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NBA Win Totals Betting Odds

NBA Win Totals Betting Odds

The NBA is back to its full and usual 82 game calendar in the regular season!

After two years with shortened seasons, we are back to normality. Because of the 82 games, the win totals for each team also changed compared to the one last year.

How To Bet Win Totals

Totals fall into the ‘futures’ category. The result will be determined at a future date, in this case, the end of the regular season.

The sportsbooks set an expected number of wins for every team. Then, the bettor decides whether the team goes over or under.

Both sides will have moneyline odds next to them. These will have a minus (-) or a plus (+) sign attached. The (-) sign indicates the money the bettor lays to win $100 of profit. The (+) signs show how much the bettor would get based on a $100 wager.

You will find these NBA odds under the Futures tab. The bettor will go to the NBA markets and look for the ‘Team Futures’ or ‘Regular-Season Wins’ menu.

Strategies For Betting Win Totals

Line Shopping

Always check the odds on various books to see if you can get an edge. While some may pay the Lakers to get over 52.5 at -110, maybe one of them has it at -105. This means that if you win, you have a higher payout.

Inflated Lines

These are the result of bettors going hard on one side of the bet for a team. Sharp bettors can use this to get more value by fading the public. Say the Timberwolves U 35.5 is getting lots of action.

This will increase the payout of the over, and that’s where you bet on it.

NBA Win Totals Betting Odds

Atlanta Hawks: Over/Under 47.5

Led by all-world PG Trae Young and a deep roster in shooters, the Hawks are a very solid team. Not only that, but they have an excellent head coach in Nate McMillan.

PF John Collins and C Clint Capela are good rim protectors and play the pick-and-roll perfectly with Trae Young.

Boston Celtics: Over/Under 45.5

The Celtics enter this season with a new head coach. However, they have talent. The duo of SF Jayson Tatum and SG Jaylen Brown is one to watch. Both are capable of scoring 25 ppg in a heartbeat, they are the ones in charge of getting things done for Boston.

Brooklyn Nets: Over/Under 56.5

It’s championship or bust for Brooklyn. While the controversy of PG Kyrie Irving refusing to get vaccinated (he can’t play home games) is there, the Nets still need to win it all. With the likes of SG James Harden and SF Kevin Durant, they have to win.

The off-court shenanigans are a major distraction. Still, Brooklyn is under the spotlight and should get lots of wins.

Charlotte Hornets: Over/Under 38.5

This is an interesting team, because the Hornets have young talent, but consistency is a big issue for them. Last season, they were in the play-in tournament, racking up 33 wins. At times, they were very good, at others, not so much.

Chicago Bulls: Over/Under 42.5

One of the teams that made the most noise in the offseason was Chicago. They brought PG Lonzo Ball, SF DeMar DeRozan, C Nikola Vucevic to improve. Their total wins set them just above the .500 mark. The Bulls can blow past this number.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Over/Under 26.5

The Cavs have a talented, but undersized backcourt in Darius Garland and Collin Sexton. In the frontcourt, young talent and veterans, but not enough to make it a competitive team. They will be one of the worst teams in the league.

Dallas Mavericks: Over/Under 48.5

This team can be great, but for that to happen, PF Kristaps Porzingis needs to remain healthy and able to actually perform at his peak level.

This is because PG Luka Doncic needs a sidekick. Doncic is a superstar, but there is no one to help him. For them to become a 50-win team, Dallas needs both to the ball, not just Luka.

Denver Nuggets: Over/Under 47.5

With the reigning MVP C Nikola Jokic, Denver’s destined to have a great run. Also, having PG Jamal Murray back from injury boosts this team’s offensive prowess. These two are some of the most prolific duos in the league.

Add how SF Michael Porter Jr. has developed as a third offensive option and the Nuggets have one of the best teams in the NBA. Denver should be a 50-win team without hesitation. The oddsmakers might be underestimating them.

Detroit Pistons: Over/Under 24.5

Talk about a team with little to no expectations this season and the Pistons are as bad as the NBA gets. Winning 25 games is nearly impossible for this team.

Golden State Warriors: Over/Under 48.5

The Warriors may very well win it all. This team is high-octane, high-volume, high-pace throughout the entire game. Their win total is a bit high, but having PG Steph Curry makes it very achievable.

It’s not only what Curry can do, but SG Klay Thompson will be back. With the Splash Bros. back, how can you stop the Warriors from scoring? It’s impossible.

Their defense needs to get better in the key, but that is solved once C James Wiseman gets back. The Warriors are so good and will edge to be over the 48.5 wins.

Houston Rockets: Over/Under 27.5

The Rockets are entering the rebuilding phase, which means not only are they not capable of winning much, but they shouldn’t even want to. They have a young core, but probably not enough to get 28 wins.

Indiana Pacers: Over/Under 42.5

This seems very far-fetched for the Pacers. Buying into their stock is not something we recommend, they are too volatile. The Pacers have a thin roster, new coach, small market. They will steal games, and then lose unthinkable games due to their own mistakes. With Indiana, it’s as weird as it gets.

Los Angeles Clippers: Over/Under 45.5

While the Clippers have lots of talent, you can see their total wins are not as high as other contenders. This is caused by two factors. One, their best player, SF Kawhi Leonard, is injured for a lengthy period of time.

Second of all, when he gets back, he will probably get load management treatment. This means the Clippers will not win as many games as others.

Los Angeles Lakers: Over/Under 52.5

The Lakers are an old team and are injury-prone, which could really affect their output in the standings.

Last season, both SF LeBron James and PF Anthony Davis missed more than half a season. That made the Lakers end with only 42 victories, which would be 10.5 wins below their projected wins this year. They have the talent, but do they have the durability?

Memphis Grizzlies: Over/Under 41.5

This is a borderline playoff team with some young, yet already effective players. Ja Morant is an electric point guard, very athletic. His chemistry with PF Jaren Jackson Jr. is a handful for opposing defenses to stop. Also, you have rebounding beast Steven Adams at the center. Memphis will be nearing that total, so either direction you take, you’re going to sweat it. It all comes as to how healthy the team remains.

Miami Heat: Over/Under 48.5

Considering the roster, this total might be a bit low even. The Heat have four All-Stars in their starting lineup, with PG Kyle Lowry, SG Victor Oladipo, SF Jimmy Butler, and C Bam Adebayo.

They also have a loaded bench with shooters like Gs Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro. If injuries stay away from the Heat, this total could be surpassed real fast.

Milwaukee Bucks: Over/Under 54.5

The reigning champions are now the hunted, not the hunters. Everyone will try to beat them, but who can actually accomplish the feat? Milwaukee is a solid team, well-coached, and has a top-five player in 2x MVP PF Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Their wins tally should be high as the regular season ends.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Over/Under 35.5

The Timberwolves haven’t had the best of seasons in recent times, but they have big talent in their roster. The trio of C Karl-Anthony Towns, PG D’Angelo Russell, and SG Anthony Edwards is so dangerous.

They will win games and can be in the mix to get into the play-in, which means they are likely to have over those 35 wins.

New Orleans Pelicans: Over/Under 39.5

Relying on the duo of PF Zion Williamson and SF Brandon Ingram, the Pelicans will aim for a playoff berth. They are seeking at least that .500 mark.

For that, they also brought PG Devonte’ Graham and SG Tomas Satoransky to add depth. They are a fine team, but this over seems a bit high.

New York Knicks: Over/Under 41.5

The Knicks are real. They don’t belong on the top tier of the Eastern Conference, but might well be fighting to be fourth or fifth on the standings. This probably means they are getting over this bet.

New York has real talent, a fierce defense, and a very good head coach, capable of putting offenses on lockdown.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Over/Under 23.5

The Thunder has one really good player, and a couple of half-decent ones. While PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has a bright future, and C Mike Muscala and PF Derrick Favors are decent, you can’t win much with that. They will be one of the worst teams in the NBA.

Orlando Magic: Over/Under 22.5

Speaking of teams who have no foundation for a successful season, consider the Orlando Magic, who are starting a rebuilding process. The number is low, but the talent is scarce.

Philadelphia 76ers: Over/Under 50.5

It will all depend on what happens with PG Ben Simmons, who is out indefinitely because of an off-court drama. With him, the total is achievable. Without him, the Sixers depend on C Joel Embiid and his availability, which is not good, because he misses too many games due to injuries.

Phoenix Suns: Over/Under 51.5

The Suns are a strong team. They just went to the NBA Finals, and even though they came up short, they are still a contender. The team knows itself in and out, and they will rack up points. They are very solid.

Portland Trail Blazers: Over/Under 44.5

Having the duo of PG Damian Lillard and SG CJ McCollum will give you lots of wins. They will be around the 45-win marker. Their issue is in long series, but for the regular season, they are a guaranteed team for the playoffs.

San Antonio Spurs: Over/Under 28.5

This is a team who wouldn’t get this number if it weren’t for Gregg Popovich being the head coach. They have no talent, either very young, green players, or washed, veteran players. It’s a very bad situation.

Sacramento Kings: Over/Under 36.5

The number here is on point. Sacramento screams of being a mid-30s-win team. This is a coin toss. They are fast-paced, dynamic, but sometimes a bit immature in their approach to the games.

Toronto Raptors: Over/Under 35.5

Being in the Eastern Conference will help the over bettors for the Raptors because they have some players capable of stealing wins. SG Fred VanVleet and PF Pascal Siakam will get some needed Ws, but they are not precisely a playoff team.

Utah Jazz: Over/Under 52.5

This is a fierce, complete team from top to bottom. The Jazz will be a top-3 seed in the West, that’s how good they are, and by doing so, they should surpass the number of wins.

SG Donovan Mitchell is a megastar, and his teammates are borderline All-Stars, or fellow All-Stars, plus the Sixth Man of the Year. Utah is big-time.

Washington Wizards: Over/Under 33.5

If the Wizards get it together, they should go over here. Spencer Dinwiddie and Bradley Beal are a great backcourt, they have a deep roster of decent talent, they should fight to get to the NBA playoffs.