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New Hampshire Sports Betting

New Hampshire Sports Betting


Sadonna Price

Updated: Jun 25, 2024

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Once the Supreme Court gave states the green light to adopt sports betting, New Hampshire became the 16th state to legalize the industry. Governor Christopher T. Sununu, who was influential in bringing sports betting to the state, placed the first sports wager.

Unlike other states where you have to be 21 years old to place a bet, New Hampshire’s limit is 18 years, so more players have access to sports betting. Both online and retail wagering is available, but DraftKings has exclusive rights in the state.

If you are based in New Hampshire or want to place bets in the state, there is a lot more that you need to know regarding sports betting. So read on for a detailed review of sports betting in New Hampshire.

Pros & Cons Of Betting On Sports In New Hampshire


  • Availability of both land-based and online sportsbooks.
  • Bettors can wager on college events.
  • Availability of live betting.
  • Horse betting and daily fantasy sports are both legal.
  • Users can register remotely.


  • DraftKings has exclusive rights to mobile betting.
  • The state takes a 51% cut as part of DraftKings’ partnership with the NH lottery.
  • DraftKings’ monopoly in the state means that there are very few retail sportsbooks.
  • There is still a lot of competition from illegal offshore sportsbooks.

Would We Bet On Sports At New Hampshire Online Sportsbooks?

Yes, we would! Online betting is legal in New Hampshire. Bettors can place bets online, but, currently, DraftKings is the only online sportsbook that is permitted to operate within the state.

Despite DraftKings’ monopoly, we would still place sports bets in New Hampshire. DraftKings is a well-respected sports betting operator and is one of the best sportsbooks in the country. 

So you get a wide variety of sports betting options and you can also bet on pro and college sports as well.

However, we do hope that a few other sportsbooks enter the market in the near future. As per their deal, the state can allow more operators to enter the fray, which would in turn mean that DraftKings pays less in taxes. 

While this may not be ideal for the state, it would give Granite Staters more betting options. Such a move would also ensure that there is a healthy amount of competition that would end up benefiting the state’s sports bettors.

How To Sign Up At A Betting Site

If you’re new to sports betting, you may be wondering how you can sign up at a betting site. 

Fortunately, the registration process is a straightforward one, so you won’t have any hassles when you try to sign up at a New Hampshire betting site.

So if you want to sign up, you first need to go to the sportsbook’s website or app. Once there, look for a join, register, or sign up button. 

When you click on that button, the sportsbook will redirect you to a page where you have to provide the following information:

  • A username and password.
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your date of birth
  • Details of your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your Social Security number, or the last four digits
  • A promo code (this is optional)

Once you’ve provided the sportsbook with all the above information, the book will use e-verification to crosscheck everything. 

This simply means that all the information that you’ve entered will be cross-checked with relevant databases to ensure that everything that you’ve entered matches with public records. 

Sometimes, a betting site may request that you upload documents so that they can manually verify your account. In such cases, you may need to provide copies of government-issued documents if you wish to be fully verified. 

Verification will often take a few hours to one day, but the time span can be shorter or longer depending on the betting site’s customer support team.

Even though betting sites have different sections, once you sign up on the site, you gain access to all of the site’s different verticals. 

So let’s say that you sign up on a betting site that has a sportsbook, daily fantasy sports, and horse racing—your betting account gives you access to all three.

If you try to create another account on a betting site, you may land in trouble because all operators state that a user can have no more than one account.

If you want to stay on the safe side, you should use the account that you already have instead of signing up for another one.


For you to place sports bets, you need to be within New Hampshire’s boundaries. To ensure that you’re within the state, online sportsbooks use a location validator that is known as GeoComply.

GeoComply uses a combination of complex algorithms to decipher a bettor’s true location. So even if you try to mask your location using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), GeoComply will still be able to see that you’re using a VPN.

If you’re using a desktop or personal computer to place bets, you’ll need to download the GeoComply plugin. On the other hand, if you’re using your mobile to place bets, you don’t need to download an app but you need to ensure that your phone’s location services have been enabled.

It’s important to note that most online betting sites will allow you to surf their sites even if you aren’t within state boundaries, but you’ll need to be within the state if you want to place real-money wagers.

Sports Betting Apps

With the technology available to us nowadays, we can do everything from the palm of our hands, and this includes placing sports bets. 

Nowadays, all betting operators have mobile apps that allow bettors to place bets on the go with ease. Additionally, sports betting apps are available on Android and iOS devices, so you can place sports bets using your preferred device.

So instead of having to use a desktop to place bets like in the olden days, you can unlock your phone and place a sports bet in just a few seconds without even breaking a sweat.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting apps are the most popular way to access sports betting services among sports fans. With an app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to place a bet.

Operator apps allow you to make bets on the go, no matter where you are in New Hampshire. Services are provided via iOS and Android devices, making it easy for all mobile users to access betting lines.

Pros & Cons Of Sports Betting Apps


  • Sports betting apps are convenient and allow you to bet from anywhere.
  • You can live stream sports events on some sports betting apps.
  • You can withdraw directly from the app.
  • Sports betting apps have user-friendly interfaces and are extremely easy to use.
  • Betting via mobile helps you minimize transport costs by betting at home .


  • Smaller screens  may not be ideal for a number of bettors.
  • You always need an internet connection to place bets.
  • Mobile betting can easily lead to addiction.
  • Some sports betting apps may not be compatible with some older devices.
  • Smaller buttons can be restrictive and can easily lead to wrong selections.

The following are some of New Hampshire’s top sports betting apps:

DraftKings Sportsbook App 

The DraftKings app partnered with the New Hampshire state lottery and is currently the state’s sole online sportsbook. 

DraftKings was founded in 2012—its core focus then was daily fantasy sports, but it has now grown to become one of the top sports betting operators in the country. When you sign up at DraftKings, you can expect a number of outstanding features. 

This includes a great welcome bonus, live betting, and a wide variety of sports that will please your betting appetite.

FanDuel Sportsbook App

FanDuel doesn’t have a sportsbook in the Granite State, but you can still enjoy the company’s flagship product—daily fantasy sports. 

FanDuel is one of the top fantasy sports providers and is DraftKings’ main competitor. If the state lottery allows other sports betting operators to join the market, you can bet that FanDuel is going to be one of them. 

BetMGM Sportsbook App 

The BetMGM app is also another operator that could join the New Hampshire market in the near future. BetMGM, which is from the respected MGM brand, is a top-notch sportsbook that also has several great features. 

Once the sportsbook lands in the state, you can expect a slick app, live betting, and a unique rewards program.

How To Fund Your Betting Account

Funding your betting account is an easy process. We are going to show you how you can easily deposit and withdraw funds.

If you wish to make a deposit, here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Log in to your sports betting account.
  • Tap on the ‘Cashier’ button and then select the ‘Deposit’ option.
  • Select the method that you prefer to use and the amount that you wish to deposit.
  • The sportsbook will give you some directions that you’re supposed to follow.
  • Once you follow the instructions/prompt, the funds will be added to your betting account.

If you wish to withdraw your winnings, here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Log in to your sports betting account.
  • Click on the ‘Cashier’ option.
  • Click on ‘Withdrawal’.
  • Choose the withdrawal method that you prefer to use.
  • Input the amount that you want to cash out.
  • If a prompt pops up, just follow the instructions that you see on the screen.
  • The site will confirm the transaction and the funds will be transferred to your account within either a few hours or a few days, depending on your chosen withdrawal method.

Online Sportsbook Payment Process

In New Hampshire, you have access to the best and most convenient payment methods. So you can opt for your preferred payment method, and you’ll still be able to access your funds.

If you wish to deposit funds into your sports betting account, here are some methods that you can use:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash at casino cage
  • ACH eCheck
  • Play+ prepaid card
  • Skrill

There may be fewer withdrawal options, but the available methods will still cater to a wide variety of bettors. So if you wish to make a withdrawal, here are the available methods that you can use to cash out your funds:

  • PayPal
  • Play+ Prepaid Cards
  • Check by mail
  • Cash at casino cage
  • ACH/e-check
  • Skrill

How Do Sports Betting Sign Up Offers Work?

Sportsbooks use sign up offers to attract customers. Sign up offers are usually reserved for new bettors. 

When you sign up at a betting site, you’ll always get the advertised offer. Just make sure that you meet the book’s terms and conditions and that you also keenly follow the sportsbook’s instructions.

Sign up offers are great because you get an extra amount for simply signing up, and that’s why we always encourage bettors to claim offers whenever they come across them.

We’re going to discuss the three most common signup offers down below.

First Deposit Offer

In a first deposit offer, the sportsbook matches the very first amount that you deposit, and it’s usually a 100% match. For example, DraftKings has a 100% first deposit match up to $1,500. So if your first deposit is worth $500, DraftKings will give you a bonus of $500.

No Deposit Offer

Of the three sign up offers, no deposit offers are the rarest. This is because, in this type of offer, a sportsbook will give you a bonus without requiring any sort of financial commitment from you. Essentially, a no deposit bonus allows you to play with the bookies’ money.

Risk-Free Bet

With risk-free bets, the very first wager that you place on a betting site is usually insured. So if you happen to place a wager and lose, the sportsbook will reimburse you with the amount that you used to place that first bet. 

So let’s say that your first wager is a $350 NFL bet that unluckily ends up being a losing ticket, in the case of a risk-free bet, the sportsbook will give you a bonus worth $350 that you can use on a different wager.

Keep in mind that unless stated, only your first-ever wager is insured by a risk-free bet. Additionally, if that first wager is a win or a push, you won’t receive a bonus since you didn’t suffer a loss.

Where Can I Place A Bet In New Hampshire?

Aside from placing a sports bet online, bettors can also place bets at one of the several New Hampshire retail sportsbooks. 

So if you prefer the old-school atmosphere that retail sportsbooks offer, you can physically go to the following sportsbooks:

  • The Brook – DraftKings Sportsbook at the Brook
  • Filotimo Casino and Restaurant – DraftKings Sportsbook at Manchester

New Hampshire Sports Betting Laws And Tax Rates

Sports betting was legalized in New Hampshire on July 12, 2019, after Gov. Sununu signed a bill into law that legalized the activity. 

Sports betting went live at the end of that year on December 30, 2019, when the state’s first sports bet was placed by Gov. Sununu. Anyone who is 18 years or older can take part in the activity.

DraftKings has exclusive rights in the state thanks to the operator’s partnership with the New Hampshire lottery. Because of this partnership, DraftKings pays a hefty sum to the state—51% of revenue from online betting and 50% of revenue from retail wagers. 

However, as per the deal, if other operators enter the state, DraftKings will end up paying less in taxes.