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The Hundred Betting Odds


Sadonna Price

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on.

This is largely due to the range of different markets available as well as the number of matches that take place.

The fact that cricket has many different formats also adds an extra layer of fun.

The markets vary depending on whether it’s a T20, ODI, Hundred or Test Series match so there are plenty of betting opportunities to get stuck into.

The rise of online betting has seen a transformative change in the way people place bets.

Cricket betting used to be reserved for those who could visit actual brick-and-mortar bookmakers.

Now, it is accessible to millions over the internet.

Online betting has substantial benefits.

It is incredibly easy to place bets, it’s convenient and safe, and you can enjoy all the Indian cricket betting markets from the comfort of your home.

Here we will take a look at one of the most popular cricket betting formats – The Hundred.

Cricket The Hundred Betting Odds Explained

The Hundred is an action-packed cricket format comprising two teams going head-to-head with exactly 100 balls each.

As every ball counts, the race to score the most runs results in fast-paced, dynamic and thrilling cricket to watch and bet on.

Taking place in England and Wales, The Hundred only launched in 2021 so it is a fairly new format.

This is both an advantage and disadvantage when it comes to betting odds.

On one hand, bettors can’t rely on years of history, past results or detailed head-to-head data to make their predictions.

However, on the other hand, the bookies can’t either.

This means that it is quite a level playing field when it comes to betting odds and some gems can be found.

It is possible to find some great value bets when it comes to The Hundred betting odds, so do your research and consider looking at handicap betting odds too as this can be extremely profitable.

Cricket The Hundred Market Overview

There are three main markets when it comes to The Hundred betting – pre-tournament, pre-match and live.

Pre-tournament bets can be placed on factors such as tournament winner, top batsman, top bowler or you can predict the finalists.

The best odds are always found before the tournament begins and before the bookies can adjust them according to results.

Pre-match bets are more specific to each individual match. Examples include toss winner, man of the match, match winner or team totals.

Don’t be afraid to try out prop bets which are more detailed but bring much more variety and fun to your betting.

Live betting is when you place bets after the match has started.

This allows you to gather ongoing match data before you place your bet so you can be reactive to things such as weather conditions or team form.

Be aware of changing odds though.

In live betting, it’s important to try to get ahead of the game before the bookie does, hence betting on a fast cricket betting app is key.

Cricket The Hundred Betting Rules

Because the format of The Hundred is so different to other types of cricket, it is essential that you learn the rules fully before placing bets.

This will allow you to place informed bets and make more accurate predictions.

Here we’ll look at three important betting rules to consider when betting on The Hundred.

Bowlers Can Bowl A Maximum Of 20 Balls

You may think that one team will win easily if they have one or two strong bowlers in their attack.

However, each bowler has a maximum of 20 balls, so you need to take this into account as they might not be able to influence the game as much as you think.

25-ball Powerplay At The Start Of Each Innings

Each batting team has a 25-ball powerplay to start their innings. During this time no more than two fielders are permitted to be outside the 30-yard circle.

With little fielding protection on the boundaries, the batting team has a clear advantage, which is something to be aware of when placing your bets.


Each bowling side gets a strategic timeout of up to 90 seconds where the coach can go into the middle of the pitch and discuss or change tactics.

This can alter the direction of a match so it’s worth bearing in mind and potentially placing some live bets if necessary to allow for the difference.

Cricket The Hundred Betting Strategy

Cricket is a complex sport that can be hard to predict.

Results can be impacted by numerous factors and the most successful bettors are those who go into cricket betting with a clear strategy.

Having knowledge of players, grounds, team form, and injuries, plus learning to handicap and place more intricate bets such as accumulators, can give you the edge.

Here we’ll take a look at three basic cricket strategies to consider.

Do Your Research

It is vitally important that you have all the information you can before placing bets.

Is the star batsman carrying an injury?

Does a particular bowler have a history of performing well on the ground?

What happened in the last head-to-head match? These are all questions you should be able to answer before you can confidently place a bet on the outcome.

Go For The Favourites

Choosing the favourites for each match reduces your risk considerably.

However, it won’t pay out the best odds.

If you combine your bets into an accumulator or parlay over several games instead though, you can multiply your odds and bag yourself a bigger payout.

You can also use handicap betting effectively, which enables you to still bet on the favourites but at much better odds.

Follow The Advice Of Tipsters

There are plenty of betting experts online who will share their cricket predictions.

Obviously, you can’t guarantee that they will get it right all the time, but it is worth considering their advice considering it is their job to do all of the research and know their stuff.

You can use these as a guide when betting on markets you may not know or to back up your own research.


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