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Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In NY

Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In NY

Sports betting is alive and kicking in New York State, with plenty of options for bettors. Currently, players can access retail sports betting with mobile options on the way. Easily bet on the NFL, NBA, MLB, and a host of other sports leagues.

As a NY gambler, it is essential to know your betting options and how to get help if you feel like you may have an addiction. In the state, regulators offer a self-exclusion program where players can cut off access to land-based sports betting.

Most players have no idea that this list exists or how to add their name to it. The process is simple and helps bettors take a break and get help for an addiction or stop poor spending habits.

Check out more about the process below to help yourself or a loved one to exclude from betting in New York.

How Do I Get On A Self-Exclusion List In New York?

Only a few steps are needed to self-exclude from sports betting in New York State. Once you complete the process, you will not be allowed to participate in any type of gambling.

  • Complete the following form:
  • Fill out the form with personal information, including details about your physical appearance
  • Choose a minimum self-exclusion period
  • Sign and acknowledge the areas of the document.
  • Attach an image to the paperwork as stated in the application.
  • Have the document notarized
  • Send the document to: New York State Gaming Commission Director of Education & Community Relations PO Box 7500 Schenectady, New York 12301-7500

What Will Happen After I Sign Up For A Self-exclusion List?

After you sign up for self-exclusion, you will be barred from accessing sports betting and casino gaming for the time allotted. This includes video lottery gaming, commercial casino gaming, off-track betting, and horse racing.

How Do I Get Off A Self-exclusion List In New York?

New York state laws say that the individual should be removed from the list once the exclusion period has ended.

Contact the Gaming Commission as the period draws to a close to ensure you do not need to take any additional steps.

Will Happen After I Get Off A Self-exclusion List?

After you are no longer on the list, you are free to visit any gambling facility in the state.

Self-Exclusion FAQ

How Do You Find Out If You Are Banned From A Sportsbook?

This happens automatically after you fill out the application and the Gaming Commission approves it.

How Do I Block Myself From Gambling Sites?

Online sports betting has yet to launch in New York State. Once it does, players should have a form of self-exclusion.

Most operators provide a way for players to self-exclude, though it may be for shorter periods of time when compared to regulators.

Long Will I Be On The Self-Exclusion List?

You can choose to ban yourself from gaming in New York for one year, three years, five years, or a lifetime. 

Struggling with a gambling problem? Learn more about how to get help.