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How To Signup For Fubo Sportsbook


Sadonna Price

Updated: May 5, 2022

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As part of the fuboTV subscription service brand, Fubo Sportsbook provides quality options for sports fans in the United States.

Easily take advantage of the many betting markets on offer, including MLB, NBA, NFL, and more.

To become a member of the Fubo sportsbook, players must complete the registration process, including Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

If you are new to online sports betting, you may be confused about what KYC is. Basically, it is a verification process that requires specific documents to proceed in withdrawing funds after winning a sports bet.

At BestOdds, we provide our readers with detailed information on KYC, including what documents are needed and why the sportsbook requests them.

Check out the process at Fubo below before you sign up to streamline the process.

How To Sign Up At Fubo Sportsbook

  • Visit Fubo Sportsbook and click Join Now.
  • Enter your email, password, zip code, and any promo code you have at this time.
  • Click Create & Continue.
  • Enter your first and last name, select gender, and add the date of birth.
  • Enter your address, city, state, zip code, and country.
  • Agree to terms and conditions, confirming you are 21+ and providing accurate information.
  • Choose to enable 2-factor authentication at this time if you like.
  • Enter your nine-digit social security number and telephone number. Enter a promo code at this time if you have one.
  • Click submit. Confirm verification via email, and you are ready to place sports bets.
  • The KYC process will begin once you request a withdrawal from your account.

What Counts As A KYC Document?

The type of KYC document that an online sportsbook will accept is dependent on the operator.

In general, operators like Fubo will accept a driver’s license or state ID card. Proof of address is also required. This can be provided via a bank statement utility bill.

Standard KYC Documents Include:

  • Driver’s license (must be valid and not expired)
  • State ID (must be valid and not expired)
  • Voter ID card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate

What Is KYC & ID Verification?

The KYC process and ID verification are steps the online sportsbook requires to verify each account created.

Fubo must ensure that the person opening the account is who they say they are. With KYC and ID verification, identity fraud is avoided, and other criminal activity such as money laundering due to falsified information.

Why Is ID Verification So Important For Online Sportsbooks?

Fubo and other online sportsbooks must verify your identity to comply with federal and state regulations.

The process also protects consumers and the sportsbook from identity theft and criminal activity. With the KYC process, individuals trying to create an account with false information are stopped in their tracks, protecting the individual they stole from.

Without proper identification verification, the criminal cannot complete the setup of an account or withdrawals.

Anti-Money Laundering

One criminal activity that online sportsbooks must pay heed to is money laundering.

The gambling industry is often a target due to the amount of money that flows through the operator’s accounts. Sports betting regulators have strict rules and guidelines covering anti-money laundering practices.

This includes KYC and ID verification. These processes decrease the potential for criminals to use sites like Fubo to launder illegal funds.

Fraud Prevention

Identity theft is a real threat to consumers, and unfortunately, it happens every day.

Criminals use their victims’ personal information to purchase items online, including deposits within online sports betting sites. A criminal might have access to your credit card, but they don’t know your social security number or have a copy of your ID.

Sportsbooks use the KYC procedure to cut down on this type of behavior. KYC will stop a criminal from creating an account with fake information, helping to reduce identity fraud among its members.

Non-Compliance Fines

Fubo and other sports betting operators must comply with federal and state regulations.

The operator must follow KYC procedures with every player’s identity reviewed if an operator fails to do so and allows a fake account to be created or perhaps a self-excluded player to gain access, the operator is out of compliance and must be reprimanded appropriately, including warnings or fines.

If not, the operator faces non-compliance fines, which can be in the five and six-figure range.

KYC Checklist

  • Since the KYC process is not completed until you request a withdrawal, you can think ahead and prepare documents before they are needed.
  • Fubo accepts a state ID or driver’s license as a form of identification. Have this handy when you go to withdraw funds.
  • A copy of your bank statement or utility bill is also required. Have one nearby, or go ahead and scan it to upload when needed.
  • Request a withdrawal, and the KYC procedure is initiated.
  • Upload an image of the documents requested to your Fubo account. The site will provide instructions on how to complete this process.
  • Processing time can vary, so give the operator plenty of time to finish up. Contact support if two to three days go by without verification.
  • Once the process is complete, you are free to withdraw funds whenever you like.

Common Problem When Signing Up At Fubo App

When signing up for a new account at Fubo, you may encounter common issues.

Review the points below to see solutions to problems you may encounter during the registration process.

  • Location Issues: Some players have a location issue pop up when creating a new account. Speak with support if this happens to verify your location. You must be located in a state where Fubo is licensed to offer sports betting. If you are located near a state borderline, then you may have geolocation issues.
  • Duplicate Account Issues: If you try to create an account and receive a duplicate account message or verification issue, you may have already signed up with the provider. Check to see if your email is already registered at the site. If so, click the forgot password option to reset your account. Someone might have used your personal information to create an account if you did not sign up. Contact support to see how this issue can be rectified.
  • Double Check Your Details: In some cases, the personal information entered into the signup form is incorrect. Did you add the correct social security number and address? Perhaps one number or letter is wrong, throwing off the verification process. Double-check what you entered to ensure it is the correct information.

Why Am I Being Asked To Verify My Identity?

Fubo offers online sports betting services in a few states within the US. No matter where services are provided in the country, the brand requires that each player verifies their identity.

State regulations require the process to prevent identity fraud and stay in compliance with online gaming regulations in the US. The brand plans to continue expanding into new areas in the future.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide My ID?

The verification process should confirm your identity via social security number, birth date, and name. If your ID is not verified for some reason, then Fubo may require a copy of your identification card.

All you have to do is upload a copy of your driver’s license, state ID, or another form of identification. Once the copy is approved, you are verified and can access sports betting.

Why Am I Having Trouble Verifying My Identity?

As a new member of Fubo, there could be several reasons why the identity verification process is not working. To solve the issue quickly, contact support.

The site offers live chat, making it easy to contact support when you need assistance verifying your account.

Why Am IUnable To Verify?

Fubo uses a verification process that reviews your name, birth date, and social security number. If the verification process fails, it could be that you entered the details incorrectly.

Perhaps you entered the wrong day on your birth date or an incorrect number on your SSN. In some cases, the third-party providers have a different address associated with your name on file.

Try an old address or use a different variation of your name if you have in the past with official documents to see if that solves the issue. If all else fails, the online sportsbook may require you to upload documents for identification.

What Is 2-factor Authentication?

The process of 2-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to your online sports betting account at Fubo.

You are asked to provide a six-digit code every time you log in using this process. An authenticator app is added to your mobile device, and the code is set to the device each time you sign in to Fubo.

Enter the code provided to access your account. This added security measure ensures that you are the person that can log in and place sports bets.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide My SSN & Complete A W9 Form?

Fubo requires the last four digits of your social security number along with the birth date and mailing address to complete withdrawals.

The information you provide is stored securely to ensure your account is protected. If you earn over $600 in winnings from sports betting, a W9 form is required. The federal government must receive the details of your winnings so that the appropriate amount of taxes can be paid.

The online sportsbook simply follows federal procedures when requesting the W9 form and SSN connected to your account.

Why Am I Having Trouble Authenticating My Account?

Authenticating your account involves security questions that are set up during the signup process. From time to time, you may have an issue if you use the wrong answer on the specific questions connected to your account.

Contact support and your authentication questions can be reset when this issue occurs. Be sure to choose questions you can easily remember to avoid any trouble in the future.

Why Am I Getting A ‘Duplicate Account’ Message?

Online sportsbooks like Fubo only allow players to have one sports betting account.

If you try to create an account and receive a duplicate account message, then your details have already been used to sign up at the site or a mobile betting app.

Perhaps you created an account in the past and forgot, or your details were used by someone else. Contact support to figure out the issue and learn how to fix the problem.


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