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Best Sports To Bet On

Best Sports To Bet On

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What Sports To Be On
Sports That Are Good Candidates To Bet On
How To Bet On Multiple Sports

The great thing about online sports betting is that you can bet on pretty much any sport played on this planet. If other planets had broadcast sports, you’d probably be able to bet on those as well.

Each sport has a countless number of markets bettors can exploit. This brings the question, what’s the best sport to bet on?

This article covers lots of ground to answer that question. Let’s find out.

Best Sports To Bet On

There are millions of reasons why one option can be better than the other. So what we are going to do is summarize each sport and the pros and cons of betting on it. With no further ado, this is our top ten sports to bet on.


The best basketball in the world brings fast-paced, adrenaline-filled action. Add betting to that, and it’s a blast. Live betting and prop bets are also the main feature of basketball wagering. It’s a high-scoring game which means spreads are also popular.

Notable markets: Prop bets: You can find hundreds of different props in NBA games. Quarter Winner: Who wins the scoreboard on a quarter alone. Futures: Conference winners or NBA Champions.


  • Live betting is massive.
  • Long schedule to bet on.
  • Close games.
  • Props are vary, providing ample options for betting.


  • No live streaming.


The NFL is the perfect mix between violence and intelligence. It’s a very violent chess match, very captivating for the bettors’ eyes. Markets are very wide open.

Close scores made the games really intense, and an absolute show, plus there are lots of rivalries that spice it up. It all caps off with one of the biggest sporting events in the world, like the Super Bowl. Listen, the NFL season is short, but it’s a great one. Sportsbooks will throw massive bonuses as well, and the NFL odds are very competitive.

Oh, and by the way, even when no NFL is being played, you can still bet on futures, on events like the draft, or destinations for high-end free agents.

Notable markets: Draft Specials: No football? No problem, bet on the draft to make it a special night for future stars. Super Bowl winner: Futures are as big of a part of NFL betting as any other market; this particular one brings high payouts. Props: Every game has hundreds of prop bets available, and the Super Bowl is like the props mecca.


  • One of the biggest sports in the world.
  • Lots of unique markets.
  • Bettors love the NFL season due to their bonuses.


  • Short season means you can’t bet on the NFL throughout the year.


The most popular sport in the globe has to be up there. The “beautiful game” captures fans and bettors around the world. It benefits from lots of factors.

Betting-wise, too many sportsbooks compete to gather the attention of bettors. Because of this, you can find great odds on soccer games regularly.

It is the sport with the most bonuses attached to it. Combine great odds with big bonuses, and you’re in for an awesome betting experience.

Another fun fact: Soccer betting is the home of many intriguing betting markets. This is due to the nature of the game all around.


  • Available pretty much everywhere.
  • Hugely competitive odds.
  • Vast betting markets.
  • Long seasons and plenty of different tournaments to play all year long.


  • Due to a large number of options, it may be overwhelming.
  • Can be tempted to bet on not well-known leagues that can cause bankroll deficits.

Horse Racing

It may sound weird, but horse racing is a real juggernaut in the betting world. It is by far one of the most popular wagered sports in the world.

Many online sportsbooks have a specific section dedicated to horse racing alone. It’s called a racebook. Bonuses are also thrown out of the window for bettors to boost their bankroll.

Horse racing and betting come hand in hand; even before online betting was a thing, this came way before it. The number of competitors makes horse racing different from other sports, where you pick between two teams or athletes.

But with many competitors come many betting markets. It lures you in.

Notable markets: pick the winner, really simple. Another one is the ‘to place’ bet (if your pick ends in the top-3, you win)—also, forecast bets, where you predict the top two horses in the exact order.


  • Huge betting popularity.
  • Live streaming is available most of the time.
  • Bonuses are sky-high.


  • You need to do thorough research to get big profits.


One-on-one action (or two-on-two if it’s doubles) it’s always tempting when it comes to betting. You don’t depend so much on a team showing up, but only on the athlete itself and his talent.

Tennis allows you to bet on every point, set, and game. Grand Slams will give you great odds from futures to game-to-game wagering. Also, you can find plenty of sportsbooks to live stream tennis.

Notable markets: Handicapping (a point spread between the combined games in a match). First Set Winner, where you pick who wins the first set, is like a prop bet.

Also, Total Games Betting: it’s an over/under bet on how many games will be played when the match finishes.


  • Top-tier live coverage.
  • Markets break down games across different segments in expert fashion.
  • Adds thrill to an already intense sport.


  • Tennis betting has a bit of a niche public. It’s not for everyone’s taste.


Contrary to what you may think, cricket is a fun, exciting, and very strategic sport. It has all the ingredients to capture your eye once you give it a chance. It comes in different forms, from test cricket to Twenty20.

Sportsbooks will often offer you both, so you choose the style of cricket you want to bet on. Cricket has too many markets, all very creative.

The best betting sites will provide you with updates and data in long matches so you can get yourself going. Sports betting is to win money but also to create more excitement watching a sport, and cricket betting does exactly that.

Along with the many markets, you can find: Innings Runs: It’s a rich stat-based market, predict the number of runs in the first innings.

Team of Top Bowler: Choose the team you think will have the bowler with the most wickets in the game; you can win even if the team loses. Coin Toss Winner: Who says only the Super Bowl brings coin toss bets, huh?


  • Unmatched depth.
  • Smart selection of markets.
  • Improve your understanding of the sport.


  • Like baseball, it can go way too long.


Rugby is not a popular sport everywhere. However, the countries who follow it are really passionate about it. It has a particular blend of tactics, rush, and brutal violence that makes it attractive.

From a betting standpoint, it provides markets for both experts and newcomers. It’s also a high-scoring game, so totals are commonly popular in it, also spreads.

Notable markets: Tourney’s top scorer. Winning margin: Which is the same as a point spread. Team to Score the First Try: Rugby sees points scored fast, so this is a nerve-wracking market.


  • Action-packed games with lots of tactics.
  • Lots of high-quality tournaments to bet on.
  • Total markets are top-notch.


  • It’s not as popular in some countries.
  • Doesn’t have much coverage.


Boxing equals money. Big money events, huge paydays, eccentric fighters, and now, celebrities… It’s always a big thing when betting on boxing. You are basically one punch away from glory or disaster.

Big boxing events will feature lots of bonuses because of the competitive odds. Boxing betting is always a frenetic experience, and that’s why it’s so popular.

Notable markets: Way of Win: Whether it is by decision, knockout, or DQ. Round Group Betting: You don’t pick the winner, but the round the fight ends. Go the Distance: Bet that the judges’ scorecards will decide the winner.


  • Huge betting events.
  • Big bonuses.
  • Unique rules and markets for bettors.


  • Betting opportunities are not as common.


Do you think boxing is fun? With MMA, you’re in for a treat. First, you have events weekly through many sportsbook promotions, including the UFC.

Secondly, do you think betting on a KO is cool? Try now with KOs, submissions, and instead of a ring, you get a cage.

Since you know the events in advance, bettors can optimize strategies and do more research before placing their bets.

Notable markets: Way of Win: KO, Submission, Decision, QQ. First Round Victory: MMA fights can end in the blink of an eye; you can bet it ends in the opening round. Draw No Bet: If there is an unlikely draw, the bet is refunded, as if it were a push bet.


  • Weekly schedules and lots of promotions.
  • Retains big fight bonus.
  • Larger markets.


  • High PPV costs, although ESPN+ subscription can help the cause at UFC events.


Talk about a wide menu of options to bet. E-Sports have so many games you can bet on, we could easily make a list of them by itself. From League of Legends to Rocket League and all there is in between, e-Sports take quite many bettors’ intrigue.

It implies an entirely new breed of betting markets. Bettors need to consider skill, strategy, and the game engine to place their wagers.

The great thing is this is a growing industry, and these are the baby steps. More markets, more games, and better odds will appear as time moves on.

Notable markets: Map Winner: Don’t bet on a team to win the whole thing, just on an individual map. It’s the E-Sport equivalent to first-half betting. First Blood: In first-person shooter games, choose who you think will get the first kill. Skins Betting: Games like Dota 2 or CS: GO allow you to bet using virtual in-game goods instead of cash.


  • A vast menu of games you can bet on.
  • Live streaming is available.
  • Brought lots of new bettors into the mix.


  • Odds are less competitive than other established sports.

What Makes A Sport The Best To Bet On?

Overall, these are the five most important things to watch for when betting on a sport:

1. Market variety: Bettors look for lots of markets because it means they have more betting opportunities.

2. Availability: The more sportsbooks that offer the sports odds, the more competitive those odds get, the better for bettors.

3. Research: Betting on doing no research is a bad thing. The easier it is for you to do the homework, the better it will go in your best. Thus, the more likely you’ll be to keep betting on that sport.

4. Odds Quality: As we told you before, competitive odds are key for bettors to get the best payouts. Some sports have friendlier odds than others, and that is a factor to consider.

5. Bonuses: Some sports are more popular than others, which means sportsbooks are keen to give bonuses to attract bettors. The NFL, big boxing events, or special tournaments bring this to life.

Specific Sport Right For You To Bet On?

This is not a scientific formula, and not all factors are objective. If you don’t like a specific sport, chances are you are not betting on it, despite the advantages it may bring. If you don’t know what’s the best sport for you, these are five questions that can help you figure it out:

1. What sports are you most into? The higher the passion you have for a sport, the better. Betting is not only money, and it is adding even more joy to the sport you love.

2. What sport are you most knowledgeable about? The more you know of the sport makes betting an “easier” thing. Still, don’t get complacent, and do your research.

3. Does live streaming matter? If it doesn’t matter because you watch sports elsewhere, that saves you a lot of trouble. Sometimes live streaming is very impractical.

4. Which markets are you most interested in? Because of the unique nature of each sport, it’s clear they will have different markets. Some sports like soccer like moneylines, but others like the NFL are more into spreads. Look for those who go hand in hand with the market you like the most.

5. Local or International Events? The coverage that you want is a very personal thing, and having good coverage helps quite a lot when betting. Whether it’s a local or international event, look for the operator who covers the said sport.

Are Some Sports Easier To Predict Than Others?

Some sports are more complex than others. So you could say some are tougher, but every sport has some specifics you need to be aware of.

You can also look for betting strategies for each sport to guide yourself with some proven tactics.

Betting On Multiple Sports

You should stick to the sports you really know about if it gathers your interest, bet on it. Do research, make your strategies, etc. What we will never encourage to do is betting blindly. This is the downfall for many bettors.

Thirsty For More Betting Knowledge? Check Our Gambling Education Hub.


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