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Sports betting and trends analysis go together like Kyrie Irving and locker room chaos.

Bettors of all skill levels and experience are always looking for more data and information to help them make better decisions.

The BestOdds Edge Trends feature is a great resource to help you get started handicapping teams and games before placing your bets.

BestOdds Edge Trends

BestOdds Trends is a data-driven resource providing trends information for the teams, games, and leagues popular across North America.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Trends Team Record

Imagine, as a sports bettor, that you could find a single resource to help you identify:

  • Recent
  • Season-long
  • Good and Bad trend analytics

The BestOdds Edge Trends feature is that single resource, provides an amazing amount of relevant trends data and info.

All at the click of a button, with all of it laid out in a very easy-to-read, user-friendly way.

Understanding How Betting Trends Are Categorized

When dissecting relevant trends and information that could impact your decision-making process, there are many types of different stats and a considerable amount of data to sort through.

The BestOdds Edge Trends feature sorts through all of the information and then breaks them down into four simple trend categories to help with your handicapping.

  • Basic View
  • Season View
  • Good Trends
  • Bad Trends

What Are Basic And Season Trends?

The first category from which to start analyzing trend information is labeled Basic View, but don’t be fooled by the name.

The information under this tab can be very beneficial for bettors.

NHL – Winnipeg Jets – Basic View Trends

  • The OVER is 0-7-2 in the Jets last 9 games.
  • The Jets are 15-6 ATS (puckline) in their last 21 games as an underdog.
  • The Jets are 9-3 ATS against a Top 10 defense.

The information covered with our Basic trends is an excellent place for bettors to start their research.

This information is very relevant and should be of great interest because all trends listed apply to a team’s next opponent and game.

NCAAB (Mens) – UCONN – Season View

  • Connecticut is 11-5 ATS this season
  • The Over is 9-7 in Connecticut games this season
  • Connecticut is 9-5 ATS as favorites this season
  • Connecticut is 12-1 as favorites this season
  • Connecticut is 5-4 ATS at home this season

The trends and information found under the Season View tab are pretty straightforward. They should all provide value for those interested in betting on these teams and games.

Again, the trends found under the Basic and Season View tabs are all specific to a team’s next opponent and game.

Good And Bad Trends

Bettors will also find more trends for all teams listed under the Good and Bad tabs.

All positive information about a team’s performance in specific situations will be found under the Good tab.

Any information showing when a team has struggled will be found under the Bad Trends section.

Using Trends Feature For Betting

Using the information provided in the BestOdds Edge Trends feature is pretty straightforward.

Information is vital for bettors of all skill levels, and many of these trends will help us with our final decision-making.

There are also a lot of sharp bettors who will take our Trends information and stack up teams playing each other head-to-head for detailed analysis.

Sometimes, one team can be heavy with positive trends while their opposition that night is heavy on the negative side.

In this situation, it can be as easy as leaning on the team with the positive trends in a specific matchup.

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