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How To Bet Player Props Fubo App


Sadonna Price

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

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If you are looking to diversify your sports betting experience and place wagers beyond straight moneyline bets, over/under bets, and against the spread bets, then you want to introduce yourself to prop betting.

When you bet on props, your wagering options are seemingly limitless. And contrary to your cookie-cutter moneyline, total bets and points spread bets, which all correlate to the game’s final score, prop bets are quite the opposite and have nothing to do with the overall outcome.

One of my favorite places to place prop bets is at Fubo Sportsbook.

Since its inception, Fubo Sportsbook has emerged as one of the top operators for prop betting connoisseurs since it features just about any prop market under the sun.

In this article, I will review what types of prop bets you will find at Fubo as well as some of my top strategies to help you become a more profitable sports bettor in the long run.

How To Do Prop Bets On Fubo Aoo

Placing a prop bet at Fubo Sportsbook is just as easy as any other mobile sports betting site.

While all sportsbooks are different, the process of placing a prop bet is more or less uniform.

Below, I will list the steps on how to effortlessly place a prop bet at Fubo Sportsbook:

  • Visit and sign up for the Fubo Sportsbook app.
  • Next, go to the sports menu and choose the market you want to bet on.
  • Then, you will choose the game you want to bet on.
  • Choose the “more wagers” tab which will bring up all of the available prop markets to bet.
  • Upon selecting the prop you want to bet on, it will appear in your bet slip.
  • Once it is in your bet slip, enter the amount you want to stake and then hit the “submit-bet” button.
  • Boom, you have just placed a prop bet at Fubo.

Prop Builder

Prop building tools are one of the best tools in the sports betting space. A prop builder allows the bettor to create customized prop bets.

With prop builders, you have options. You no longer have to depend on the prop betting markets the sportsbooks are giving you. You can build out your props with ease and cater to your research.

However, prop builders are hard to come by. Not many mobile sports betting operators offer the tool to their customers. Fubo Sportsbook is no different as it does not yet feature this tool as of this writing.

If you are lucky enough to find a sportsbook with a prop builder, be sure to take advantage of it and cash some tickets!

What Is A Prop Bet?

In most betting circles, you will find that the term prop bet is short for proposition bet.

Contrary to moneyline bets, over/under bets, and against the spread bets, which all correlate to the final score of a game, a prop bet has more variance.

Prop bets can be associated with just about anything inside or outside of a game beyond the overall outcome.

So rather than betting on the winner or the total points scored, you can place a wager on how an individual player will fare in a statistical category or how a particular team will statistically manage as well.

For example, you can place a bet on how many sacks a team will record in a game.

The fun of prop betting doesn’t stop there. There are even prop bets that are not centered around the game, a player, or a team. These are called novelty props.

Novelty props are bets that focus on an occurrence around or about an event and not so much anything happening within it.

I will dive more into novelty props later in this article.

Fubo Player Props

Player props are bets that focus on the individual performance of a player in a statistical category.

To win a player prop bet, the player that you bet on must meet a specific statistical threshold inside of an event.

Below, I will list a few examples of player props:

  • Zach Parise to record Over 1.5 assists (+220)
  • Austin Ekeler to record Under 5.5 receptions (-130)
  • Mike Trout to hit a home run (+120)

For your player prop tickets to cash out, Parise must record 2+ assists, Ekeler must catch fewer than five receptions and Trout must hit at least one homer.

As you can see, the player outcomes have nothing to do with the final score of the game.

Team Props

Team props are prop bets that are centered around an individual team’s statistical performance.

Some team props you will find at Fubo Sportsbook include the total number of corners in a soccer match by one team or the number of fumbles a team will lose in a matchup.

Here are a few more examples of team prop bets at Fubo:

  • The New York Yankees will record Under 3 runs in the first five innings (+160)
  • The New Jersey Devils will record Over 1.5 goals in the third period (+100)
  • The Seattle Seahawks will win a challenge in the first half (-105)

To cash your team prop betting tickets, the Yankees must score fewer than three runs in the first five innings of their game, the Devils must score in excess of two goals in the third period and the Seahawks must in a challenge in the first half

Similar to player props, the above team props have nothing to do with the final outcome of their games.

Game Props

Game props focus on individual in-game stats, feats, or occurrences rather than the overall outcome of the matchup.

Here are some game prop betting markets you will find at Fubo Sportsbook when betting NFL:

  • Which team will score first in the game?
  • Will a team record a safety?
  • Which team will kick more field goals?

Novelty Props

Novelty props are also called exotic props in most betting circles. They have nothing to do with the overall outcome of a game.

In fact, novelty props also have nothing to do with the players or teams in the event either.

Most of the time, novelty props are extremely niche and focus on unique occurrences around notable games or events like the Super Bowl, March Madness, an upcoming election, or an awards ceremony.

Here are some examples of novelty props:

  • The opening coin toss of the Super Bowl will land on heads (-110)
  • The color of the Gatorade bath at the Superbowl will be orange (+300)
  • A team with a dog as their mascot will reach the final four (+500)

Prop Betting Strategy

Normally, if you want to be successful in life, you need to have a plan and goals. Well, if you want to be a successful and profitable sports better, the same rules apply.

You must have a plan, goals, and a strategy to help you get there.

Below, I will reveal some of my top sports betting strategies to help you become a more profitable prop bettor in the long run.

Take Advantage of Line Shopping Tools

Be sure to take advantage of line shopping tools that are all over the internet. In fact, one of the best line shopping tools around can be found right here at

If you aren’t shopping odds and lines, you are already at a disadvantage. And whether you want to place a wager on the moneyline of a game or a player prop, you can shop them.

If you can find Matthew Stafford to throw an interception at FanDuel at (-170) odds, but realize you can make that same bet here at Fubo Sportsbook at (-110) odds, then why in the world would you make that wager at FanDuel? Bang! You’d be leaving profit on the table.

If you don’t line-shop, you are setting your bankroll back and making the sportsbooks even richer.

Fade Novelty Props

Novelty props are fun, so leave them at that. The reason why sportsbooks feature novelty props around the Super Bowl and other big events is to entice people to bet on them. They aren’t there for the everyday sports fan and sports bettor.

Novelty props exist for the people who are just watching because it is the cool thing to do or because they want to see the halftime show or a silly commercial.

Hence, that is why you will find bets focusing on the length of the halftime show or which entertainer will appear on camera first.

Leave the novelty props for the amateurs. If you want to throw a few bucks on one or two, fine. But don’t blow full units on bets that rely on sheer luck to hit.

Focus your attention and bankroll on wagers you can do your best to handicap. The color of Gatorade and the length of the National Anthem are just not it.

Do Your Homework

Nobody likes doing homework or research. However, the wise will learn to like it. It is 2022. We have the technology right at our fingertips that will help make us more profitable sports bettors. So why wouldn’t we use it?

Don’t make your next prop bet on chance alone. If you like Stephen Curry to hit 5+ threes against the Thunder, then do your research and see how he’s been shooting lately and how he’s historically fared in his previous encounters against Oklahoma City.

If the numbers agree with the Over, then place the bet. If the trends are backing the Under, then you can choose to make the bet or fade it.

Five minutes of research can make or break your bankroll one bet at a time.

Propositions is a perfect bet to include in your next same game parlay at Fubo.


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