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Historically, we referred to point spreads, moneylines, and over/under bets when discussing sports betting.

Almost all available bet types were tied to the game’s final outcome.

However, as the industry matured and the technology continued to develop, sportsbooks began expanding their betting menu.

Today, hundreds of bets are available for just one game.

As sports betting continues to gain momentum, the popularity of Player Prop betting also continues to grow significantly.

Bettors of all experience and skill levels have embraced Player Prop betting as much or even more than the traditional betting options.

If you are into Player Prop sports betting, understanding all the different features and benefits of BestOdds Edge and how it can make you a better bettor will greatly interest you.

Let’s go.

BestOdds Edge Player Prop Feature

The NBA has 30 franchises, each with 12 players per team.

In total, there are 360 active NBA players on any night.

The NHL has 32 teams and a roster of at least 20 players. Major League Baseball and the NFL have even more players than that.

Our point is hundreds or even thousands of different player prop bets are available on a given day.

BestOdds Edge covers player props from all the major sports leagues.

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL

The BestOdds Edge player prop betting sections provide data, projections, and insights for hundreds of players in all different sports each and every day.

With BestOdds Edge, you can pick your league, the types of prop bets or the specific players of interest to you and start analyzing data and projections with only a few quick clicks.

BestOdds Edge Player Prop Home Page

The BestOdds Edge was designed with those who love player prop betting in mind.

This explains why the homepage is filled with player prop bets where the system has identified the biggest edges that benefit bettors and not the sportsbooks.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Player Prop

BestOdds Edge makes it easy for users to see why they have identified specific bets on their home page.

In our example above, Nico Hoerner and his total bases prop bet has been identified.

The stats on Hoerner for this bet over his last 20, 10 and 5 games is outstanding.

Bettors of all experience and skill levels will want to know this information, and the BestOdds Edge platform does an excellent job of putting it front and center for us to easily consume.

BestOdds Edge Individual Player Profile Pages

Each individual player has their own Player Profile page, where every available prop bet on a player is analyzed in great detail.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Player Prop Individual Profile

In our example above, we have clicked on the Cody Bellinger profile.

For his total bases prop bet, the BestOdds Edge platform can quantify the edge at 14% in favor of the bettor.

A 14% edge in our favor is a big deal, and that information is essential for baseball prop bettors.

Another cool feature on the player profile page is the system’s bet rating.

This is a confidence rating in the data used to determine the edge.

If the platform has access to a large data sample and has confidence in the data analyzed to determine the projected edge, it will be reflected in the number of stars provided by the system.

Some of the more obscure bets with far less data to analyze will have a lower bet rating.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Player Prop Streak

Another great feature of the player profile pages is how the data is presented to bettors and end users.

The graphics provided are clean and very easy to understand.

Above, we can quickly see that in 8 of his last 10 games, Cody Bellinger has gone Over his total bases prop total.

In the case of the BestOdds platform and graphics, Green means good or Over the total.

Red – means the opposite.

BestOdds Edge Player Profile Betting Trends

Because the BestOdds Edge system analyzes thousands of different data points for each specific game, the platform can generate a lot of great trend data for bettors to study.

BestOdds Edge Betting Software - Player Prop Trends

The system does a great job of separating these trends into those that support the Over side and those that support the Under side of a prop bet.

Bettors can then dive through all trends provided and quickly understand whether the trends data supports the Over or the Under of a particular prop bet.

Using BestOdds Edge Player Prop For Betting

One of the most challenging aspects of handicapping player prop bets is finding and examining relevant data specific to the bets you want to make.

BestOdds Edge makes that a straightforward process for bettors of all skill levels and experience.

All player information can be broken down into numerous different categories and filters.

Historical data and projections are provided for all player prop bets imaginable.

Detailed player profile pages allow us to search for player-specific information if we are keen to bet on specific players.

Whether you want to bet how many points Ja Morant will score or how many goals Connor McDavid will have in his next game, BestOdds Edge makes analyzing all the critical, relevant stats extremely easy.

BestOdds Edge will make you a better player prop bettor.

BestOdds Edge Sports Betting Software For Bettors.