Best Sites For Betting Odds

Best Sites For Betting Odds

Sportsbooks have an advantage, it is called the juice or vig. Sports gamblers know this and to be a successful long term they must overcome it.

Don’t get me wrong, gamblers have a lot of advantages as well. Sportsbooks only set the odds, but ultimately it is the bettor who gets to decide if they are accurate and it is the bettor who gets to decide which side they are going to wager on.

One of the best ways a sports bettor can overcome the juice is to shop around and find their best odds hence sports betting odds comparison is a key to a long betting career.

As sports gambling continues to legalize across the US and Canada, a sports bettor has more options than ever before on where they can place a bet.

Top Sites For Odds Comparison

OddscheckerVery easy to navigateToo much information
Tips and insights on upcoming gamesNo info on prop bets
Reports clearly lay out how money is betNot focused on game previews
BestOddsGame analyticsSharps may find it basic
Focused on player propsLayout needs improvement
Best available odds comparison featureLimited sports odds offering
OddspediaInteresting bets feature optionNo expert tips
The value bets feature help identify betsLimited bonus opportunities
Dropping odds feature highlighting movesLimited sportsbooks offering
EasyOddsNovelty oddsUK centric focus
Easy odds comparisonNo betting previews
Dedicate betting tipstersConfusing homepage layout
OddsportalIn-play odds featureNo expert tips
Bets and dropping odds functionalityConfusing homepage layout
Previous results and history databaseLimited bonus opportunities
OddsSharkTrue industry leaderNo expert tips
Well laid out interfaceNo info on prop bets
Detailed odds movement and historyConfusing homepage layout

Different sportsbooks have different odds for almost every game or event on the board. One of the biggest advantages a sports gambler has is the ability to handicap a game and then shop around to find their best available odds.

There are many different websites that specialize in odds comparison, making it even easier for a sports bettor to find their Best Odds.

Below we list our favorite odds comparison sites.


Oddschecker was established in 1999 and has been a great resource for over 20+ years. Sports bettors are immediately drawn to their clean and informative website layout. provides odds, insight, and expertise for all major sports betting markets and should be considered a great tool for sports bettors of all skill levels and expertise.


  • The website design is very easy to navigate, very well organized and has lots of direct links to almost all of the major sportsbooks and their latest bonus offers.
  • Their market report clearly lays out for bettors how the overall money is being bet, which odds are reducing and which odds are climbing higher.
  • Oddschecker dedicates a large portion of their website to provide tips and insights on upcoming games, helping gamblers make more informed decisions.


  • They provide a lot of information and it’s hard for a user to fully grasp everything going on.
  • Oddschecker is not focused on providing individual game previews or a lot of statistics and analytics for gamblers who are handicapping an event.
  • Oddschecker doesn’t focus a lot of time or energy on prop bets and player prop bets. The majority of their content is game or event driven.


BestOdds has a clear focus on providing value and insight to their end-users and is trying to differentiate themselves in this crowded space by putting the bettor and their needs first. is generating a lot of informative content for all major sporting events of interest. Already they have relationships with all the major US sportsbooks and do a great job of laying out the Best Odds available for bettors to easily compare sportsbooks and shop around.


  • Provide a lot of informative content and game statistics that help bettors with their handicapping of an event.
  • BestOdds does a great job of allowing their end users to shop for the best available odds and the best available bonuses with all the major sportsbooks.
  • BestOdds provides information on a huge amount of player props and aren’t limited to just game odds like many of the other sites mentioned.


  • BestOdds is still working on their overall website layout and design. Until they take the next step with their site, users will have to hunt to find all the valuable information they provide.
  • For those who are looking for tipsters and hardcore betting advice, BestOdds is not your best solution. Instead they are focused on providing information and tools that allow gamblers to form their own opinions.
  • As the newest site on our list, BestOdds is still expanding their odds offering. Currently they cover the major US sporting leagues, but have not yet expanded to cover some of the tier 2 sporting events many bettors are looking for.

Odds Shark

Odds Shark, offshore sportsbooks, is a leader when it comes to providing real-time odds information and providing the most up-to-date odds for all upcoming events. has a great understanding of what the North American sports bettor is looking for and provides line movement, history, and a ton of information to help sports bettors make informed decisions.


  • Truly an industry leader when it comes to providing up to date live odds for upcoming events.
  • Each sport and event is laid out in an easy to find section, and has a lot of information and details that will help bettors looking to handicap a specific game.
  • Odds movement, odds history and game day previews are very detailed and helpful for gamblers of all skill levels and expertise.


  • Odds Shark is more focused on providing information that allow gamblers to make their own decisions and doesn’t provide a lot of expert tips for their users.
  • Their landing page has a lot of news stories and information that doesn’t necessarily pertain to sports gambling and although it can be interesting, it doesn’t always focus on sports betting topics.
  • Odds Shark also doesn’t provide game prop or player prop information or odds for bettors who enjoy their prop bets.


Oddspedia is not only a great tool for providing updated and accurate odds comparison from all major sportsbooks, it is also designed in a way that allows users to easily navigate and find the information they are looking for. is more than an odds comparison site, it provides some great tools for gamblers looking for an edge against the bookmakers.


  • Their sure bets feature allows users to find opportunities to bet both sides of a match and guarantee themselves a profit. Although these opportunities are rare and can quickly disappear, it is a very interesting feature.
  • The dropping odds feature highlights odds that have recently moved and allows their users to find value by identifying sportsbooks who are slow to adjust their odds.
  • The value bets feature tries to provide opportunities for bettors to wager on a game where there is positive value with the current odds being offered at a particular book.


  • They focus on only a few of the top sportsbooks and don’t have the same amount of odds to compare as some of the other sites on our list.
  • Because they a working with only a handful of the key bookmakers, they don’t have the same amount of bonus opportunities for bettors
  • Oddspedia does not have their own tipsters inhouse and don’t introduce their users to those providing tips and expert advice.

Easy Odds

Easy Odds is a longtime odds comparison site with roots originating in the UK sports betting market. has some great member features including the ability to set up alerts and be notified when odds reach a specific number.

There is lots of information for users to consume, providing tips and insights on a lot of the major sporting events going on all across the world.


  • Allow for easy odds comparison for many different sports, including popular UK sports like local horse racing, darts and european football.
  • Easy Odds has dedicated tipsters for their sports and allows their users to become familiar with these regular contributors.
  • They will also provide unique and interesting odds for unusual non-sporting events like the Royal Family and World Politics.


  • A busy homepage can make it a little difficult to navigate and find the information you are looking for.
  • Focused mainly on the UK punters, lacking a lot of information for some major North American sports.
  • Don’t provide many stats and previews that allow bettors to do their own handicapping of an event.


Oddsportal allows its users the chance to odds compare and shop for odds provided by over 60 different sportsbooks across the globe. provides odds for a full range of sporting events and isn’t focused on any one particular market or geographical area. This site provides a great mix of up-to-date odds and useful tools for their users to access at no cost.


  • Oddsportal does a great job of providing in-play odds for those bettors who like to make bets on an event that is currently underway.
  • They do a great job of providing very useful tools like sure bets and dropping odds, providing good value for their users.
  • Oddsportal has an archived results section that will help their users who are handicapping an event by researching previous results and history.


  • The layout and design of Oddsportal is not as clean and easy to navigate as some of the other sites we have reviewed
  • Oddsportal does not focus on providing top bonus and free bet opportunities for their users, instead it’s all about game day odds and betting lines.
  • There are no in-house tipsters providing their own knowledge and perspective on upcoming games for users to bet.

How Does Odds Comparison Work?

Sports betting odds comparison tools allow a sports bettor to easily and clearly compare the prices for a sporting event so that as a sports bettor we are able to identify which odds are the best option for the wager we want to make.

There are many great odds comparison websites available today that allow a bettor to see all of the odds being offered on any given sporting event.

Most of these sites will provide at least 8-10 different sportsbooks and show their updated odds on specific games.

As a sports bettor, we now have the option to select which odds work best for us and select which sportsbook we want to place a bet with.

Odds comparison and the availability to shop for the best possible price is maybe the single biggest advantage a sports bettor has over the sportsbooks.

What Are The Benefits Of Odds Comparison?

The benefits of comparing odds are obvious. As consumers, we regularly shop around for the best prices on almost all the products we buy in our day-to-day life.

Sports betting is no different. By comparing odds and shopping around for the best available prices, sports bettors can earn an additional 10-15% of the profit.

If we use an NFL game as an example a sports bettor can compare odds on the point spread being offered.

Some sportsbooks are forced to move the spread because of the number of bets they have taken on one side, while other sportsbooks will remain firm on an opening number.

In this situation, a sports bettor now has different point spread options to select from and can choose the number that works best for their preferred bet.

In that same NFL game, maybe a bettor wants to play the moneyline instead of the point spread.

Again, by comparing odds from different sportsbooks, a bettor can identify the moneyline that gives them the best available payout for the wager they want to make.

The benefits of comparing odds in sports betting are obvious. Bettors are able to select the best available point spreads or the best available moneylines, either increasing their odds of winning a bet or ensuring the best possible payout.

Sportsbooks With The Best Odds

$1,000 No Sweat First Bet
  • Only new members of FanDuel can access the deal.
  • Players must be 21 or older to register.
  • A minimum deposit is not listed. Contact support to confirm how much to add.
  • Example: Deposit $50 and place a bet. Lose the wager and earn $50 in bonus cash.
  • Bonus funds will be placed in the player account within 72 hours of the bet closing.
Bet $5 Win $200 For NFL Games
  • Players must be 21 years of age or older
  • A minimum deposit of $5 is required.
  • Example: Deposit $200 and receive $40 in bonus funds.
  • The bonus cash will be released to the player’s account in $1 increments with every $25 wagered.
Offer Pending | Bet At BetMGM Sportsbook
  • Open to players 21 years of age or older
  • One deal per customer.
  • Wager at least $100 with minimum odds of -200.
  • Example: Place a wager of $100 or more with qualifying odds, and Caesars provides a $150 NBA Store gift card.
  • The gift card arrives via email within seven days of the wager closing.
Bet $10 Win $200
  • Open to new players of BetMGM
  • Players must be 21 years of age or older to participate.
  • Deposit $10 or more to claim.
  • Example: Place a qualifying wager of $100 and lose the bet. The sportsbook will provide $100 in bonus cash to your account.
  • Bonus funds are added once the first bet settles.
$500 Free Bet
  • Only new players with new accounts can access the bonus.
  • This offer is good for the first deposit with $10 or more required.
  • Example: Deposit $20 and receive $20 in bonus funds.
  • The bonus cash is added to the account within 48 hours of claiming the deal.