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The betting world can be divided into two groups.

Some of us will see a team or player on a streak and jump on that streak to continue.

There is also a large percentage of bettors who will see that same streak, that same information, and believe now is the time to bet against it and watch it come to an end.

Whether you want to ride the momentum or believe that all good (and bad) things come to an end, you will enjoy the features and benefits of the BestOdds Edge Streaks feature.

BestOdds Edge Streaks

The BestOdds Edge Streaks feature is an excellent tool for bettors to understand the teams and the players who are over-performing and under-performing for many different types of bets.

These streaks and performances can be both positive and negative.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Streaks Player Performance

Our graphic above is a real example of an NBA player prop streak, highlighting players who have managed to go OVER their total for the popular Points + Rebounds + Assists NBA prop bet.

We see that Malik Beasley of the Timberwolves has gone OVER his total in seven consecutive games.

LeBron James isn’t far behind him, with a streak of six games going over his PTS + REBS + AST total.

Of course, we provide all of this information for both teams and players, and we do it for all the major sporting leagues covered within BestOdds Edge.

Data Science Behind Streaks Feature?

There are all kinds of ways to bet on your favorite team or your favorite player.

The BestOdds Edge Streaks feature wants to provide relevant information regarding different streaks for any and all types of bets that interest you.

The data science behind this feature is pretty straightforward but very beneficial.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Streak Team Performance ATS

The above graphic shows that the Boston Celtics have covered the spread in 8 of their last 10 games.

We also see that the best available odds for the Celtics is -9.5 / -105 for anyone looking to play on this trend.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Streak Team Performance Over/Under

The visuals provided by the system can really help us with our analysis. In this case, the Milwaukee Bucks have gone OVER the total in 8 of their last 10 games and we clearly see that in our graphic above.

However, when we compare the two images together, we see that both trends are hitting at an 80% rate, but there is definitely a difference that is easy to spot because of the clean graphics provided by the system.

The Celtics hit 8 of 10, but are also only 2 of 4 in their last four games.

Meanwhile, the Bucks are 8 of 10, but their streak has currently hit seven consecutive times.

Player Prop Streak Trends

Of course, the BestOdds Edge Streaks feature is as detailed and insightful for individual player props as it is for betting on teams and games.

One of the key features of our player prop streaks feature is providing the best available odds for a player with a game later that night.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Streak Shots On Goal Over

In our NHL Shots-On-Goal betting graphic above, we can see that Aaron Ekblad, Joel Eriksson Ek, and others are all streaking OVER for this popular prop bet.

We can also see the best odds are being provided for those players with a game later that night.

The players currently streaking but who don’t have a game that day are still included on the list but won’t have any odds attached to them.

BestOdds Edge Streaks Hot & Cold Information

Understanding which teams and players are currently streaking is great information for bettors.

It’s important that we focus on those performing either exceptionally well or poorly over a certain time frame, not just those locked into a consecutive games streak.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Streak Hot & Cold

Looking at the information provided for Malcolm Brogdon above, there is a lot of really valuable streak information provided.

For the entire 2023 season, Brogdon went OVER his points total 66% of the time.

In his last 20 games, he has hit at 75%.

In his last 10, it was 90%, and currently, Brogdon has gone over his points total in five consecutive games.

The platform even breaks down for us how a player has performed against their next opponent, which is also great information for prop bettors.

How Can BestOdds Streaks Feature Help

When it comes to sports betting, there is no substitute for time spent in the data science lab, putting in the time and effort required to be profitable against the sportsbooks.

Information is king, and the BestOdds Edge Streaks feature is full of relevant information that will help bettors of all skill levels.

Quickly find the teams and players performing exceptionally well or poorly for the various bets that interest you.

Find the Best Odds for each bet you analyze, with all the information easily accessible and cleanly laid out.

If you don’t have access to the BestOdds Streaks information feature, you don’t have access to the best available tools to help you beat the books.

BestOdds Edge Sports Betting Software For Bettors.