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NBA Live Betting

NBA Live Betting

The NBA live betting markets have blown up in recent years. As the NBA’s popularity increases, it attracts more bettors. Plenty of bettors are now taking the opportunity to wager while the action takes place with this betting option.

The live betting experience brings a rush that pre-match wagers fall short on. There’s a reason this type of betting grows fast.

If you’re looking to bet on the NBA, and you haven’t given live betting markets a try, well, what on earth are you waiting for?

New markets are coming to live betting all the time. In most sportsbooks, the user experience is smoother day by day. The sportsbooks know this is an area they need to improve, as it is a bettor’s magnet.

Even better, there are plenty of betting opportunities that can turn in big profits for you. Nowadays, pretty much every NBA game is available for some type of live betting action.

Those who are new to wagering environments should have NBA live betting explained. However, most of the betting markets you’ll find are the same as pre-game wagers.

The only difference is that they occur and change as the game develops. Keep reading below as we go in-depth on the basics of live betting.

We will also offer good live betting tips and different strategies that you can use when wagering in live NBA games.

How Does NBA Live Betting Work

Live betting is relatively new in the vast history of sports betting. Still, it has been active for at least a decade—sort of—on online sportsbooks.

These days, every sports betting site has live betting options available. It’s almost imperative. The thing is, of course, some are better than others.

In the NBA, live betting is quite different. The most significant difference is that NBA live-betting odds are constantly changing compared to pre-match odds.

Basketball is a fast-paced sport, so it’s not surprising that the odds are going wild, and if you look at it in detail, you can exploit some of that.

How To Wager Live Betting NBA Games

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to get into the live betting world of the NBA.

Pick An Online Sportsbook To Bet On

It’s crucial for bettors to do top-tier research before choosing which online sportsbook they will deposit. Check for bonuses, updated odds, competitive lines, etc.

Deposit Your Funds

We recommend you use credit and debit cards when depositing for live in-game NBA wagering. At the end of the day, look for the option you are more comfortable with, and that takes fewer fees out of your winnings.

Review Live Betting Options

Some sportsbooks will offer more live betting opportunities compared to other sites. The bigger and better ones have much more options and are keener to adjust lines and totals.

Be sharp as you check the most up-to-date live betting options to take advantage of them.

Look For Bonuses

Sportsbooks offer bettors big deposit bonuses when they sign up. Others, though, put out lots of promo specials.

Many of them, specifically, do it to boost their live betting section. So, look for those, get more value into your bets, and go strong on them, now that you have some leverage.

Submit Your NBA Live Betting Wagers

Once you’ve gone through the research and deposit process, it’s time to get your bets going. The same rules as pre-match wagers apply to live betting.

Basically, after this point, select your bet, how much you want to lay on the line, and press the submit button.

NBA Live Betting Types

As we said before, NBA live betting will have the same options available as what you get pre-game. The difference is the odds are not set in stone; they are updated as the game goes by.

Lines and totals are the basics that a sportsbook will offer in live betting on NBA games. But, since this is a market that is in crescendo, most of them have far more options.

Live Lines & Totals

These are the most pedestrian forms of sports betting available. Every sportsbook that offers NBA live betting will offer you these two options.

The point spreads and over/under are updated as the game gets going. You can then monitor them until you find one that favors your pick and submit it.

Some sportsbooks opt to pause their live NBA odds during the action itself. This way, the bettors can only submit bets during stoppages and commercials.

Other sportsbooks have no issue with that, and as long as the odds are up, it doesn’t matter if action is going on in the court or not, the bettors can put their wagers. Due to their popularity, these are live betting markets with higher limits.

Team Totals, Quarter, & Halftime Bets

Advanced live betting options include live team totals, bets per quarter, and halftime bets. These are up and running at advanced live betting sites and can have many alterations.

Like other live betting markets, these are constantly changing live as the game is going. Usually, you can find betting options for each of the four quarters.

Prop Betting

NBA prop bets represent the area where you will get the most changes between sportsbooks odds. The number of NBA props available for live betting depends purely on the book and how they operate.

The most common props are basics like which of the two teams will score next or what team scores ten points first. Unlike pre-game wagers, the props in live betting tend to give more options in team props than player props.

Live NBA Betting Strategies

The change between live betting NBA and pre-game NBA strategies has too many discrepancies. In this case, we talk about two different worlds.

There are some key ways to approach live betting markets that are non-related to the NBA. Those are utilized for live in-game NBA betting too.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the NBA is one of the best sports to wager on live betting markets.

Take Advantage Of Runs

Basketball is a game of runs or streaks within the same game. Team A can come hot and score 10 unanswered points and then, as rotations come and go, their shooting hands get cold. Naturally, the other team might catch fire and go on a 15-2 run and so on.

Live betting point spread markets change drastically on these scoring streaks. Needless to say, this allows you to make the most of it if you analyze the game.

Basketball can be an up and down sport and you can take advantage of it.

The main purpose for the “runs” strategy is if you liked a certain team as a pre-match bet. However, you thought the spread was too high for them to cover.

There you can go all in to live betting. For example, say Brooklyn was -12.5, and you liked them but decided not to bet on them because of the high spread. It just so happens their opponent started hot with a 10-0 run, which causes the original price to decrease to -9 or lower.

If you liked them before the tip-off of the game, a run like this, just starting, shouldn’t scare you at the minimum.

You actually get a big discount compared to the pre-match price, so it should be an enticing betting opportunity.

Use It As A Hedge

Live betting is a good method to hedge. We don’t advise bettors to hedge their bets. Having said so, hedging can be useful when the circumstances are right.

Live betting is a very effective way to lock in your winnings from a pre-match bet or to go for a middle bet. Remember, this is something that is useful, the downside is that it turns into a spot where bettors can rely on more than they should.

Check your hedging options as a one-by-one thing, do not make it general.

If You Forgot To Place A Bet

This isn’t a strategy as much as a “lifesaver”, or should we say, a bet saver. Live betting allows you to wager on a game even if you miss the beginning of it. Just hop into the live betting menu and submit your picks.

Live Betting On The NBA Finals

Live betting becomes even more relevant when the NBA schedule marks the beginning of the playoffs. The excitement of the postseason and NBA Finals with live betting added to the mix is what dreams are made for.

The limits are higher for the NBA Finals and sportsbooks open more options to bet on.