Cardinals

Two teams with exciting young quarterbacks who play very different styles. The Patriots’ Mac Jones gets the job done but without a lot of flash.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals’ Kyler Murray can look electrifying in any given week. Both teams have long playoff run expectations and will want to make a primetime statement in this one.

Week 15: Dec 19th: Los Angeles Rams vs Green Bay Packers

Last year Aaron Rodgers won his second consecutive MVP and fourth overall. However, it was Matthew Stafford and his Rams who won the Super Bowl.

Stafford spent many years in Detroit getting beat up by Rodgers and the Packers. I’m sure he will want to exact a little revenge on his former division rivals.

Week 16: Dec 26th: Los Angeles Chargers vs Indianapolis Colts

When you are a team with playoff aspirations and play in a division with Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Derek Carr, you have to win tough games on the road to make that playoff dream a reality.

This Week 16 game will have playoff implications for one or both of these teams involved.

Week 17: Jan 2nd: Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals

If the Buffalo Bills are still the Super Bowl betting favorite by the time this AFC match-up rolls around, then Josh Allen and his Buffalo Bills will have had a great season up to this point.

An Allen vs Joe Burrow shootout to help decide AFC playoff seedings could be one of the more entertaining games of the year.

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