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Traditionally, we think of point spreads, moneylines, and over/unders when discussing sports betting.

Although the sports betting industry continues to expand its product menu, most sports bettors are still very familiar with and interested in traditional bets, like which team will cover the spread.

For those of us still betting sides and totals, BestOdds Edge has us covered.

Let’s go!

Team Betting With BestOdds Edge

The first thing BestOdds Edge can help us with is identifying some games the platform might recommend.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Teams Games Graphic

To start, each game has a match-up page. This match-up page will show a spread, total and moneyline column.

Under each column, a user will find green and red numbers, which are cues for the bettor.

Looking at Phoenix vs Denver match-up page above, we can see a green 3 and a red 11 for Phoenix under the spread header.

This alerts a bettor that the BestOdds Edge platform identified 3 positive and 11 negative point-spread trends for Phoenix.

Looking at Denver, the numbers are much more favorable for the Nuggets regarding point spread trends.

The BestOdds Edge system is letting us know there are 13 positive trends and only two negative trends for the Nuggets in this category.

As bettors, we should want to dive into that data and explore that information in even more detail.

Team Betting Stats & Data

As sports bettors, one of our many challenges is the time and effort required to properly track down all relevant data to accurately handicap the games we are interested in betting.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Teams Betting Stats

Not only does the BestOdds Edge platform ingest thousands of different data points on our behalf, but it also runs them through its proprietary algorithms and provides beneficial information for bettors.

Above, we can see that the system has provided us with a final score, total and spread for the Suns vs Nuggets game.

A bettor can take the data from the platform and use it to find games where they might have an advantage based on odds set by the sportsbook.

BestOdds Edge Team Betting Streaks & Graphs

The system also provides a lot of clean visual information for bettors regarding the streaks and trends happening for a specific game.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Teams Game Streak & Trends

Above we are looking at home the Phoenix Suns have performed against the Over/Under totals during their last 10 games.

The platform shows us the total has been set at +228.5 and that the Suns have gone Over that number in 7 of their last 10.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Teams Game Streak & Trends Moneyline

The color coding of the graphics allows a user to understand a trend before even getting into the specific totals.

When it comes to BestOdds Edge Trends data – Green means good,

Red does not.

Player Prop Recommendations For SGP Bettors

One of the exciting features of the Teams betting section is how the system can also recommend specific player prop bets for each game.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Player Prop Recommendation

A bettor who was researching the Nuggets vs Suns game would also be shown a few of the player prop bets for that game the system has identified.

Above we see a prop bet for Nuggets star Nikola Jokic to go Under his rebound total. Savvy bettors who enjoy parlay and same game parlay betting can choose to use this extra information as part of a larger bet.

BestOdds Edge Team Trends

As sports bettors, we always seek relevant information and trends to help us make better decisions.

The BestOdds Edge trends tool is a fantastic resource for bettors of all skill levels and experience.

Edge breaks down trends into four different categories.

They are categorized into the following groups:

  • Basic
  • Season
  • Good
  • Bad

The organized trend sections allows bettors is a convenient way for bettors to compare both sides of a bet and organize a large amount of relevant data.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Teams Bets Comparison

The above graphic is an example of trends found in the Basic View tab.

These are general trends to help start the handicapping process.

Once a bettor has consumed the general trends for a specific matchup, they can get more granular with their research by getting into the Season, Good, and Bad trend information.

The BestOdds Edge platform is exceptional with the amount of trends they generate for each game. This is because of the amount of data the system ingests.

Organizing trends into four categories allows us to get a good sense of which trends are strong with a lot of data supporting them, and which ones are not.

BestOdds Edge Sports Betting Software For Bettors.