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2024 IPL Betting Odds


Sadonna Price

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The Indian Premier League, commonly referred to as the IPL, is the most popular T20 cricket league in the world.

Founded in 2007, the league has grown, not only in popularity and presence but in wealth too, and now attracts enormous levels of interest from sponsors and the sports betting industry.

Made up of ten teams, the race to win the IPL is hotly contested.

The IPL sports betting markets for each match and the overall league is vast and varied.

Online sports betting enables Indian bettors to access these markets from the comfort of their own home and on-the-go and, in doing so, they can enjoy fabulous betting offers and great odds.

Indian Premier League Betting Odds Explained

The T20 format of the Indian Premier League means that the games are quick, high-impact, and attacking by nature.

Each of the ten teams plays seven home games and seven away games meaning there are 70 games to bet on in the league, plus three playoff matches and the final.

With so many matches to bet on, the markets are extensive.

You can take your pick from match betting, player betting, and series betting, and you can place a range of different bets – single bets, handicap betting, and accumulators.

We will take a look at these in further detail below.

When it comes to betting on the Indian Premier League, it’s a good idea to find a sports betting site with a reputation for offering competitive odds.

As with all gambling, high odds usually mean the outcome is not expected and low odds mean the opposite. If you stick to low odds, you have more chance of winning but will profit less.

If you bet on high odds markets, you have less chance of winning but will receive more winnings when you do.

IPL Handicapping

One of the popular markets you can bet on in the Indian Premier League is handicap betting.

It’s a good idea to get familiar with this strategy as it can be quite lucrative and opens up the market options even further.

Handicap betting is used to level out the playing field when you have one dominant factor in play.

The dominant team will be given a ‘handicap’ of either runs or wickets that they have to overcome in order to record a ‘win’.

Say, for example, Gujarat Titans are predicted to beat Delhi Capitals comfortably.

The odds for a GT win will be extremely low and often not worth betting on.

However, in handicap betting, the stronger team, in this case, the Gujarat Titans, is given either a run handicap or a wicket handicap so that the teams are more evenly matched and therefore the result is less predictable.

In the scenario above, if Gujarat Titans are given a handicap of -20 runs, then Delhi Capitals start the game with a +20 run advantage in the handicap betting market.

Similarly, Gujarat Titans could be given a wicket handicap of -2, meaning that, as far as the bet is concerned, they start the game with two wickets already lost.

Handicap betting evens out the advantage and means that prediction markets can become attractive and interesting.

If you are interested in handicap betting, follow these tips for the best success.

Head To Head

Research recent previous results of the two teams playing against each other and use that to assess the level of handicap you think will be best.

Often one team will compete better against a particular team due to the style of play or the strategy used.

Also look at which ground the previous results have come, as some teams might benefit further from home advantage.

Know Your Format

While backing the favourite with a -20.5 run handicap in a T20 match can be a pretty good bet, it may not be a big enough handicap in a 50-over game, so always keep the format in mind.

Longer forms, for example, Test cricket, will require a much bigger handicap due to the extended time at the crease.

Whatever the format, researching previous results will always give you the best tips.

Know The Players

Research is key, so knowing the players and the style of their game can help you decide whether they are able to overcome a potential handicap situation.

For example, one team’s bowling attack may be particularly potent on a slow-turning pitch whilst struggling on faster, flatter surfaces.

Popular Indian Premier League Bets

Knowing which market to bet on and when is the key to making the most of your IPL bets.

There is such a huge variety of betting markets for the Indian Premier League that it is easy to get overwhelmed.

We have picked out a few of the most common bets and summarised these below.

Outright Winner

This refers to the overall winner of a tournament or series. In the case of the IPL, it is who will win the league title.

The best time to place this bet is usually before the league has begun as this gives the best odds.

Do your research about who has bought well in the auction and make your prediction early, avoiding the favourite if you want longer odds.

Top Batsman

Whether you’re trying to pick the top team batsman, the top match batsman, or the top league batsman, then stats are your friend.

Look at the current form of each batsman, the conditions, and the opposition, and assess who you think may come out on top.

Man Of The Match

Here you are betting on which player will be awarded the Man of the Match award at the end of a game.

It is usually a player from the winning team but not always and when it isn’t it can come with some nice odds.

To give you an advantage, look at the recent player form and how they usually perform against that opposition or on that specific pitch.

Toss Winner

There is no strategy to this, it is simply a 50/50 bet on who will win the coin toss at the start of the match.

It can be a popular bet though for that reason.

There is nothing to study or research and no pre-match knowledge is needed, just take your pick and hope that luck is on your side.

Top Wicket Taker

Here you are betting on which bowler will take the most wickets, either in a match or over the IPL season.

Bowlers are momentum players, so if a bowler is performing well, then there is a good chance they may get on a roll.

It is always worth bearing that in mind when making your picks.

Indian Premier League Betting Strategy

We have already looked at one strategy you may use in terms of betting on the IPL in handicap betting.

However, there are a few more that can give you an advantage. We’ll take a look at a few more below.

Early Lines

By doing your research, and keeping up with the player auction as well as team and practice news before the league starts, you may be able to bet on some early lines for the IPL.

As with all betting, the easier a result is to predict, the lower the odds are.

If, however, you can make an early prediction before the league has started, then this maximizes your chances of getting better odds.

Take Over/Under Markets

One of the popular bets is to predict the number of runs the batting team will score.

In the first six overs of the powerplay, only two fielders can be stationed outside the 30-yard circle, so the batting team plays more aggressively.

In this scenario, it is good practice to bet on the ‘over’ market for the first six overs.

You then may want to bet on the ‘under’ market for the first innings.

Use Live Betting

Live Betting can be used to your advantage in a number of ways.

For example, if early wickets are taken, the odds will strongly move toward the bowling team, creating longer odds for the batting team.

As a live bettor, you could place a bet on the batting team at this point and then cash out once the odds start to level again.

You can also take advantage of momentum shifts as they happen.

How To Place A Bet On Indian Premier League

Placing a bet on the Indian Premier League is simple.

The first step is to choose the right sports betting site for you.

We have done the research to help you find the best markets, odds, and offers for IPL sports betting and you can find it here (insert link here?)

  • Choose a sports betting site to join
  • Make sure you check out the welcome bonuses on offer to get the best value
  • Complete a registration form with basic details
  • Verify your account – use the verification code that has been sent to you
  • Make your first deposit – choose which payment method most suits you
  • Navigate to cricket betting on the site and select Indian Premier League
  • Brows through all the markets and odds available
  • Select your chosen bet by clicking on the odds. 
  • Add your chosen stake and confirm the bet.

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