March Madness Prop Bets


Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We all know what prop bets are.

However, prop bets are not exactly mainstream with college sports, which could give the sports bettor an edge in the event that some books aren’t as sharp with the lines and reads

When we think of betting on college sports, however, March Madness comes to mind.

What can be better than a superabundance of daily games that run more or less all day long in a win-or-go-home tournament chock full of betting opportunities?

If you didn’t know, some of those March Madness betting markets include props.

In this article, I will review all of the prop betting markets that are tied to March Madness.

How March Madness Prop Betting Works

We know that prop bets have nothing to do with the outcome or point total of a game.

Instead, they are centered around an individual player’s or a team’s statistics or performances. There are also game props that focus on niche instances inside of the contest.

Just like any other game or event, prop bets work the same way with March Madness than anything else. There is no difference.

Only, you will find more novelty props since March Madness is one of the biggest events in all sports.

How To Pick the Best Match Madness Prop Betting Sites

When it comes to choosing which sportsbook to place a March Madness prop bet with, there are three factors you must consider:

Betting Odds

Be sure to find the sportsbook with the best odds and lines.

There are features like an Odds Comparision tool, that you can find right here at, that will help you. When you get the best odds, you will also get the most profit if your bet cashes.

Betting Boosts

Different sportsbooks will offer a variety of prop betting boosts to entice you to bet on their platform.

You may find that three are three different sportsbooks offering the same bet with different boosts. Clearly, you want to choose the sportsbook offering the best odds boost so you can walk away with the most profit.

Prop Betting Markets

While all sportsbooks are similar, they are not created equal, especially when it comes to betting markets.

Some sportsbooks still don’t even offer player props, while others will offer props for just about anything. If you want variety, be sure to shop around different sportsbooks.

What Is A Prop Bet?

The name prop bet is actually short for proposition bet, which is still called by its full name in some betting circles.

Contrary to your cookie-cutter moneyline, over/under and point spread wagers, prop bets have nothing to do with the overall outcome of a game or the total points scored.

Instead, prop bets are geared toward individual statistics or performances from a player or a team. There are even game props that focus on in-game instances and novelty props, that have nothing to do with a game or an event at all.

For example, you can choose to bet on the number of rebounds a player will have in Round 1 of the March Madness tournament.

Prop bets are fun and lucrative ways to add variance to your betting experience during the Big Dance.

March Madness Player Props

Player props are wagers that focus on an individual player’s statistical performance.

When you bet on a player prop, that player must reach a certain statistical milestone for you to cash your ticket.

Here are a few examples of player props you can bet on during the March Madness tournament:

  • Tyrese Martin Will Record Over 1.5 Threes (+100)
  • Teddy Allen Will Record Under 2.5 Assists (-110)
  • RJ Cole Will Record Over 4.5 Rebounds (-138)

As you can see, the adobe prop bets have nothing to do with the final score or outcome.

To cash your prop bet ticket with the above wagers, Martin must hit more than two three-pointers, Allen must dish out fewer than two assists and Cole must get at least five boards.

NCAA Tournament Team Props

Team props are bets that are geared toward an individual team’s statical performance in a game. Whether that team wins or not has nothing to do with your team prop bet.

Some team props you will find will include the number of rebounds a team will record in a half or how many points they will score in the game.

Below, I will list a few team props you can bet on during March Madness:

  • UConn Alternate Total Points Over 59.5 (-110)
  • New Mexico’s Second-Half Total Under 46.5 (-220)
  • Creighton Race to 10 Points (-105)

To cash the above betting tickets, UConn must score at least 60 points in the game, New Mexico must score fewer than 46 points in the second half and Creighton must score 10 points before their opponent.

March Madness Game Props

Game props are wagers that are centered around unique stats and happenings during a game.

You will find game props such as exact score or exact margin of victory, amongst others.

Here are some game props you can bet on during the March Madness tournament:

  • Gonzaga to win by 10
  • Highest Scoring Half
  • Final Score Will Fall On Odd Or Even Number

Novelty Props

Novelty props are bets that focus on unique occurrences that most of the time have nothing to do with a game at all. Rather, they are centered around the actual event.

Some novelty props that you may find during March Madness could be conference winners and teams to advance farther.

Here are some more examples of March Madness novelty props you will find at your favorite sportsbook:

  • National Championship Winner
  • Team to Advance To The Final Four
  • The Mascot Of The Tournament Winner Will Be Some Kind Of A Cat

March Madness Prop Betting Strategy

No matter what kind of sports bet you are making, it is imperative to implement a strategy with each one.

This is even more important when betting on March Madness games since there could be a bunch of blowouts and upsets.

Below, I will list some of my top March Madness betting strategies to help you cash more tickets:

Wager On Halves

Since there are so many mismatches during the Big Dance, you may like a matchup to remain to close out the gate, but then get blown open in the second half.

To exploit the early underdog, you can place a wager on the first half of a game, usually at plus money.

So if you like an underdog to have a high-scoring half, you can bet the Over on their team total.

Parlay Boosts

Many sportsbooks will offer parlay boosts for big events like March Madness in abundance.

So if you are going to place a March Madness parlay, be sure you are doing it with a sportsbook offering a boost.

However, different books will offer different boosts. Shop around and place your parlay at the sportsbook offering the biggest parlay boost. You can also find March Madness parlay insurance this way too.

At most of the top sportsbooks, you can include props, especially player props in your parlays. Boosting them is a terrific way to add profit to your winning ticket.

Do Your Research

Especially with player props, it is important to do your research.

Maybe a player you like has a positive history against his tournament foe, you can look up his statistical history versus his opponent on your device while on the go before placing your bet.

Where NCAAB Prop Bets Online Are Legal

Betting on college sports props is legal in every state online sports betting is legal.

Here’s a list of states where you can bet on game props:

Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, and Wyoming.

However, there are restrictions about where player props are allowed. Pennsylvania, New York, and Indiana have banned betting on those markets, and in New York and New Jersey betting on in-state college games is also not allowed.

Besides betting props you may want to try March Madness parlays betting in order to increase your chances of winning.

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