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BestOdds Edge Projections & Predictions

BestOdds Edge Projections & Predictions


Malcolm Darnley

Updated: Jun 25, 2024

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Have you ever wondered how sportsbooks set their betting lines?

As bettors, we have all had many point-spread bets that come down to the final seconds of a game.

We have all placed an Over/Under bet and then sat on the edge of our seats as the game’s final seconds counted down, with the outcome of our bet still in jeopardy.

Our point is sportsbooks are great at doing their job.

They can access thousands of data points and spend significant time setting spreads, totals, and player prop projections that are often extremely accurate.

As bettors, one of our biggest challenges can be access to data and finding enough time to handicap games the same way sportsbooks are able to do their analysis..

The good news for bettors of all experience and skill levels is that BestOdds Edge has found a solution that helps level the playing field.

BestOdds Edge was developed and designed to give sports bettors a fighting chance against the sportsbooks.

With access to the same historical data, as the sportsbooks and an in-house data science team challenged to be as good or better at providing game and player prop projections, BestOdds Edge is quickly becoming a sports bettor’s best friend.

What Are BestOdds Edge Projections

BestOdds Edge is able to provide data-driven predictions and projections to help bettors when handicapping games and player prop bets.

Bettors will be excited about using the BestOdds Edge product for many reasons, as it provides a lot of information and insights to help us all make better-informed decisions.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Projections & Predictions Teams

Our graphic above is an example of a small portion of the relevant data.

The betting platform is able to provide us with a projected score, total and point spread based on their own unique data analysis.

This predicted score has arrived from a data-backed in-house algorithm that is proprietary to the BestOdds Edge platform.

This final score projection is often an opportunity to find an edge with a point spread or an Over/Under total.

Bettors can use this information and compare it to the totals and spreads being posted by the sportsbooks. 

When they find large discrepancies between what BestOdds Edge is predicting vs the sportsbook, this is an opportunity to make a bet.

BestOdds Edge Team Betting Predictions

BestOdds Edge uses thousands of different data inputs within its algorithms to help arrive at their final predictions.

The system then starts analyzing all that data and shares all of its interesting analysis work with the end users.

The system is also very good at giving us cues as to when there is more information that we should be exploring. One good example of that is their match-up board.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Projections & Predictions Team Vs. Team

Looking only at the Philadelphia 76ers in our graphic above, we see a Green 11 and a Red 5 under the spread heading 

  • The green 11 alerts a bettor that there are 11 positive trends for the 76ers regarding point spread betting.
  • The red 5 alerts a bettor that the platform found 5 negative trends for the 76ers regarding spread bets.

Under the totals and moneyline headings, bettors can view more green and red numbers. 

For the Boston Celtics, there are 18 positive spread trends and only 2 negative trends. 

Immediately a bettor should be very curious to dive into this information and get a detailed breakdown of the Celtics against the spread.

BestOdds Edge Player Prop Projections

The same technology and toolsets that are available for traditional sports betting are also used to create some really beneficial player prop betting tools.

Each player prop bet in the system provides a very detailed player profile page – the information found on a player profile page is detailed and powerful.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Projections & Predictions Player

Each player profile page provides a projected edge for this prop bet and a system rating. The system rating is a confidence rating in the data used to calculate the edge.

A high edge with a low system rating alerts a bettor to an opportunity but tells them to dig into the information provided and verify with their own research.

Identifying large edges with high confidence ratings is a great place to start your player prop research. 

By analyzing the thousands of different data points ingested into the system, BestOdds Edge can eliminate hundreds of bets to avoid and point out a small percentage of ones we should analyze further.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Projections & Predictions Tends

The in-depth player profile pages also provide easy-to-understand graphs and trends, helping a bettor understand all that information.

BestOdds Edge is a great experience for bettors because the system does its own data-intense research to develop a complicated edge projection.

However, they also share that data with us to show us how they arrived at their conclusions and why they have labeled a bet with a high or low edge percentage.

Multiple Bets In One Location

Sometimes, we are looking to find bets with the biggest edges in our favor. Sometimes we are player prop betting because we have a favorite player we want to watch and cheer for that night.

Each player profile page lists all available bets for a specific player.

If you want to lock into a couple of specific players and clearly understand what the data tells us for a few specific guys, BestOdds Edge does a great job laying that feature out.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Projections & Predictions Player Bets

In our image above, we can see how a fan of the Boston Celtics who wanted to bet specifically on Jaysom Tatum can easily access all available prop bets for Tatum.

Of course, each prop bet provides the same detailed analysis, a projected edge %, and all the relevant data that helped the platform form that conclusion.

Sometimes players will have upwards of five or six different prop bets available on them in one game. BestOdds Edge provides the same detailed analysis for each player and each bet, all in one location.

Using Projections & Predictions For Betting

By providing projections and predictions for both traditional and player prop betting, the BestOdds Edge system can help a bettor make sense of the hundreds of bets available and then evaluate where the biggest edges are against the sportsbooks.

BestOdds Edge Sports Betting Software For Bettors.