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Round Robin Bet

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What Is A Round Robin Bet
How Does A Round Robin Bet Work
Best Strategies For Round Robin Bets

Round robin bets are a mainstay in the betting world.

This article will give you all the information about this betting style. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

What Is A Round Robin Bet?

A round-robin bet is a simple way to wager many parlays in a single bet. They make it easy for bettors to parlay between three and eight lines. Or between two and six teams.

This way bettors cover and bet on all combinations, betting many parlays at once.

It is not the most popular style around bettors because it can bring lots of risks. There are too many legs and too many selections in their parlay combinations.

How Do Round Robins Work?

Round robin bets work like a parlay bet, where the odds of different wages combine into one big bet. To place a round robin bet, you need to select 3-14 different picks and cover all win doubles. Thus, you guarantee yourself a payout if only two selections win.

Let’s see an example using the NFL. Suppose you’re looking to place a round robin bet with the three picks below:

Minnesota Vikings -3 (-110)

Cleveland Browns +4 (-110)

Indianapolis Colts +6.5 (-110)

Instead of parlaying the three bets in a three-team parlay. You can create all possible combinations of two-team parlays as a round robin bet.

So it would look like this:

Parlay 1

Minnesota Vikings -3 (-110)

Cleveland Browns +4 (-110)

Parlay 2

Minnesota Vikings -3 (-110)

Indianapolis Colts +6.5 (-110)

Parlay 3

Cleveland Browns +4 (-110)

Indianapolis Colts +6.5 (-110)

Parlay odds stay the same for the round robin. So, in this case, for the two-team parlays, because the odds are standard -110, parlay payouts are +264.

Another important side note is that round robins won’t show up as round robins. They will show as individual parlays.

There is one big difference between round robins and parlays. Not every parlay must win for the round robin to be a winner.

Round Robin Betting Odds

Round robin odds will directly depend on the parlay payouts. Let’s say you bet $5 in the aforementioned round robin.

In this case, if you win all three parlays, the payout would be $54. If you win two of the three, you collect $18. And if you lose the three parlays, well, you lost the round robin, there is no prize.

How To Calculate Round Robin Odds

The calculator determines the largest win and loss amounts for a round robin. It also provides the results based on the wins, losses, and pushes.

The parlay calculator has inputs and outputs, so let’s review them.


Notional Bet: It’s the notional amount of dollars in a round robin bet.

Number Of Games: The number of games that fit the round robin.

Parlay Size: Number of games included in the parlays and whether that number equals the max amount.

Game No. Line/Result: You enter the game, the line you’re betting, and if you won it, lost it, or pushed.


Max Win: The top amount of dollars to win on a round robin bet.

Total Risk: Top amount of dollar loss that can happen on a round robin bet.

Situational Result: It’s the profit or loss on a round robin bet given the actual results of the events.

Round Robin Strategies

There are strategies to follow in every betting style to improve your chances of winning. Round robins are no exception. These are some tactics you should take note of when betting round robins:

Stick To The Basic Two-Team Parlays

Look, the first step to win is to mitigate risk. Staying with two-team parlays is the best way to do so. Don’t give the sportsbook any advantage. Stick with two-team parlays.

Cover All Straight Bets You Want To Play

Parlay strategies have to be considered. At the end of the day, that’s what you’re playing. It just so happens that it falls into a round robin.

Clear Bonuses Using Round Robins

Parlays are a great way to clear bonuses off the rollover requirements. And since round robins are made of parlays, the same thing applies. This comes even handier when the bonuses come as free plays.

Clearing a bonus with round robins is pretty much the same as doing it with parlays. Having said that, remember the first strategy, stick to the two-team parlays.

Round Robin Bets In Professional Sports

Even if it’s not the most popular way of betting, round robins deserve some love. They can be very profitable, and you can mix it up by having a couple of NFL plays mixed with some NHL or NBA action.

Most American sports will be open for you to blend them in round robin bets. If you become a real round robin savant, the sky’s the limit when it comes to profits. 

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