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Best StarCraft 2 Betting Sites 2024

Best StarCraft 2 Betting Sites 2024

StarCraft 2 might have fallen out of the mainstream over the last few years, but it remains one of the world’s most popular and most watched esports games.

Admittedly, most of its fanbase hails from Korea, where the StarCraft 2 esports began and reached its peak, but thanks to the success of the Western pro players, Blizzard’s RTS retained its tag as one of the world’s biggest esports titles.

However, StarCraft 2’s popularity is not limited only to its player base and viewership, but it’s also attractive for esports bettors, who take full advantage of the vast betting markets and a large variety of bet types to beat the bookmakers and profit from betting on StarCraft 2.

But while getting into online betting on StarCraft 2 is easy as long as you find a legal bookie that will accept your bets, there’s a lot that goes into making your journey profitable.

Current StarCraft 2 Betting Odds

If you were to ask experienced bettors how they approach betting on StarCraft 2, all would start off by recommending you to find a reputable, legal, and regulated sportsbook.

That is because only a legal sportsbook can guarantee you the safety of your funds and personal information, but it’s largely also tied with the quality of the odds.

There’s a large variety of sportsbooks to choose from, but most StarCraft 2 bettors prefer Bet365, Betway, and Caesars.

$1,000 Back As Bonus Bet

Caesars is another great option for punters looking to bet online on esports. Having purchased William Hill, a long-standing brand founded in the United Kingdom close to 100 years ago, Caesars moved into the sports betting market and opened itself up to esports betting. As a world-renowned company, they have some great free bet offers and make betting on the go easy with their excellent app.

Bet $5 Get $150

Bet365 is known as a global leader when it comes to esports betting. Especially in the US they have expanded their offering and now cover a wide selection of games to bet on. With both an Android and iOS app, you can bet on the go, wherever you are. Rest assured they are fully licensed and regulated so you can bet without having to worry. And be sure to check out their bonus offer

First Bet Reset Up To $250 In Bonus Bets

Betway has grown in prominence in esports betting and covers some of the most popular titles out there. They offer a good market depth, ensuring that you can bet on all the major Starcraft 2 tournaments and top teams. Being licensed and regulated in the US makes them a dependable site for all your esports betting needs.

Admittedly, those are not the only reputable sportsbooks with StarCraft 2 betting markets, but you can’t go wrong by choosing either of the seven.

Most, if not all, big-name sportsbooks will cover StarCraft 2 events, especially the larger tournaments in World Cyber Games, IEM, DreamHack Masters, and GSL tournaments.

But while you will be able to access the odds effortlessly, it’s wise to shop around for the best prices, as you will rarely find two bookies that offer the same odds.

Why People Love StarCraft 2 Betting

Large Variety Of Markets

One of the biggest reasons why people love to bet on StarCraft 2 is the large variety of bets they can place.

From moneyline to handicap bets and even a seemingly endless list of prop bets, you will always have something to bet on.

It’s An Exciting Game

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of StarCraft 2 or only a casual viewer, you can agree that StarCraft 2 matches can get highly entertaining.

The game on its own is made to be fun, but the strategy that goes into the game and the player’s creativity adds another layer of excitement to it.

You Can Bet In-Play

In-play betting is likely one of the best strategies you can take when wagering on StarCraft 2, especially if you’re knowledgeable about the game.

Understanding what is happening in the game and what to expect next can gain you a huge edge over the bookies, and as long as you can keep yourself one step ahead, you can always count on making a profit in the long run.

Reasons To Try StarCraft 2 Betting

Betting on StarCraft 2 might not be as popular as betting on League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a go, and there are plenty of reasons why anyone should at least consider wagering on StarCraft 2 or any esports title.

Great Odds

The quality of the odds will vary depending on the bookmaker you choose, but generally, the betting odds on esports are very generous.

That is mainly because some bookmakers are relatively inefficient when setting the odds.

Esports Betting Is Highly Entertaining

Watching esports can be highly entertaining, but you can add another layer of entertainment to your viewing experience by also placing bets on the games.

There is no better way to get your blood pumping than to risk a few bucks on a match you would watch either way.

High-Paced Action

All esports titles are designed to keep you on your toes from minute one to the end of the games, and they achieve that with high-paced gameplay.

Admittedly, not all esports titles are the same, but all have elements that will get your blood pumping with game-deciding events that can end in as little as a couple of seconds.

How To Bet On StarCraft 2

Betting on StarCraft 2 can be exciting and also highly profitable, but while excitement will come, either way, turning it into a worthwhile endeavor requires you to follow a few steps.

Create An Account With A Sportsbook

Before you can start betting on StarCraft 2, you naturally need to register at a sportsbook, and while this step is the easiest, it’s also the most important one.

While finding a sportsbook is simple, you should always do some research and find a bookie that offers the best odds.

Don’t Forget About The Bonuses And Promotions

The best way to kick off your betting journey at any sportsbook is to take full advantage of the welcome bonuses and promotions it offers.

Most will match your first deposit, while others will award you with free cash if your first bet loses.

Get Familiar With The Game You Want To Bet On

If you want to bet on StarCraft 2, you should first take some time to get familiar with the game and how it is played.

It makes no sense to bet on something you don’t understand, so it’s essential that you take it slow, learn the game and only then place your first bet.

Find Good Sources Of Information

You can always find your own bets based on what you believe is the best choice.

But even the most experienced StarCraft 2 bettors will seek a second opinion by reading what other experts have to say.

As good as you are in betting on StarCraft 2 or any other esports, it never hurts to hear what others have to say.

You might have a good idea of what is going to happen in the next game, but there’s a chance you might have missed a crucial piece of information when making your decision.

Look For The Best Odds

As noted above, no sportsbooks will offer the same odds on an event, so it’s crucial that you look around several bookies to find the best odds.

One bookmaker might have Joona “Serral” Sotala priced at 1.40 to win the next game, but the same player can be priced at 1.45 on another bookie.

It’s a minor difference, but even 0.05 can be a lot long-term.

Place A Bet

Once you have a betting account at a reputable sportsbook(s), you understand the game and have access to information; you’re set to place your first bet.

The size of your bet is entirely subjective, but you should know your limits and learn to manage your bankroll.

One of the biggest advantages betting on StarCraft 2 has compared to other esports is the sheer number of betting markets you can explore.

Although the selection will vary depending on the bookmaker you choose, all will offer some of the most popular bets.

Winner Of The Match

Winner of the match (to To Win) is the simplest bet you can make.

As its name would suggest, it is used to predict which player or a team will win the game.

Map Winner Betting

Like the Winner bet, this one serves the same purpose.

However, it’s only available in the best-of series, where the StarCraft 2 players need to win more than one map to win the game.

Map Handicap Betting

The map handicap betting on StarCraft 2 works the same way as any other form of handicap betting.

With it, you’re leveling the playing field between the two players who are not evenly matched by giving the favorite a handicap of X maps and the underdog a starting advantage of X maps.

If Player A is heavily favored to win the series, you can bet on him with a -1.5 map handicap, meaning he will need to win the game with at least two maps to spare for your bet to hit.

Likewise, you can bet on the underdog (Player B) with a +1.5 map handicap, giving him 1.5 map starting advantage, so he mustn’t lose by more than one map for your bet to hit.

Map Totals

The Map Totals bet is only used in the best-of series (Bo3, Bo5, Bo7), and it allows you to predict how many maps will be played in the game.

In the best-of-three series, the map total will be set at 2.5, so you can bet on whether the match will end in three maps (over 2.5) or two (under 2.5).


Props or Propositions is a wager you make regarding an event that doesn’t directly affect the game’s final outcome.

One such example is correct map score, specific map winner, which player will build the first Supply building, and more.

There is no limit to how many prop bets will be available on any given match.

The bookmakers can offer props on basically any event in the game, and the only limitation is their imagination.

Top StarCraft 2 Betting Tips

There’s a lot that goes into betting on StarCraft 2, and there are many hidden tricks and tips you can take advantage of.

Here are five betting tips that will help you make a smart bet on StarCraft 2.

The Race Choice Matters

In StarCraft 2, there are three races the players can pick (Terran, Zerg, and Protoss), each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

There is no clear answer to which race beats which due to constantly shifting meta, but the whole idea of the three races is to implement the rock-paper-scissors mechanic, where each race beats one but loses against the other.

Some Players Do Better Against Certain Races

When betting on StarCraft 2, you should keep in mind that some players usually do better in certain matchups regardless of which race they play.

Explore All Available Markets

Already mentioned before, but it’s so important that it needs to be addressed again – never settle for the first bet you find.

Look around other bookmakers and find one with the best odds on the match you wish to bet on.

Manage Your Bankroll

No matter how good you are betting on StarCraft 2, there will be periods where you will miss several bets in a row, and there is nothing you can do about it.

The only way to battle it is by not overbetting and managing your bankroll in a way that allows you to survive these dry streaks.

Watch The Games

You don’t need to watch all StarCraft 2 games, but it helps to watch as many as you can.

This way, you can keep yourself on top of things and see how the game has developed, which players are declining and which players are in hot form.

Special StarCraft 2 Betting Markets

In many ways, betting on StarCraft 2 is similar to betting on any other esports.

But some differences make it stand out from the rest.

Unlike most other esports titles, StarCraft 2 is the most punishing, as even the slightest mistake in the early game can spell doom for the player.

That is essential to keep in mind, especially if you’re betting in-play and are able to spot these mistakes.

So while pre-game betting on StarCraft 2 is similar to any other sport or esports, in-play betting is much different as you will need to watch various game elements.

And that includes things that only the most experienced bettors will be able to spot.

Some StarCraft 2 players are known for unusual tactics, and if you have been watching StarCraft 2 for long enough, you might be able to see the said player getting ready for something that could catch his opponent off guard.

Such occurrences are not that uncommon, and they provide excellent opportunities to place a bet.

And while they might not be easy to spot, those who put in the time, watch the games, and learn about the player-specific traits will be able to take full advantage of these opportunities and make a nice profit with in-play betting.

Who Can You Bet On?

StarCraft 2 is a game that is mainly played one-on-one between two players.

However, some tournaments will also feature team games with four players, two on each side.

So like you can bet on players to win, you can also back teams of two to win the series, with all the available bet types otherwise found on the “traditional” 1v1 games.

As noted, getting as much information on the players as possible is essential for a successful betting endeavor.

And if you do your research on the players, you should also have a pretty good idea of which teams of two will do better.

There are, of course, some caveats, as some players tend to play worse individually but are much more efficient when playing in pairs.

Likewise, some players shine in 1v1 games but struggle in duos, which is a phenomenon already present in “traditional sports,” namely in tennis.

But note that not everything is as simple as it may sound, especially in team betting.

When betting on teams, you need to consider many things, including how the team members perform in specific matchups, how efficient they are in micromanaging their units relative to the opponent, how good the player is playing a particular race, and much more.

Why Is StarCraft 2 Betting Different From Traditional Sports Betting?

Betting on StarCraft 2 or any other esports is much different from betting on traditional sports, and while the most popular bet types (moneyline, handicap, totals) are the same, the rest of the best are much different.

Beyond the different betting markets, the game’s tempo and win conditions are also significantly different, as you don’t need to score a goal in StarCraft 2 to win the game.

But while betting on esports is an entirely different experience, it also introduces a new layer of excitement to your betting journey.

Getting An Edge At StarCraft 2 Betting

If you want to make a profit betting on StarCraft 2, you need to find a way to gain an edge over the bookies.

And while this is not as simple as it may sound, there are a couple of ways to do it efficiently.

First and foremost, you need to use a bookmaker with the best StarCraft 2 odds that is also legal and regulated.

Betting with the best odds on the market alone is the easiest and best way to get the most of your betting.

Grab as much information about the players and the teams as possible.

You can either listen to podcasts, follow Twitch streamers, watch YouTube videos of reputable names in the SC2 scene, or read articles about the game – there are many ways to gain information.

Consider in-play betting. It’s the simplest tip we can give you, and while it may take a lot of dedication to get good at it, in-play betting can be an excellent way to profit from betting on StarCraft 2, mainly because the bookmakers often make mistakes when setting the in-play odds.

StarCraft 2 Tournament & Prize Pool

StarCraft 2 is not as massive as it used to be in the earlier days of esports, but it’s still one of the most-watched esports titles in the world.

And not only that but StarCraft 2 professional tournaments are also known for sizable prize pools, which often reach well above several hundred thousand dollars.

As of 2021, StarCraft 2 tournaments awarded over $36 million in tournament winnings, ranking it as the seventh-highest esports title in history.

The highest-paid SC2 tournaments in history include:

  • WCS Global Finals (2017-2019) – $700,000
  • WESG 2016 – $402,000
  • IEM XIV Katowice 2020 – $400,200
  • IEM XII World Championship – $400,000
  • IEM XIII Katowice 2019 – $400,000

In 2021, the most-watched SC2 tournament was IEM Katowice 2021, with 87,479 peak viewers, 42,565 average viewers, and over two million hours watched.

The viewership numbers include only the Western audience, and it does not include Asian countries.

A Brief History of StarCraft 2 Betting

StarCraft 2 was one of the first esports titles that hit the mainstream media and was a catalyst that ushered in a new era of esports.

Even in its infancy years, StarCraft 2 was highly popular amongst bettors and continues to hold the tag as one of the most bet-on esports titles in the world.

The appeal comes mainly from SC2’s rich history, which saw the birth of some of the biggest esports stars.

That includes Lee “Rogue” Yeol, Joona “Serral” Sotala, and Cho “Maru” Seong-ju, who still compete at the highest level to date and are widely regarded as some of the best SC2 players in history.

Betting on StarCraft 2 has been legal and regulated since the early 2010s, and even though over two decades have passed since the first SC2 bet was accepted, it continues to be one of the most popular esports titles in the betting circles.

At the start, most of betting on StarCraft was done via illegal sportsbooks, but as soon as it became clear that the esports title was a huge hit, many regulated and licensed bookies joined the fun.

Even nowadays, you can find SC2 betting markets on almost all reputable sportsbooks.

Obviously, you can still bet on offshore sportsbooks, but that’s never a wise choice.

Admittedly, some offshore sportsbooks will offer better betting odds, but the minor differences are not worth the risk.

Only by betting on licensed, regulated, and legal sportsbooks can you ensure the safety of your funds and your personal information.

So while you might be making 5% more profit on an offshore sportsbook, there are no guarantees that you will ever get that money, so you have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

Difference Between Skin Gambling & Real Money Bets

Skin gambling was quite a controversial topic in the world of esports and has completely changed how the esports betting world operates.

The skin betting industry was run by sketchy websites, most of whom were not regulated, and a majority operated illegally.

Skin gambling is still present, but to a much lesser extent, and there are far fewer illegal skin gambling sites than in the past.

If skin betting is your thing, you can still bet on SC2 games with CS:GO and Dota 2 in-game skins, but it’s generally wiser to stick with real-money betting on regulated and legal sportsbooks.