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Micro Betting In Sports Betting

Micro Betting In Sports Betting

Eric Kithinji
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What Is Micro Betting?
Sports To Use Micro Bets
Risks Of Using Micro Bets

With online sports betting expanding across the United States, sports fans have access to many more betting options. Live betting, or in-game betting, is among the most popular formats of sports betting due to the constantly changing action.

In-game betting is expected to continue to grow as more markets open in the US, and with it, uniquely focused forms of wagering such as micro betting are introduced.

Live betting has expanded across the nation with varying formats on offer, which only continues to boost the popularity of the option. With micro betting, you are using live betting to wager on specific elements of the game.

This type of wagering is a nice mix of prop bets and in-play, which gives many bettors precisely what they are looking for.

Check out the guide below to learn more about micro betting, including more about the format, what sports it covers, what the markets look like, and how to wager.

What Is Micro Betting

Let’s start with the essential question—what is micro betting? This is how micro betting is similar to a prop bet. With this betting type, you are wagering on individual moments in a game that is not related to the final score. The wager occurs in real-time, which is how it ties to in-play betting.

The big difference in micro betting is that when compared to live betting, this bet type will settle much faster. You don’t have to wait until a game is over to know if you won or even a single quarter.

To better understand micro betting, let’s look at an example using Major League Baseball. You can wager on specific innings or even half-innings, individual pitches, or batting results with micro betting. Will the batter get a hit? Will the hit be a single or double, or perhaps a home run?

These single occurrences can be bet on quickly, and the outcome occurs in just seconds or minutes, depending on the exact bet.

The continued growth of micro betting will be dependent on sportsbook apps and online betting via desktop computers. With the launch of new sites and apps, sportsbooks can use unique technology to push data in real-time.

Odds are provided quickly, and bets can be placed as soon as the odds are posted or change.

Where Can I Find Micro Betting?

If you are interested in posting a micro bet, you need to know where you can find this option. While the market is limited now, it is expected that more operators will offer such services in the future.

The available brands that offer micro betting will also vary based on the state in which you are located. Options we have found in several states include:

  • BetRivers Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook

We have found that when it comes to micro betting on several sports, DraftKings is the top choice. The provider has an extensive collection of live markets and offers micro betting lines in several categories.

You can easily find wagering options on soccer, golf, NBA, MLB, and NFL games, among others, at DraftKings.

Best Sports To Micro Bet

A benefit to micro betting is that the wagers can be placed on a variety of sports. Any league or sports market can offer micro betting odds. You need to find a provider that offers the option.

We have found the following sports covered at significant operators within the micro betting category:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • PGA Golf
  • Tennis

One of the best betting options we enjoy in the micro category is baseball. Several wagering types will settle quickly, allowing you to earn a win in 30 in just seconds.

Updated odds are quick for MLB games, and there are many ways to offer micro bets, from pitches to batting or inning outcomes.

Over the years, live and prop bets have paved the way for new markets to enter the online sports betting world within the US. As micro betting was developed, more markets were created, offering deeper wagering options than ever before.

Let’s take a look at each sport that offers micro bets and the most popular wagering options among them below:

Major League Baseball

This is our favorite category for micro betting. Some bets are more specific than others, but overall, you will see results with fast turnaround times. Focus your wagers on a specific inning or pitches, even batting options.

Micro betting offers more in-depth betting options than traditional prop bets that focus on pitcher strikeouts or RBIs in a game.

Keep an out for such bets in this category as:

  • Result of an at-bat
  • Result of a pitch
  • Inning moneyline and total
  • Team to score in a selected inning.

National Football League

If you are a football fan, the NFL can feature premium micro bets. Wager on a specific play to be run by your favorite team or a drive result.

You can wager on a punt, turnover, or score play and other specifics, including if a field goal will be good or way off track.

Choose from quality NFL micro bets such as:

  • Next Drive Result
  • Next Play Result
  • Field Goal Outcome

NBA Micro Betting

It can be a bit more challenging to find micro bets on NBA games due to the fast pace of the matches. In this section, find bets like the Next Field Goal, where you select if the shot will be a two or three-pointer.

It is not impossible, but you won’t find as many bets as you with NFL or MLB games.

NHL Micro Betting

This is another quick sport that makes it a bit difficult to offer micro bets. One option you can choose is to wager on the Goal Score-Listed Time. You can choose from a 10-minute range to decide if a goal will be made in that time frame or not.

Golf & Soccer Micro Betting

Golf and soccer fans will find that micro betting is offered within the two sports. You can bet on such outcomes as the Hole Winner between two partners. For golf lovers, the PGA Tour often includes this bet type.

With soccer, most leagues are covered. You can wager on the Next Goal with a 2-way and 3-way moneyline. There are also Total Corners-Listed Time bets. These are fun ways to wager on the sport when you are watching the action live.

Micro Betting Vs. Live And Prop Betting

With micro betting, the odds are similar to prop and live betting due to the game taking place at the time of the wager, and the outcome is not connected to the final score.

However, there are noticeable differences that make this option unique.

Traditional prop bets will usually focus on three groups—players, the game, and the team. Bets in the categories will involve a quarter, half, or the entire game that must conclude before the bet is settled. Micro betting does not have this stipulation.

Micro betting breaks down the wager a bit in the future. It looks at a specific at-bat in baseball or the next shot in an NBA game. Because the bet is more in-depth, the outcome can happen in just seconds instead of waiting for a section of the game to conclude or the entire game.

The quickness of the result is what makes micro betting so fun.

How Can I Find Micro Betting Lines

If you want to place a micro bet, you need to know where to look within a sportsbook. It’s not difficult to do, but you may be overwhelmed if you try to locate the option on your own.

Below is a quick guide to show you how to find the micro betting lines to place a bet quickly.

  • Let’s use DraftKing as an example. First, you need to log in to your account.
  • Select the ‘Live’ section. This will take you to the live betting section.
  • From there, locate the sport you wish to wager on and the specific game.
  • Select the game to list available bets. Look for the section called ‘Live Props’ or ‘Popular.’
  • Now you have located the micro bets options. Add the selected bet to your slip and wait to see the outcome!

Downloading & Installing Apps For Micro Betting

If you are ready to start micro betting, you will need to sign up for a sports betting account. The options you have will be based on the state in which you are located.

However, for the most part, operators like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM can be found in most states with legalized sports betting, and they offer micro betting. You can easily create an account with one of these operators to get started.

To begin, you can use the app of a provider or the website to sign up. Follow the directions below to sign up for your new account.

  • Select ‘Register’ from the provider’s website or after downloading the application via iOS or Android devices.
  • If you have chosen to use our promo code for the new player bonus, be sure to input the code during registration to activate the promotion.
  • Fill out the registration form with specific details, including your name, address, telephone number, email, birthdate, and last four digits of your social security number. You will also need to send the operator a copy of your photo ID to confirm your identity further.
  • After you agree to terms and conditions and submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Click on the email and log in to your account.
  • You can now deposit and start using real money to place sports bets in the micro betting category.

Risk Associated With Micro Betting

As with any bet, there is a risk. With micro betting, the risk is not greater than any other bet type. To avoid significant risk to your finances, be sure to set a bankroll and limit how much you will spend.

Micro bets can end quickly, which can cause you to post another bet soon after. With one bet after another, you may find yourself in a large hole that will be hard to recover from.

With self-discipline and a plan, you can easily enjoy micro betting without breaking the bank. Take advantage of what micro betting offers by setting your budget and planning out your wagering sessions.

This way, you get to enjoy the positive side and avoid any negative consequences due to overbetting.

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