NBA Player Props Betting Odds

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With 30 teams in the NBA and 15 players on every roster, there are 450 active players across the league at any given time.

To be a great NBA player prop gambler, you don’t have to know all 450 players, but it will definitely help if you have a few favorite ones you like to follow.

What Is An NBA Player Prop Bet?

An NBA player prop bet is one where the bettor is making a wager based on a specific player’s performance and not on the final outcome of a game.

Bettors are given options on a player’s total points, rebounds, assists, or any other player stats. Wagers are made based on how they believe a player (not a team) will perform. These types of bets are not related to the outcome of a game.

NBA Player prop bets have become extremely popular because they provide a different type of entertainment value for fans and gamblers to enjoy. It also gives a bettor many more options on how to bet a specific game, options that are not related to the final score, and who won or lost.

Example Of An NBA Player Prop Bet

An example of a player prop bet is; Kevin Durant OVER/UNDER 28.5 total points

Just like standard wagers, you will find a betting line attached for both sides of a player prop bet. So, a Kevin Durant total points prop bet might look like this:

  • Kevin Durant over 28.5 points (-130)
  • Kevin Durant under 28.5 points (+110)

Using our example above, we can see that oddsmakers actually believe Durant going OVER 28.5 points in the game is the more likely scenario and they have attached a moneyline of -130 odds for him scoring at least 29 (or more) points.

The NBA oddsmakers in our scenario have deemed Durant scoring less than 28.5 points worthy of a +110 moneyline. This means a bettor who wagers $100 on Durant UNDER the total would earn $110 in profit if that result came through.

To learn more about moneylines and how to properly read them click here.

Different Types Of NBA Player Props

There’s a wide menu of NBA player prop bets available, and the options are continually expanding as interest in these types of wagers continues to grow.

Different sportsbooks will offer different prop bet options and different lines for each player. Just like traditional game betting, a wise bettor is one who shops around for the best available player prop line.

Here are just some of the different types of NBA player props you can find listed at sportsbooks:

  • Player O/U total points
  • Player O/U total assists
  • Player O/U total rebounds
  • Player O/U total points and assists combined
  • Player O/U total points, assists and rebounds combined
  • Player O/U to record a double / double: Yes/No
  • Player to receive a technical foul: Yes/No

What Are The Advantages To Betting NBA Player Props

Many new bettors enjoy player prop bets because it can often mean less analysis is required before they can confidently place a wager on a game.

Fans are often passionate about specific players and not necessarily educated on a visiting team. Player prop bets allow a gambler to use their existing knowledge instead of the required research to bet on teams and winners.

Player prop bets also provide a whole new entertainment value that is no longer tied to the final result of a specific game. Sometimes there will be games where a bettor is not interested in following along with the score and final outcome.

Maybe one team is decidedly better than another team and the contest isn’t expected to be close. A player prop bet will shift the focus from the game result and instead allow bettors the chance to focus on player performance.

NBA Player Prop Betting Strategy

Our first piece of strategy advice for gamblers of all experience levels is to only bet on what or who you know. If you are a fan of the Brooklyn Nets, maybe it would make sense to focus on player prop bets that revolve around James Harden, Kyrie Irving, or other Nets players.

If you are a fan of the Miami Heat, maybe you have more knowledge and expertise on Eastern Conference teams than teams from the Western Conference. Always take the time to do some self-analysis and understand where your knowledge is strong and where it isn’t.

Something else worth considering is making sure your bet results are aligned when you have multiple bets in play. If you have placed a bet on the Los Angeles Lakers to win, then it probably doesn’t make sense to also have bets suggesting LeBron James and Anthony Davis will go UNDER their prop bet point totals.

Someone cheering for the Lakers to win a close game will also be cheering for LeBron and AD to score some key buckets. Winning one bet at the expense of another is not a long-term winning strategy.

Where Can You Bet NBA Player Props?

NBA player props are now available at pretty much all legal U.S. sportsbooks and the amount of prop bet options is continually expanding.

DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, FOX Bet, and PointsBet are some of the top-tier regulated sports betting sites.

As with any bet, it’s always recommended to shop around for the best NBA betting odds you can find. This is called line shopping and we heavily encourage you to do it, even if you’re only betting for some added entertainment.

Anything worth doing is always worth doing well!