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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

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Some bettors prefer point spreads, while others cling to game totals.

Despite the recent popularity of both markets, there’s a more popular and simpler wagering alternative that’s withstood the test of time: moneyline wagers.

For bettors who are unsure of what a moneyline wager is, it’s simply a bet where you predict the outright winner of a game or event.

Unlike point spreads, winning margins are irrelevant in this market, which makes them more lucrative to bettors seeking an easy wagering alternative.

You’ll find moneyline wagers in almost every major online sportsbook. This includes Hard Rock, the primary focus of our betting guide.

Below, we’ll show you how to place moneyline wagers on the Hard Rock sports betting app.

We’ll also cover some indispensable moneyline wagering strategies that will help elevate your football betting to the next level.

If you’re interested in any of these, read on!

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How To Bet Moneyline On Hard Rock Sportsbook

To be able to place any type of wager on Hard Rock Sportsbook, including moneyline wagers, you must be a registered and verified member.

With an easy sign-up procedure, signing up on Hard Rock should be a hassle-free process for new users.

For bettors who prefer to bet via mobile, the site has a native app that you can download and use to place wagers.

If you’d rather use your desktop/PC, simply navigate to the official Hard Rock desktop site and register from there.

Once you sign up, the site will reward you with a welcome bonus—you don’t need a promo code to claim this offer.

Placing A Moneyline Bet At Hard Rock

Once you’ve registered and verified your new Hard Rock betting account, you can freely place as many wagers as you wish.

If you’re looking to place a moneyline wager, simply stick to this simplified procedure:

  • Sign up for the app.
  • Use your Hard Rock login details to sign in.
  • Select football from the listed sports and jump to the NFL games.
  • Choose your desired game.
  • To bet on your chosen team, simply click on the odds under the moneyline tab.
  • Scroll over to the bet slip.
  • Enter the amount you feel comfortable risking on this wager.
  • Ensure that your selection is accurate by going over your bet slip.
  • Finally, submit your wager and wait for the results.

What Is An NFL Moneyline Bet?

Though there are many different types of wagers available to football bettors nowadays, none are as basic or straightforward as moneyline bets.

In this type of wager, all you’re required to do is predict the outright winner of a game or event. If you select a team and they win their game, your bet will be marked as a winner.

Moneyline wagers purely hinge on odds. If a team has high odds, its chances of winning the game will be meager.

The opposite also happens to be true; a team with low odds has a greater probability of emerging victorious.

If a team is a favorite—i.e., its chances of winning the game are high—it will always have a minus (-) sign in front of its odds.

For an underdog, a lesser favored team, the symbol preceding its odds will always be a plus (+) sign.

Here’s a perfect example:

  • New England Patriots (+130)
  • Miami Dolphins (-154)

Between the two teams, the Dolphins are clearly the ones with the lower odds and are therefore the favorites.

However, you stand to win more if you choose to back the New England Patriots.

What Is 3 Way Moneyline In NFL?

Most sportsbooks offer 2-way moneylines.

However, 3-way moneylines are also popular, especially in sports like soccer where games often end in ties.

Intriguingly, sportsbooks still offer the 3-way moneyline market to NFL bettors, even though ties are highly uncommon in the sport.

In this 3-way market, as you’d expect, bettors have the additional option of betting on a tie, which spices things up even more.

Since ties are only possible during the regular season, sportsbooks only consider regulation time when grading postseason games.

For instance, let’s say you back a specific team on the three-way moneyline during the postseason. At the end of the regular period, the score is still tied, meaning that overtime will be needed.

If the team you backed wins in overtime, your wager will be settled as a loss since the score was tied at the end of regulation time.

However, if you had instead chosen the 2-way moneyline market, this wager would have been a winner.

What Does – / + Mean In Moneyline?

As previously mentioned, moneyline bets always have a minus (-) or plus (+) symbol right before the numerical odds value.

Here’s the simple rule of thumb: favorites always have a minus symbol, while the less favored team—simply known as the underdog—will have a plus symbol leading the odds.

Here’s a simple example of what we mean:

  • Baltimore Ravens (-200)
  • New York Jets (+165)

If you risk $100 on the Baltimore Ravens with the above odds, you’ll walk away with a $50 profit should they emerge victorious.

This will give you a total payout of $150.

On the flip side, if you choose to back the New York Jets with the same stake ($100), you’ll win $165 if the team from New York wins the game outright.

With this wager, you’ll receive a total payout of $265.

Evidently, bettors can win more by backing the underdog.

What Does No Juice Mean In Moneyline?

Juice is a common term used in the sports betting world.

Essentially, the word refers to the cut that the bookies take when they accept action on your wager.

Juice is harder to spot in moneyline bets, but it’s pretty easy to pinpoint in point spreads and game totals.

If you’ve ever noticed, in most spreads and totals, both sides of the wager always have odds of -110.

These markets should be priced at +/-100, but since the book has to include its cut, the odds are lowered to -110.

You can lower the juice by taking advantage of no juice or reduced juice offers, which are commonly offered by a few sportsbooks.

For instance, you can use such an offer to boost the odds of the New York Jets from +165 to +180.

Though it’s rare, a book can equally price both teams at +100; this is known as a no juice moneyline.

Does Moneyline Include Overtime Play?

Most of the major sportsbooks include overtime play when settling two-way moneyline wagers.

The rules differ if it’s a 3-way moneyline. In regular season games, overtime will almost always be considered.

But if it’s a postseason game, overtime will be overlooked and the standard regulation time will be used to settle your wager.

What Happens To A Moneyline Bet When An NFL Game Ties?

If you’ve backed a team on the two-way moneyline market and the game ends in a tie, the sportsbook will grade your bet as a push, giving you a refund.

If the moneyline bet was on the 3-way moneyline market, only bettors who’d predicted a tie will win their wagers.

NFL Moneyline Betting Rules At Hard Rock

We’ve already brushed through most of Hard Rock’s standard moneyline betting rules.

In summary, when you place a moneyline wager, all you’re doing is predicting the most probable winner of the game.

If your prediction turns out to be accurate, Hard Rock will grade your wager as a win.

Overtime will always be included when grading bets placed on the 2-way moneyline market, unless Hard Rock explicitly states otherwise.

This simply means you’ll be guaranteed a refund if a regular season game ends in a tie.

Moneyline Calculator

A moneyline calculator is a handy tool that’s used for several things.

The most basic use of a moneyline calculator is to gauge a team’s implied probability. This will help you know how likely it is for a team to win their game.

On top of this, you can use this tool to check your potential winnings.

Bettors can also use a moneyline calculator to convert odds into other different formats.

For instance, if the American odds format isn’t your cup of tea, a moneyline calculator will help you see the odds in other varying formats, i.e., the decimal or fractional odds format.

NFL Moneyline Betting Strategy

Instead of blindly placing football wagers, you can take your handicapping skills to the next level by incorporating several handy tips and strategies.

To help you out, we’ve listed a few helpful moneyline betting strategies:

Pick Underdogs Wisely

Sure, underdogs may have insane odds, but how many of these teams will end up winning their games?

Rather than picking random teams with massive odds and hoping for the best, you can kick things up a notch by selecting underdogs that are more likely to cash in.

For instance, teams with home-field advantage—especially ones with +3 or less on the spread—have a greater chance of winning their games.

Avoid Heavy Favorites

It’s easy to assume that a heavy favorite will achieve a flawless victory. However, this is the NFL, where anything can happen on any given Sunday.

On top of this uncertainty, such massive favorites rarely offer great value. If you’re targeting a decent return, you’ll always be forced to risk a sizeable sum, which you can easily lose.

If you want to back such teams, the best strategy is to build a moneyline parlay consisting of plenty of favorites.

Always Chase Value

Finally, bettors always need to chase value.

You can do this by employing a tactic known as line shopping, where you compare the prices of a moneyline wager on multiple sportsbooks and choose the best one.

This tactic ensures you’ll always get the best odds, which is something that we here at BestOdds always preach and encourage.

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