NFL Prop Bets Apps

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If you are looking for current NFL picks for prop bets. You can find today’s picks here.

It’s just too easy to bet props. The key is to choose different apps to bet on props.

One operator may have promotions like odds boosts while others don’t.

There are lots of reasons why having more than one option helps you win.

Using different sportsbooks for props bets will put you in the best position to win. You can also parlay your props on some apps which translates to bigger payouts.

NFL Prop Betting Apps

Caesars Props App

One thing that will please 99% of Caesars’ customers is the sportsbook’s app.

The app, which is similar to the mobile site, is available on the Apple App Store for iOS users.

Android users have to get it directly from Caesars’ website since Google bans any real money betting apps from their store.

When scrolling through the app, you’ll realize that navigation is super smooth. There’s barely any lag, so you don’t waste any time looking for a potential line to bet on.

All the available sports show up in a drop-down menu that is easy to peruse.

Quick links are also always available at the bottom of the screen, so bettors can use them to jump to different sections of the app at any time, and this also helps save on time.

DraftKings Props App

DraftKings sportsbook is one of the most popular and best sportsbooks to use when looking for prop betting.

Game, team, and player props are all at the order of the day for you to bet on. DraftKings has it all for you.

There is a long list of player props, especially a season-long type of wagers.

This helps DraftKings to separate itself from other sportsbooks that offer only a few. You can bet on a player’s rushing yards, receptions, passing yards, and much more.

They give you an infinite amount of props, more than you can imagine.

DraftKings even offers specific props called specials. Here, they include bets like starting QB battles for Week 1 of the NFL season and stuff like that.

As if this was not enough, you can parlay props in single games to increase your payouts. DraftKings is famous for this.

The real edge here is that prop parlays are not always available at other sportsbooks.

FanDuel Props App

FanDuel is very similar to DraftKings. Both come from a daily fantasy-only site, before coming out strong into sports betting. You will also find a broad quantity of props available here.

One factor that helps set FanDuel apart from the competition is you will find several top players available.

Just like DraftKings, it’s better and easier for you to place a season-long prop.

You can also parlay single-player props in single games to increase your payouts. It’s safe to say FanDuel and DraftKings dominate the props markets like no others.

BetMGM Props App

BetMGM has a smooth and aesthetically pleasing website that makes the betting process better for you.

One thing that sets BetMGM in its own table when it comes to props is how detailed some of their season-long props are. You can tell how much effort they put into the props markets.

As an example, you can bet on the exact win total for a team instead of betting on the over/under on a specific line.

You are also able to bet on the week that a specific team will suffer its first loss.

These bets are tougher to win, but you can earn higher payouts. It’s a nice feature that no other sportsbooks offer. It’s tough to find props with higher payouts than those offered by BetMGM.

PointsBet Props App

PointsBet sportsbook is great because of the points betting format they use. It consists of taking a spread, total, or prop and then, award points based on how right you are.

This is great for props because a player’s final total will be very different from the actual line at the end of the day.

For instance, say you bet on Tyreek Hill over 105.5 receiving yards and he ends the game with 120, then your payout will be higher.

Nevertheless, if Hill finished with only 43 receiving yards, you’d have to pay more than originally expected.

Points betting gives you way more upside, but there is clearly a lot more risk as well.

Bet365 Props App

Bet365 also features several games, player, and team props. There are many options for season-long props too.

Whether you want to bet on a player to win MVP, or if you think Mike Evans will go under on his receiving yards line, Bet365 has lots of options for you.

Another feature that Bet365 includes is the “Bet Builder”. This is a thing made for primetime games specifically.

This allows you to build a parlay consisting of several props for higher payouts. It’s quite the intriguing gimmick.

Bet365 also allows you to ask for specific props if they are not available.

Needless to say, this makes it one of the more user-friendly sportsbooks around. It’s an awesome feature.

How To Pick NFL Prop Betting App

Variety Of Props

It’s great to have a lot of props available at your disposal.

Some sports betting operators like BetMGM let their creative side fly in their season-long props. This allows you to bet on specific win totals.

Other sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel give you several players to choose from.

Whether you’re betting on a specific game or season totals, the options are endless.

Having a variety of NFL betting apps is great because not only does it provide you with more chances to win, but it’s more fun all around.

Fair Odds On Props

Prop bets usually are not the same within different sportsbooks, especially when we talk about props. It’s important to see different sportsbooks to find the best lines.

For instance, Bet365 has Davante Adams’ receiving yards prop line set at 1510.5 receiving yards, but PointsBet has it at 1495.5 receiving yards.

Often it’s best to pick the site that gives you the better line.

If you’re betting the over, PointsBet suits you best, and if you want to go under, then Bet365 is the better option for you.

Parlay Bets

Prop bets don’t usually qualify for parlays. Only a few sportsbooks allow bettors to combine their props into a parlay for a higher payout.

As said before, DraftKings and FanDuel allow users to do this on most player props.

Bet365 also kind of does this with its ‘Bet Builder’ feature. Although this is only available for primetime games.

Welcome Bonuses & Promotions

It’s always great to select a sportsbook that gives you a welcome bonus.

This allows you to check out the sportsbook to see if you dig its prop selection.

Betting bonuses are amazing as well, as they help you boost the value of your wagers.

For example, odds boosts happen when a specific prop gets larger odds. Even on normal lines, it helps bettors since it adds to the potential return.

NFL Prop Betting Bonuses

There are a few bonuses that give a hand to bettors to get more value on their wagers.

Prop boosts occur when the odds on a prop are shifted into the bettor’s favor.

For example, if you bet on Cooper Kupp over 78.5 receiving yards, the moneyline odd is set at (+120) instead of (-110).

This means that you would win $12 on a $10 bet, instead of laying out $11 to win $10.

You can also find welcome bonuses, where the betting site matches your deposit up to a certain amount.

You also find free bets for sports betting, where you get your first wager on the website reimbursed.

How To Place An NFL Prop Bet Online

1. Log into your sportsbook.

2. Deposit your funds into the account

3. Look for any prop-related promotions

4. Claim and use your ‘Welcome Bonus’ before using your own money

5. Click ‘NFL Betting’ and ‘Props’

6. Pick your bet

7. Submit it