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How To Bet Parlay On Fubo App


Updated: Sep 23, 2022


If you are looking for current NFL picks for parlay bets. You can find today’s picks here.

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Parlay wagers are a great way to get the biggest bang for your buck.

However, they could be extremely hard to hit unless you play your cards right.

While you can always drop some cash on a monster underdog with longshot odds hoping to hit big, the smarter way to turn $15 into $550 is to build a parlay.

All of the top sportsbooks on the market offer parlay wagers in some shape or format.

You will even find that they are called accumulator bets or multi-bets in some regions.

If you are looking for a mobile betting site with lots of flexibility when it comes to building out parlays, then you should check out what you can do at Fubo Sportsbook.

In this article, I will review the ins and outs of parlay building at the new and rapidly growing Fubo mobile sportsbook.

How To Place A Parlay Bet On Fubo Sportsbook

Placing a parlay bet at Fubo Sportsbook is just as easy as placing any other type of wager.

Below, I will list the steps on how to build your standard parlay at Fubo:

  • Visit the Fubo mobile app and sign in to your account.
  • Use the promo code BESTODDS for our exclusive bonus.
  • Then, choose the game you want to bet on and choose at least two selections inside that event.
  • Next, your selections will appear in your bet slip.
  • Now, enter the amount you want to bet on this parlay.
  • Before hitting the submit bet button, be sure to diligently check your bet slip to make sure everything looks the way you want it. Also, be sure that you have the parlay option checked off.
  • Now that your bet slip checks out, hit the “Submit bet” button, and that’s it. You’ve just placed a parlay wager at Fubo Sportsbook!

Parlay Builder

A parlay builder is a tool that helps streamline the entire parlay building process.

Parlay builders are great because it is a tool that organizes all of the available bet selections into their own unique categories.

Rather than searching through 1000s of parlay bet selection options throughout the sportsbook, you will find them all in one place when you use a sportsbook with a parlay builder.

However, as of this writing, Fubo Sportsbook does not offer a parlay builder.

They may, however, offer one in the future as Fubo is still a new and growing mobile betting operator.

What Is A Parlay Bet?

A parlay bet is a type of wager that combines two or more selections into one bet slip.

In other regions around the world, you will find that parlay bets are also referred to as multi-bets and accumulator bets.

Parlays are constructed of at least two bets and each individual bet inside of a parlay is called a leg. While you need at least two bets to construct a parlay, the fun does not stop there.

I have seen parlays go up to and beyond 20 legs.

However, the number of legs you can have will come at the discretion of the sportsbook you are using.

The more legs, the greater the odds. However, in the same breath, the more legs you add to your parlay will also increase the risk.

For your parlay wager’s ticket to cash, every leg must be a winner. If even one bet loses inside your parlay, the entire ticket will be graded as a loss.

To avoid this, you can elect to construct a Round Robin parlay bet. With round robins, you can still earn a payout if one of your legs loses.

Same Game Parlay

A same-game parlay (SGP) allows the bettor to combine bet selections from a single event.

Below, I will give you an example of an SGP so you are familiar with them when you see them:

  • Indianapolis Colts -4.5 (-110)
  • Nyheim Hines to score a touchdown (+110)
  • Michael Pittman to record Under 7.5 receptions (+170)

Parlay Odds: +982

As long as all of the legs hit on your same-game parlay, you will win $108.24 on a $10 wager.

As of this writing, Fubo Sportsbook does not offer a same-fame parlay.

However, that doesn’t mean that it will never have them. Fubo Sportsbook is still one of the newest on the market which means they will continue to add features as they grow.

I believe Fubo will add the same-game parlay feature sooner rather than later due to its immense popularity in betting circles.

Player Parlay

A player parlay is a parlay wager constructed of all player props.
At most sportsbooks, you can parlay player props from the same game as well as cross-sports.

Here is an example of a player prop parlay you can build at most mobile betting sites:

  • Kyrie Irving Over 23.5 points (-118)
  • Keenan Allen to score a touchdown (+110)
  • Bryce Harper to record Under 2.5 total bases (+250)
  • Malik Monk Over 2.5 threes (-105)

Parlay Odds: +2552

If all of the legs in this player prop parlay are successful, you will win $265.15 on a $10 wager. If one leg loses, however, the entire ticket will be graded as a loss.

Moneyline Parlay

A moneyline parlay is a parlay constructed of all straight-up moneyline bets. For your moneyline parlay to cash, all of the teams you picked must win their games outright.

Here is an example of a moneyline parlay you can build at Fubo Sportsbook:

  • San Diego Padres (-118)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+220)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (-200)

Parlay Odds: +788

As long as the Dodgers, Padres, and Chargers all win their games straight up, your parlay ticket will cash for $88.80 on a $10 wager.

Visit our guide to learn more about the betting moneyline at Fubo Sportsbook.

Points Spread Parlay

A point spread parlay is a parlay wager made up of all against the spread bets. For your point spread parlay ticket to cash, all of the teams you select must cover their respective spreads.

  • Las Vegas Raiders -1.5 (+125)
  • San Francisco 49ers +6.5 (+138)

Parlay Odds: +434

As long as both the Raiders and 49ers cover their respective point spreads, your parlay will cash $53.44 on a $10 wager.

Don’t forget to read our guide on how to bet NFL at Fubo.

Over/Under Parlay

An over/under parlay is a parlay wager made up of all bets pertaining to the total points scored in a game.

With over/under parlays, you can mix and match markets to go over and markets to go under as long as you are not trying to do so within the same game. You can also construct these parlays cross-sport.

Here is an example of an over/under parlay you can build at Fubo Sportsbook:

  • Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings Over 47.5 points (-110)
  • Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions Under 45.5 points (-118)
  • Miami Heat @ Portland Trailblazers Over 204.5 points (-110)

Parlay Odds: +574

As long as all of the legs of your over/under parlay are successful you will get a $67.42 payout on a $10 wager.

Parlay Betting Strategy

When you construct parlays, it is always best to have a strategy when doing so.

It is difficult enough to hit a straight wager, so just imagine how much harder it is to hit a parlay, especially if you go into it without any type of strategy or research.

Below, I will give you some of my top parlay betting strategies to help you become a more successful sports bettor in the long run.

Place Corresponding Wagers

When constructing your parlay, it is wise to build it with correlating legs.

For example, if you believe the Cowboys, who are viewed as a heavy favorite, will cover their -8.5 point spread in a high-scoring game with a 49.5 point total, then it would be smart to include both of those bets in your parlay.

And since you think the Cowboys are going to win a high-scoring game, it is safe to assume their start quarterback Dak Prescott will be heavily involved in the action.

  • Cowboys -8.5
  • Cowboys-Giants total to go over 49.5 points
  • Dak Prescott to throw for over 2.5 touchdowns

All of those legs correlate with each other and will give your parlay a greater chance of hitting.

If the Cowboys cover an -8.5 point spread, there is a good chance ample points will need to be scored.

And if we are going to see a high-scoring affair, Prescott is likely going to throw for a handful of scores.

Don’t Go Crazy With Parlay Odds

Just because you can build out a parlay with 10 legs and +5000 odds doesn’t mean that you should. Those lottery ticket parlays are fun but they are also hard to hit because you need so much to happen.

To give your parlay the best shot at hitting, be conservative. Build out a parlay with 2-4 legs and with fewer than +500 odds.

The more simplified you make your parlay, the greater shot you have at cashing your ticket.

Hedge Your Parlay

If you build out a 4-leg parlay and three legs have already won, it would be wise to hedge the final leg before or during the game to guarantee yourself a profit.

For example, if you have a chance to win $750 from your 4-leg parlay, and your final bet is on the Yankees to beat the Red Sox on a straight-up moneyline bet, then place a $325 bet on the Red Sox to win.

This way, you will have a profit no matter which team wins the ball game.

Why don’t you include prop bets in your next same game parlay at Fubo?

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