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Betting Rollover

Betting Rollover

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What Is Rollover
Why Sportsbooks Use Rollovers
Things To Know Before Signing Up For Bonus

Bonuses in sports betting are so common that they are pretty much a given now. Since all bettors have a high likelihood of interacting with these bonuses, you must know how to redeem promotions if you come across a bonus offer.

Bonuses are extremely advantageous since they boost one’s bankroll, which is tremendous considering these deals don’t require much to trigger them.

The twist with bonuses comes into play when it’s time to redeem them. Many bettors skim through the terms and conditions and often end up having a complicated back and forth with the sportsbook because they didn’t fully read the terms.

Other bettors have a hard time trying to figure out how such complex terms translate to their sign-up offers.

Understanding the requirements needed to trigger bonuses is key if you want to take advantage of an offer. One specific condition that bettors should be familiar with is the term rollover, which is explained in detail in this guide.

What Is Betting Rollover?

Betting rollover refers to the number of times that you need to bet a bonus—and the deposit in appropriate scenarios—before you can take out any amount associated with the deal.

Some sportsbooks use the term play-through in place of rollover, so whenever you see either of the two, know that they both mean the same thing.

Different bonuses have different rollovers, and the rollover requirements attached to a bonus will mostly depend on the sportsbook.

When it comes to rollover, the key aspect is the factor that the bonus has to be multiplied by.

For example, a 4x rollover means that you should quadruple the bonus, while a 3x rollover requirement means that you need to triple the applicable funds before you can make a withdrawal.

Betting Example

To really understand how rollover functions, here is one relevant example: A sportsbook is offering a 100% match deposit bonus with a 3x rollover attached to it.

If you deposit $100 into this sportsbook, you get a bonus of $100, meaning that you have $200 to bet with.

So if you wish to withdraw the bonus, you have to triple this from $200 to $600. Once you have done so, you unlock the bonus funds and can now withdraw them.

Why Do Sportsbooks Use Rollovers On Bonuses?

Sportsbooks attach rollover requirements to bonuses as a way of safeguarding themselves.

Without such requirements, users could sign up on a site, get the bonus, and leave without placing a wager on the site.

That would be horrible business from a sportsbook because such manipulation could end up leaving them bankrupt.

So such a requirement assures sportsbooks that a bettor who signs up and receives the bonus will still use their site.

Where Are Betting Rollover Requirements Usually Placed?

If you want to know where rollover requirements are usually placed on a sportsbook’s website, this will depend on the sportsbook.

Transparent books state the rollover requirements when advertising the bonus or place it somewhere within the bonus’s terms and conditions.

Other online sportsbooks may not do so, but the rollover requirements will always be in their general terms and conditions.

However, many offshore sportsbooks have absurd rollover requirements and do their best to bury them deep in their site. Either way, always check the rollover that a bonus has before opting in.

Can I See The Status Of A Rollover?

This will depend on your book. Many sportsbooks these days aim for complete transparency and will have a separate section showing bettors the progress that they’ve made with their rollovers.

DraftKings is one such sportsbook that does so. To see the status of your rollover, go to your account and select the View Bonus Status option.

If you are unsure of where to check for the rollover status, speak to customer support at the sportsbook.

Other Additional Bonus Requirements

In addition to rollover, sportsbooks have other requirements that need to be fulfilled for you to withdraw your bonus.

There is no definite list as such requirements change from one sportsbook to the next, so reading the terms will always expose you to all of the bonus’s requirements.

The following are a few examples of these supplementary requirements:

  • The minimum odds of any bet need to be -200. Bets with lower odds than this won’t be included in the bonus’ rollover progression.
  • The bonus can only be used on specific sections of the betting site, i.e., you can’t use the bonus funds on casino games.
  • If you’re placing a parlay using the bonus funds, at least one bet in the parlay has to have odds of -200.
  • No more than one active bonus. If you wish to opt for another bonus, you need first to clear the current bonus.
  • Once you claim the bonus offer, you won’t be able to make any withdrawal for 30 days.

Things To Look Out For Before Signing Up For A Bonus

Always make sure that you know the following things before signing up for any sports betting bonus:

  • Validity and potential time limits: How long is the offer valid? Are there any time limits attached to the bonus once you start betting it? If the bonus has a time limit, see how that time limit will affect your wagering. Remember that limited time will more than likely lead to rushed bets.
  • Odds restrictions: Always check the minimum odds that rollover bets need to be. Many sportsbooks also restrict bettors from wagering on clear favorites since bettors usually try to use favorites to achieve the bonus’ rollover.
  • Sections that your bonus funds can be used: Check whether the bonus extends to a sportsbooks’ casino and horse racing sections or if it’s only limited to sports betting.
  • Length of time before you can withdraw the bonus: The standard time is usually thirty days, but this will always depend on the sportsbook.

Rollover is an important factor that bettors should always consider when choosing between bonuses.

Bonuses with favorable rollovers should be highly prioritized.

In contrast, unreasonable rollovers should be avoided since the hassle of the bonus doesn’t match the risk and effort that you need to put in to claim the bonus.

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