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Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In ME

Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In ME

Sports betting is an exciting pastime that players across the United States enjoy.

Sports betting adds an extra element to games, as sports fans wager on their favorite teams or players. Bettors need to be aware that with wagering, there is a risk of harm.

Problem gambling is a real issue and knowing how to tackle it personally is key to responsible gambling.

In Maine, players have access to a self-exclusion list that allows individuals to be barred from gambling for an extended period.

Additional resources can be used for problem gambling treatment if needed.

At BestOdds, we want our readers to stay safe and know how to seek help.

Please read our guide below to learn more about the self-exclusion program offered in the Maine sports betting market.

How Do I Get On A Self-Exclusion List In New Maine?

The self-exclusion process in Maine is simple to complete.

Players must visit the Maine Gambling Control Unit, Hollywood Casino, or Oxford Casino to complete paperwork.

The AdCare Educational Institute can also provide additional insight into locations that may be closer to your area. Call 207-626-3615 to learn more.

Sign up for self-exclusion in the following manner:

  • Visit one of the locations listed above.
  • Read and sign the State of Main Gambling Control Board Self-Exclusion Request Form and Self-Exclusion Waiver of Liability.
  • The facility staff will take your picture and obtain a copy of your driver’s license or other photo ID type.
  • Staff members will supply you with resources and information for problem gambling help.

What Will Happen After I Sign Up For A Self-exclusion List?

After you sign up for self-exclusion, you are not allowed inside gambling facilities in Maine.

If your name is on the list and you enter a casino, you can be arrested for trespassing. Any wins you may earn while playing sports betting while on the list will be forfeited.

The goal is to keep individuals on the list from visiting such facilities and avoid any further harm.

How Do I Get Off A Self-exclusion List In Maine?

If you want to be removed from the list, you must first complete the selected time frame.

If you choose to be self-excluded for life, a request can be made for removal. However, the individual must have been on the list for five years.

Send a written request for removal to the Director of the Gambling Control Board for consideration. If approved, your name is removed from the list.

What Will Happen After I Get Off A Self-exclusion List?

Signing up for self-exclusion is a serious step, and regulators expect every person on the list to adhere to restrictions.

Once your name is removed from the self-exclusion list, you are free to gamble once again.

Your personal information will no longer be stored on the list, so you are allowed to visit casinos and sportsbooks.

If you follow the rules and are removed, gambling is open to you once again. Though, officials recommend caution when gambling to avoid going on the list a second time.

Self-Exclusion FAQ

How do you find out if you are banned from a casino?

Once you add your name to a self-exclusion list, you are banned from a casino and its sportsbook.

The information you submit via registration is immediately sent to the Gambling Control Board.

The information is then sent out to local casinos and sportsbooks.

You can choose to contact gambling facilities in Maine after you sign up to ensure they have your personal information.

How Do I Block Myself From Gambling Sites?

The process for self-exclusion from gambling sites in Maine has not been finalized yet.

We expect it will be connected to the retail process in the state. Once launched, individual operators may also offer self-exclusion options per site.

If you participate in online gambling once it is offered in the state and need assistance with self-exclusion, contact your provider’s support team.

Support should be able to offer you solutions at the site to take a break from gaming.

How Long Will I Be On The Self-Exclusion List?

In Maine, players can choose to self-exclude for one year, three years, five years, or a lifetime.

Each individual can choose the time frame for exclusion.

Struggling with a gambling problem? Learn more about how to get help.