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Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In IA

Self-Exclusion From Sports Betting In IA

Iowa began offering full-service sports betting in late 2019, with options for online and retail wagering.

Dozens of sportsbooks offer services in the state, each under the watchful eye of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

As part of the legalization of sports betting, Iowa regulators added a self-exclusion program for players needing a break from services. Players need to learn more about this program in order to know how to cut off online and land-based play access.

Iowa offers several ways to self-exclude, including in-person and via mail. This voluntary program allows players to exclude from sports betting services to avoid a significant gambling problem.

Learn more about the program below, including how long self-exclusion lasts and the proper steps to get started.

How Do I Get On A Self-Exclusion List In Iowa?

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) makes it easy for sports bettors to self-exclude. You can enroll by mail with the IRGC Des Moines office, the Iowa Gambling Treatment Program, and a state-licensed gambling facility.

Below are steps to take with each option if you wish to enroll:

  • By Mail: Download and fill out the enrollment form. Fill out as much as you can, but do not sign the form. Add a copy of your drivers’ license or a state ID. A recent photo must also be included. Take the form to a notary public and sign the form in their presence. Once the form is notarized and signed, mail it to: Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission, 1300 Des Moines St., Ste. 100, Des Moines, IA 50309-5508
  • IRGC Enrollment: To enroll with the IRGC, you need to call the office and make an appointment. Contact the office at 515-281-7352 from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Bring an ID to the appointment, and you will receive assistance in filling out the self-exclusion form. 
  • IGTP Agency Enrollment: Visit this link to find an Iowa Gambling Treatment Provider near you: Once you locate an agency, go to the facility and bring a valid ID. You will need a recent photo and the self-exclusion form. A representative will help you fill out the form and complete the process. The form must be mailed to the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission. 
  • Licensed Casino or Racetrack Enrollment: You can also enroll at a casino or racetrack that is licensed in the state. Visit a facility, and a representative will help you fill out the form. Bring a valid ID.

What Will Happen After I Sign Up For A Self-Exclusion List?

With enrollment, you agree to a five-year or a lifetime ban. Upon enrollment, you are not allowed to gamble at a casino, racetrack, online sports betting site, or fantasy sports site. You agree not to enter into a facility that is licensed for gaming. If you enter a licensed property, you may face trespassing charges.

How Do I Get Off A Self-Exclusion List In Iowa?

Individuals who enroll for five years will be automatically removed after the time frame ends. You are not allowed to be removed from the list until the time has ended.

What Will Happen After I Get Off A Self-Exclusion List?

Your name will no longer be listed, and you are free to visit physical gambling locations or take part in online sports betting.

Self-Exclusion FAQ

How Do You Find Out If You Are Banned From A Casino?

If you follow the self-exclusion process, then you will automatically be banned from casinos. You can contact the Commission to ensure your information was placed on the registry to confirm.

How Do I Block Myself From Gambling Sites?

Follow the procedure for self-exclusion, and you will be blocked from online sports betting sites. You can also contact individual operators to see if they offer self-exclusion.

How Long Will I Be On The Self-Exclusion List?

Iowa allows players to self-exclude for five years or a lifetime.

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