Sports Betting Tools Comparison

Sports Betting Tools Comparison

Understanding that we are all sports fans, some of us will invest more time than others watching games, studying boxscores, and keeping up with the latest rumors about our favorite teams and players.

Even the most passionate fans don’t have access to software engineers, data scientists, and huge amounts of historical data ready for extensive and detailed analysis.

But the sportsbooks do.

Sports Betting Software For Bettors

When we see odds for a game or a player prop bet that we are interested in, we have to remember everything involved in creating those odds,

Today, setting odds is a complex, time-consuming skill set, with access to more information and technology than ever.

All that is to say, Sportsbooks are becoming very good at being Sportsbooks.

There was a brief period when the fight between sportsbooks and the recreational bettor could hardly have been considered fair.

Sportsbooks had a decisive advantage because of their deep pockets, access to data, and the technical support teams in place.

However, with recent developments in technology and some innovative companies focusing on the betting public and not the operators, the fight for us all to win our next bet has become much more realistic.

The betting analysis software currently being launched into the marketplace means, for the first time, recreational bettors have access to the same enormous pools of data, technology, and skilled labor working on their behalf as the sportsbooks do.

This new technology allows bettors to make more informed decisions and significantly reduces the time required to gather these insights on our own.

Whether you are interested in impressing friends and co-workers with your vast betting insights, or you want to take on the sportsbooks in an effort to be a long-term profitable gambler, investing in some sports betting software makes a lot of sense.

BestOdds Edge – Pros & Cons

Described as the ultimate betting analysis tool, built by sports bettors for sports bettors.

BestOdds Edge is the newest product in the market, and it’s clear they have learned a lot from their competitors.


  • Price – Being a later addition to the market has its challenges and benefits. One of those benefits is understanding how your competitors price their products, enabling you to price your own more aggressively. That is precisely what BestOdds Edge has done, and based on their pricing models, they are aggressively looking to build their market share.
  • User-Friendly – Upon logging into BestOdds Edge, a new user may be overwhelmed with all the data, statistics, and options to check out. However, it doesn’t take long to realize this is all designed to be easily consumed by end users and that everything you are looking for is just a click away. Users can navigate from one section to another with the confidence that this software was designed to be user-friendly. No errors or issues will occur as you surf and navigate the system.
  • Player Prop Cheat Sheet – Hundreds of player prop bets could be available with every sport each night. It’s unrealistic to think recreational bettors can spend the time or energy analyzing each opportunity and determining which few have the most significant edge in their favor. Enter the Prop Cheat Sheet feature. This feature provides the bets projected with the biggest advantages in favor of the bettor and presents them for all users to see and use.
  • Same Game Parlay Builder – Since sportsbooks started pricing for Same Game events to be parlayed together, recreational bettors have been trying to take advantage of correlated odds. However, gaining access to the required data and building the algorithms to help identify correlated events is easier said than done. The BestOdds Edge SGP builder makes identifying correlated events super easy and is an excellent tool for those who would instead build an advantageous parlay card as opposed to playing just a single wager.
  • Confidence Factor Rating – Like other sports betting analysis tools, BestOdds Edge provides users with hundreds of betting projections and predictions, all backed by their data-driven algorithms. However, not all data samples and projections are equal. The confidence factor rating allows bettors to differentiate between projections and predictions provided by the system. When you have a projection that suggests a bettor has a 10% edge in their favor, that should be of interest to us. However, when you can back that 10% Edge with a high confidence rating, then a bettor knows they have a real advantage.


  • No NFL Anytime Touchdown Data – To be fair, we are told this feature is coming. However, by far the most popular sport for gambling is NFL football. One of the most popular player prop bets during NFL season is Anytime Touchdown Scorer. Currently, BestOdds Edge does not have data to help us analyze those options. However, they plan to release the feature before the 2023 NFL season begins.
  • Information Overload – If you are new to the BestOdds Edge betting system when you first log in, you might feel overwhelmed with all the available options and information. The layout and all available information could be more manageable, especially for new users. Hang in there. After a few sessions, you will find it much more intuitive and easier to use with some experience.
  • Sorting Through Their Betting Trends – As recreational bettors, most of us find a lot of value and insights in different betting trends we come across. Trends can be a big part of our decision-making process when done correctly. The BestOdds Edge Trends feature has A LOT of betting trends available for their games and player props. In fact, they may have too many for our liking. It’s hard to believe that all the trends they provide are predictive. A bettor must sort through the trend information and determine which ones resonate with them and which trends are throw-away information. In time, we assume BestOdds Edge will manage its trend information differently, ranking its predictive trends at the top of the list.

OddsJam – Pros & Cons

OddsJam launched in 2021 and aims to provide actionable betting insights to sports fans.


  • User-Friendly Interface – It’s obvious that creating an easy-to-navigate interface for their end users was a priority for OddsJam. The user experience for both their website and app is as good as any sports betting software out there.
  • Bet tracking capabilities – If you want to improve as a sports bettor, the most significant task we should all perform is tracking your wagers. By reflecting on your previous history and learning your strengths and weaknesses, someone can improve at sports betting. OddsJam makes tracking all your bets very easy.
  • UFC / MMA Covered – Information is King. OddsJam does a great job of providing its end users with interesting content covering various sports. UFC/MMA, Boxing, and Soccer are just some of the sports covered.


  • Overly Aggressive Marketing – OddsJam is clearly trying to target market people interested in betting a lot of money and spending a lot of their time on sports betting. Their marketing program is very aggressive. Users can expect to receive a lot of messages and read a lot of get-rich-quick success stories.
  • Pricing – OddsJam clearly believes its product is worth a lot of money, and they are willing to attach a lofty price tag to it. It is arguably the most expensive software in the market currently.
  • Arbitrage FocusedSort of. For those who are solely interested in Arbitrage Betting (which is not me), OddsJam claims to be the product of choice. There is no doubt that OddsJam has some very good arbitrage betting tools. However, some research suggests that other companies with more of an Australian and UK focus to dominate the arbitrage market.

Props.Cash – Pros & Cons

Props.Cash is focused on helping bettors make better player prop betting decisions.


  • Clean Graphics – Props.Cash provides a lot of information, making it easy for bettors of all skill levels to understand. Props.Cash has an excellent graphics department that presents its data in clean, easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Big Time Saver – All companies producing betting software aim to be a valuable resource for bettors of all skill levels. One of the ways they can accomplish this is to provide relevant information very quickly and cleanly. Props.Cash accomplishes this and, when used correctly, can be a huge time saver.
  • Strong Customer Support – Not every new product released is perfect, and that includes new betting software. The good news for Props.Cash end users is that they put a premium on providing first-class customer support should you feel the need to reach out.


  • App Needs Work – Props.Cash has jumped into the betting software market with a very good product. However, even for long-established industry giants, building a clean and easy-to-use app with all the bells and whistles of a website takes work. In time, Props.Cash will continue to improve its app. For now, it’s good, but reviews suggest it could be better.
  • No College Football – As mentioned, for a relatively new beginner to the market, Props.Cash has released a very good product. However, they definitely have room to grow. We suspect that in time they will release their college football product. However, those who enjoy betting on the college gridiron must look elsewhere for now.
  • Free Membership Provides No Value – The limited free membership sounds appealing, but once a user registers, it doesn’t take long to realize the value of that membership is very limited. In reality, it’s just a resource to try and get more people to pay for their full membership and provides very little for users to get excited about.

ActionNetwork – Pros & Cons

ActionNetwork launched in 2017 and has been focused on providing quality data for end users to help them make more informed sports betting decisions.


  • Fantasy & Action Labs – The ActionNetwork all by itself is cool. A vast amount of information is being shared, covering a variety of sports. However, those who are interested in more data that will have a greater impact on our bottom line will get excited about Fantasy and Action Labs. Whether you are into Fantasy sports or love your hardcore betting stats, Fantasy and Action Labs will have you covered.
  • Real-Time Odds & Data – Part of the perks of using Fantasy and Action Labs is that they provide real-time data to power their odds and insights. This means when they give you insights you want to act on, the odds shown on their site should also be accurate and available.
  • Text Push Alerts – Some professional bettors have the skills and technology created to have systems make auto-bets on their behalf once they entire their criteria. Most of us who enjoy recreational betting or impressing our friends don’t have access to technology that allows for auto-betting on our behalf. Enter the ActionNetwork text alerts that will alert you when your betting odds or criteria on a specific game or event are met.


  • Pricing – Upon going through the signup process, we were about to click on the $49.99 tab, assuming that was a monthly user cost. Instead, we realized it was the cost of just a 4-day trial. The reality is that this is a very expensive product.
  • So-Called Expert Analysis – ActionNetwork has been in the sports betting industry since before it became a legalized and licensed industry. It had a pretty big head start on a lot of its competitors. Currently, they are providing the most industry experts and the most industry news. However, sometimes you can stretch yourself thin. Not all of their “experts” provide “expert” advice. Bettors will want to research who they are following and which industry experts can help them become profitable.
  • Did We Mention The Pricing – Ya, back to the pricing. It’s a lot. If you aren’t willing to commit to a year-long membership, monthly rates are as high as anywhere we could find.

BettingPros – Pros & Cons

BettingPros is the younger brother to FantasyPros. It was launched late in 2018 with many of the same features and characteristics as


  • Lots Of Free Content – When your big brother is FantasyPros and has been building a huge following in the fantasy sports industry for a long time, you expect that BettingPros will jump into the market with a great product. In this case, you would be correct. BettingPros learned from Big Brother and launched a quality product with great content.
  • Covers A Wide Range Of Sports – Where many betting software websites provide content only on the four main North American sports, BetingPros is one of the few that covers many more. Whatever you like to bet on, they have content to help you make an informed decision.
  • Custom Performance Tracker – As mentioned earlier, we are a big fan of everyone tracking their bets and learning from their betting history. Like some of their excellent competitors, BettingPros provides the tools for their end users to track their history and strategies easily.


  • Free Picks – Like most other players in the space, BettingPros has their most desirable content behind a paywall. However, they offer some free content for users, including free betting picks. Like most things in life, you often get what you pay for. If you believe the reviews, end users are better off staying away from the free pick content and spending the money to gain access to the information behind the paywall.
  • PrizePicks Props Articles – For those of us who don’t live in a state with legalized betting, PrizePicks DFS might just be an option you are familiar with. BettingPros does cater to the PrizePicks DFS crowd, but unfortunately, they do so only with content behind a paywall.
  • Best Available Odds – Although BettingPros has many relationships with sportsbooks to help power the odds on their site, they are missing some key players in the industry. In time, they may continue to expand their relationships, but for now, their best odds are good but might be considered incomplete.

4for4 – Pros & Cons

4for4 bills itself as the most accurate resource for fantasy football rankings.


  • NFL Experts – The NFL is by far the most popular sport for bettors to play, and when diving deep into the NFL data, is one of the best options available. Most of their resources are gridiron focused and most of their industry experts specialize in everything NFL.
  • Pricing – If we are quick to point out those overcharging for their products, we should also point out those who priced it where it needed to be. 4for4 is priced per year at what a couple of their competitors charge monthly.
  • Betting & DFS – Some of us love to play fantasy sports, some love betting on sports, and some want to do both. covers both DFS and sports betting, making them a valuable resource for us all.


  • Lack Of Sports – If you enjoy NFL betting, 4for4 might be for you. If you are a fan of other sports, this site’s content and tools likely need to be expanded to help you out.
  • Design and Interface – For us, the design and interface of a website and app are essential but not deal breakers, assuming we can still navigate our way around. 4for4 has some great features and does a good job presenting its data. However, it’s not always as clean and intuitive as some of its competitors.
  • New Products – 4for4 is very good at what they do, and some of its experts are as good as anyone in the industry. However, don’t expect them to be innovators leading the technology charge with a wide range of brand-new products. They tend to be very good at what they do, with innovation and product development a step behind.

Sports Betting Analytics Tools

With access to data at an all-time high, utilizing that data to our advantage is critical to take on the sportsbooks and becoming a long-term profitable sports bettor.

Most of us who enjoy recreational betting on sports don’t possess the data science skills required to keep up with the sportsbooks.

This is why sports betting software has become such a valuable tool for bettors of all experiences.

Software today helps equal the playing field between operators and bettors.

While the sportsbooks have significantly more resources, software developed on behalf of the sports bettor gives everyone a chance to compete.

Sports Betting Analysis Software Must Haves

When deciding what software is the best option for you, there are several different things to consider.

First, you must decide what type of bettor you are and how many sports you want to bet on during a year.

Are you focused only on the NFL, or do you also like to sprinkle on NBA, MLB, NHL, and others?

How much information do you seek out when researching games before you bet?

Are you looking to find a provider with excessive amounts of information and experts to help you make your decisions, or are you just looking for data and information so you can make the final call?

Finally, at what price point are you comfortable locking in a software partner?

Many different pricing options are available; finding the software that covers all your needs at a price point you are comfortable with is always crucial.