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Toss Winner Betting Odds


Sadonna Price

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Betting on sports in India has become much easier with the rise of online betting sites.

Bettors can access these sites in the comfort of their own homes or via a mobile device, meaning they can bet on their favourite sports whenever and wherever they choose.

Of course, the most popular sport to bet on in India is cricket.

Not only is this the most watched and loved sport in the country, but it has so many different cricket betting markets too.

With all the various formats and tournaments, including the IPL and other exciting leagues, bettors are spoilt for choice.

One of the simplest and most popular bets to place is the toss winner.

We’ll take you through how this works below.

Toss Winner Betting Odds Explained

It doesn’t get any simpler than betting on the toss winner.

Before the match, both teams will take part in a coin toss.

The winning team then chooses whether they will bat or bowl first.

The coin toss is fundamentally a 50/50 bet.

However, this doesn’t mean you will get even odds as the bookie needs to take their margin.

Therefore, you should probably be looking for odds of around 1.90-1.92 for each result as a guide.

To place the bet, simply choose the odds beside the team you think will win the toss, add your stake, and then confirm the bet.

Then it’s just a case of waiting to see which side the coin lands.

The team that wins the coin toss gets the initial advantage as they can take into account factors such as weather and ground conditions to assess whether they will benefit from batting or bowling first.

How much influence the coin toss actually has on the result of the match is debatable.

Studies show that winning the coin toss makes very little difference to winning the match when compared to other factors, for example, playing at your home ground.

However, there are some grounds where, historically, batting first or second has resulted in a slight advantage so some teams will consider this.

You should consider this too in any other bets you wish to make.

Toss Winner1.921.92
Toss Winner & Match Winner3.353.85

Toss Winner Market Overview

The toss winner market in cricket is very popular due to its simplicity.

There’s a 50/50 chance of making a quick profit before the match has started so, for many, it’s worth a punt.

As this is a 50/50 bet, it is never going to deliver the highest odds. It will, however, almost double your stake if you get it right.

For example, if you bet 2,000 INR on toss winner odds of 1.92, this will still give a fairly decent return of 3,840 INR.

To increase the odds further, you can add to this bet by placing a ‘which team wins the toss and the match’ bet.

This is a double bet where you are choosing a team to win both the toss and the match. As there are two variables, it brings bigger odds.

The downside to this bet is that both outcomes have to happen for you to win the bet.

If we take the example of a recent India vs. Australia ODI, we see the difference in odds between the coin toss by itself and the toss winner combined with the match winner.

Toss Winner Betting Rules

There aren’t many rules when it comes to betting on the toss winner because it’s so straightforward, but he’s a quick summary.

Simplicity Is Key

This is a 50/50 bet. There is either outcome A or outcome B, there is no draw and there are no other factors that can influence the outcome.

Just like a coin toss you can do in your own home; the result is completely random.

The Toss Winner/Match Winner Link

Research shows that there is no real advantage when it comes to winning the toss so don’t assume the toss winner will go on to be the match winner.

The toss winner might gain an initial edge, but this is minor in comparison to team form, weather, and ground conditions when it comes to the match result.

It’s Over In A Second

The coin toss happens before the match starts and takes a matter of seconds.

This means that it’s not a great bet to place if you’re looking for sustained excitement throughout the match.

It’s a fun bet to place to start off your wagers, but it is limited, which is why many consider supplementing it with match bets too.

Toss Winner Betting Strategy

Most bets have more chance of success when there is a betting strategy behind them. However, this is less so when it comes to a 50/50 bet.

That said, you may want to consider the following when betting on the toss winner.

Play The Statistics

We all know that a coin toss is 50/50, just like betting black/red or odd/even at a roulette table.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use data to guide your cricket bets.

If you were sat at a roulette table that had a run of five red numbers in a row, then you’d assume that a black number would be on the horizon soon.

Using that strategy, if India has won their last five coin tosses, then a loss might be due.

Increase The Odds

Statistics show that winning the coin toss has no direct correlation with the outcome of the match.

With that in mind, the double ‘toss winner/match winner’ bet is a good option to increase your odds.

In the example we gave earlier of the recent India vs. Australia ODI, the India match winner bet gave odds of 1.80, but the India toss winner and match winner bet gave odds of 3.35.

If you believe India will win, then it is worth throwing in the added 50/50 toss winner element into the bet for the increased odds it brings.


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