How To Signup For FanDuel Sportsbook

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As a new member of FanDuel, you are expected to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures before a withdrawal is allowed.

The process uses identity verification methods to ensure that you are who you say you are when using online sports betting account.

KYC is easy to complete, but newbies to sports betting are often confused about why the personal information is requested.

Below, we provide a simple guide to the KYC process regarding the FanDuel sportsbook and its online services. Easily learn how to sign up, complete KYC, and enjoy the many online sports betting options this brand provides.

Read on to learn more and speed up your account signup process.

How To Sign Up At FanDuel Sportsbook

  • Sign up at FanDuel via our link at BestOdds.
  • Click Join Now and fill out the registration form.
  • The form requires your name, address, birth date, last four digits of your social security number, username, and password.
  • Complete the form and agree to the terms and conditions section.
  • Once submitted, you should receive a confirmation email that the verification process is complete.
  • Sign in and deposit funds after your account is created to start betting.
  • Once you win and are ready to withdraw funds, the KYC process is initiated.
  • FanDuel will require certain documents to be uploaded to your account.
  • After the documents are received, they are reviewed by the FanDuel team.
  • After your identity is verified, the withdrawal is approved, and your account is done with the KYC procedure.

What Counts As A KYC Document?

FanDuel requires the same KYC documents as other online sports betting providers.

In general, a driver’s license or state ID is your best option. However, a few more documents are listed below that you can use to verify your ID.

  • Driver’s License (Cannot be expired)
  • State ID (Cannot be expired)
  • Voter ID Card
  • University ID Card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate

What Is KYC & ID Verification?

FanDuel requires that all new players complete KYC and ID verification.

The process ensures the identity of the individual signing up for the account. State regulations require the process to be completed to avoid criminal activity such as identity theft.

Why Is ID Verification So Important For Online Sportsbooks?

Online sportsbooks like FanDuel see ID verification as essential because the law requires it.

For a sportsbook to remain in good standing within a state where licensing is provided, all regulations must be followed, including ID verification. The process also helps to avoid identity theft and other criminal behavior.

Anti-Money Laundering

Every licensed online sportsbook in the US must adhere to anti-money laundering regulations. This includes utilizing KYC and ID verification to combat money laundering behavior.

The process requires several personal details about the individual, and most criminals cannot complete the process, which avoids any potential money laundering acts.

Fraud Prevention

Identity theft is a real issue in the United States and internationally. Criminals can steal information from your person or online, such as buying data.

Even if a criminal has your driver’s license or credit card, they do not have proof of address or social security number required for an account, so they are stopped in their tracks thanks to KYC.

With the KYC process, online sportsbooks can provide fraud prevention and help individuals avoid being a victim of identity theft.

Non-Compliance Fines

Licensed sportsbooks must follow all regulations connected to the online sports betting industry.

FanDuel and other operators are subject to non-compliance fines if any regulations are not followed, including KYC.

Fines are often issued against operators who allow minors or self-excluded individuals to slip through the cracks via online signups and inadequate KYC checks.

KYC Checklist

  • Once you decide to join FanDuel, start gathering the documents you need for KYC.
  • Find a form of identification such as a driver’s license and proof of address with a mortgage statement or bank statement.
  • Place the documents in an area where you can locate them once KYC begins.
  • Once you place a bet and win, it’s time to request a withdrawal.
  • This is when the KYC process is initiated. The operator will ask for documents and provide steps to upload the information to your account.
  • After the documents are received, the operator will verify the information via a third-party vendor.
  • Once the documents are approved, the payment is approved, and you will soon have access to your winnings.

Common Problem When Signing Up At FanDuel App

In general, there are common problems that players come across when creating a new online account at FanDuel.

Check out a few of the standard issues below, so you know how to solve the problem if it happens to you.

  • Verification Issues: One problematic area is verification. If you have an issue verifying your account when signing up, be sure that your SSN is correct, along with your birth date and address. Even one wrong number will flag your account and stop you from joining the site.
  • Duplicate Account: Another common issue is a duplicate account message. If you see this message, either you had signed up before, or someone used your information to create an account. Check your email to see if you previously signed up and forgot. You can then reset your password and log in without creating a new account. Duplicate accounts are not allowed, so setting up more than one will result in the site locking you out of services.
  • Authentication Problems: Using two-factor authentication or answering authentication questions connected to your account can lead to issues signing up. Always check the code for two-factor authentication or the answers to questions to ensure that you entered the correct information. If not, then you will not be allowed to continue the process.

Why Am I Being Asked To Verify My Identity?

In states where FanDuel offers online sports betting services, regulations require that the identity of each individual be verified. The goal is to prevent fraud and comply with regulations.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide My ID?

The online verification form at FanDuel cannot confirm an individual’s identity without uploading a standard ID.

This can be your driver’s license or state ID card. The information is required via state regulations and helps FanDuel remain a secure spot for online sports betting.

Why Am I Having Trouble Verifying My Identity?

There are several reasons why the verification process is not working. Contact support by creating a support ticket in the help section.

A team member will contact you within 24 hours or less to work on the issue.

Why Am I Unable To Verify?

FanDuel utilizes the help of a verification agency to check each player’s name, birthday, and social security number.

Be sure that when you add these details that they are correct. A simple mix-up of numbers can lead to failing the verification process. Another issue could be that the verification agency does not have your proper info, such as your address or a shortened version of your name.

Try an older address or another version of the name you go by to see if that works. If not, contact support to see if you can upload identification documents to verify your account.

What Is 2-factor Authentication?

FanDuel offers a second layer of security to your online sports betting account via two-factor authentication.

When you log in, a six-digit code is required. Use an authenticator app connected to your account, and the app will be alerted with the new code when you go to log in. Enter the code correctly, and you have access to your account.

This added layer of security helps to ensure that you are the only person with access to your account.

Why Am I Being Asked to Provide My SSN & Complete A W9 Form?

The W9 is used for tax purposes only. Players must complete the verification process for withdrawals to be completed at FanDuel.

This requires a social security number, valid mailing address, and birth date. With this information, the site can also send out 1099 tax forms if you earn over $600 a year from sports betting.

Why Am I Having Trouble Authenticating My Account?

If you are failing the authentication questions connected to your account, it is likely due to the information within a third-party provider.

The support team at FanDuel can reset the authentication questions for you to avoid any further complications.

Why Am I Getting A ‘Duplicate Account’ Message?

Based on the Terms of Use at FanDuel, players are only allowed one sports betting account per person regardless of whether you set them up on the betting app or on the desktop.

If you have used your information to set up two accounts, you are blocked from depositing and betting. Speak to support to rectify the issue.