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Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

If you read the title and you’re thinking, “wait what?” it’s ok, we get it.

But if you’re here, it’s because you’re intrigued by what strange bets you can place. So, welcome?

Anyway, enough chit-chat; we are here for some Gatorade betting, right? Let’s get into it. Gatorade betting is a rare prop. This means you don’t find it often.

There are very specific events when this light-hearted prop becomes available.

The most popular is the Super Bowl, because of course. As soon as Tom Brady took the knee to seal Super Bowl LV, bettors’ attention went otherwise.

They wanted to see which color would shower over Bruce Arians.

It was blue bettors who cashed in the +505 moneyline. Yes, a hefty, juicy bag.

Here are some of the most popular colors you’ll find:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Red/Pink
  • Clear
  • Yellow/Green/Lime
  • Purple

Super Bowl Gatorade Bath Betting Explained

The Super Bowl is not only the sports biggest event of the year but also the prop bets’ Big Party!

The Gatorade bath is one of the greatest traditions of the Super Bowl, spanning decades. Hence, it is one of the most liked and unique prop bets.

What Is The Super Bowl Gatorade Bath?

Well, it is as simple as it sounds. The players from the winning team take a cooler full of Gatorade—or water—and throw it over their head coach.

Yes, it’s freezing cold as well.

Imagine waiting for the whole Super Bowl to find out what the Gatorade color is?

It’s fun. All the stress and seriousness and hard work of a head coach during the season—and especially during a Super Bowl—turns into a colorful liquid.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Bath Prop Bets

As we now know, Gatorade bath is one of the most exciting Super Bowl prop bets.

Unlike most of the prop bets, this isn’t attached to the result of the game. You need for the game to finish, but the result doesn’t matter one bit. 

All that matters is that cooler and the color of the liquid it has inside.

The broadcast often screens the Gatorade bath and is graded based on that image.

Sportsbooks With Gatorade Bath Props

Most Super Bowl betting sites offer this prop due to its popularity.

They will also offer props on the national anthem or halftime show, among many others.

However, most state-regulated sportsbooks don’t have the authorization to offer this prop bet. This is because the Gatorade bath doesn’t have an official grading.

New Jersey and Indiana are some places that allow Gatorade bath betting. Michigan, New Hampshire, Oregon, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee, Iowa, and Virginia said no.

The odds on the Gatorade bath are set based on the trends from past Super Bowls, team colorways, and the most popular Gatorade colors.

These odds present themselves in moneyline formats usually. For example, Orange +250. This means every $10 bet on the orange Gatorade, and your profit is $25 if you win.

The favorite to win the Super Bowl will see its team colors higher on the Gatorade bath odds.

This is because the team has a higher probability of winning the game, so they are likely to do the Gatorade spilling.

Gatorade Color Prop

The oddsmakers use the colors associated with the teams playing the Super Bowl as favorites.

They also set water or clear color quite high. The teams have lots of coolers filled with water on the sideline.

Popular colors like orange, blue, and yellow/green are usually among the favorites as well.

The colors’ odds will vary in the different sportsbooks based on the bookmakers’ thoughts and the betting handles.

Big Tip: Don’t Slip On Fake News

Don’t let yourself be fooled. In 2020, for example, the purple color was very popular due to the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Bettors went all-in on the purple Gatorade.

People just thought it was a lock and went through with it.

It was a fiasco. The actual color was orange, and it poured over Andy Reid to much dismay of purple bettors.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color History

The popular tradition began in the 1980s. It became one of the most light-hearted and awaited moments of the Super Bowl since then.

It was until the late 90s that betting on it became appealing. This was parallel to the online sports betting boom of those years.

Since 2001, orange Gatorade has been the most used color for Super Bowl winners. It has been the choice five times.

Followed by Clear/Water (4), Yellow/Green (4), Blue (3), and Purple (2). Only four head coaches can call themselves ‘survivors’ of the bath, coming out dry in that time span.

Gatorade Bath Betting Rules

The betting rules will depend on the sportsbook you bet on and how they grade this specific prop bet. Some coaches are showered multiple times so that the books may set or grade the correct color on the first bath only.

Others payout on all colors used. Be sure to check your sportsbook’s rules first.

As we said, since 2001, four coaches have defeated the Gatorade bath. Despite the unlikelihood of this happening, you can find sportsbooks offering this as an option.

If there is no Gatorade bath and it wasn’t an option on the odds board, the sportsbook decides to either grade it as a ‘push’ or no action.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Props

The Gatorade bath is a fun prop bet that is very popular every time Super Bowl Sunday arrives. Here are some quick nuggets of information.

Orange is the historical favorite Gatorade color. It’s been used to bathe the head coaches 5 times in the last 21 years.

Blue was the spilling color in 2021 and has gained momentum—of sorts. It’s been the color of choice in two of the last three Super Bowls.

The odds for most colors come based on the teams playing, so put an eye on the line movement once we know which teams will play in the Super Bowl.