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Best Odds In Casinos

Best Odds In Casinos

If you’re an ardent casino player, you may have wondered which casino games have the best odds and whether the house really holds an advantage.

The truth is, all casino games have different odds and probabilities. Some favor the player more, while others tilt toward the casino’s side. So a gambler looking to gain an edge over the casino needs to be aware of the casino games with the best and the worst odds.

However, you need to know that even the games with the best odds still favor the casino. Remember, “the house always wins.” The casino still needs to make money, after all.

Though the house may hold the ultimate advantage, you can still dig deep and find games where your chances of winning are higher than others.

Read on if you want to know the casino games with the best and the worst odds. We’ll also explain to you what the house edge is and how casinos make their money, so definitely read if you’re also interested in that as well.

House Edge And Payout Percentage?

There are two key terms that casino players need to be familiar with—house edge and payout percentage.

House edge, in simple terms, is the built-in advantage that a casino has and what guarantees the house a profit. House edge is usually expressed as a percentage of a gambler’s original bet. That percentage represents the profit the house will make when you place a wager.

So if you hear someone say that the house has a 5% advantage on a particular game, that simply means that for every $1 million that the casino collects, they are assured at least 5% of that money, which is $50,000. The other $950,000 will, on average, be paid out to bettors.

House edge exists in each and every casino game, whether online or land-based. Once you know the house edge, you can determine whether a game’s odds are good or not. On average, the normal house edge is between 2-5% for most casino games.

Payout percentage, on the other hand, is slightly similar to the house edge. Payout percentage simply means the average that a bettor can expect to receive from a casino game in the form of winnings. The term RTP, which means return to player, can also be used interchangeably with payout percentage.

For example, a 95% payout percentage means that for every $100 that you wager, you can expect to win $95. Payout percentage mostly applies to slots and other similar casino games.

Remember, all of this is based on average calculations and assumptions. This doesn’t mean that if you wager $100 you’re going to win $95. But the more that you spin, the closer you’ll get to the slot’s payout percentage.

So you can still hit a big jackpot in a single session, or you can go for a couple of spins without winning anything.

Casino Games With The Best Odds

If you’re keen on winning long-term, you need to be aware of the games with the best and worst odds.

As we stated before, once you know the house edge, you can easily tell whether a game’s odds are good or bad. Surprisingly, the games with the best odds are table games. But when you look at it objectively, it makes a lot of sense.

In most table games, you’re either playing against a dealer or an opponent instead of a machine. Plus, in table games, your knowledge and skills can come in handy, whereas in slots, it’s mostly down to luck.

So here are the casino games that have the best odds:


In online blackjack, the house edge is usually lower than 1%, and it’s usually the game where players have the best chance of winning.

The house edge on blackjack can be as low as 0.5%, and in some very liberal casinos, you may even find that the house edge is only 0.28%. This translates to some very good odds, especially since you’re playing against a dealer and not some seasoned poker pros.

Plus, blackjack is one of the best casino games for players who want a high payout.

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, but you have better chances of winning big at the blackjack table than at a slot machine.

Keep in mind that there are multiple variations of blackjack. So the number of decks that you play with, plus any potential rule differences, could have a huge effect on the house edge.


If you’re new to gambling, online craps may seem like a complex adventure due to the number of bets that can be made, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily master the game.

On average, the house edge is around 1.2%, but that can go to as low as 0.8%, or even 0.6%, depending on the casino. So the great thing is that craps has a low house edge but a potentially high payout.

One thing that you need to know about craps is that there are many bets that you can make, and the probability of winning a bet will depend on the bet that you make.

For example, the pass line bet, which is the most basic bet that you can make in craps, is quite easy to win and most players should easily be able to make a small return on that bet.

So the more that you know about the game, the more bets that you can make. Eventually, you will be able to increase your payout.


Even the most basic of casinos have online roulette. It is one of the easiest games that you can play, and beginners can learn the game in just a matter of seconds.

There are different types of bets that you can make. You can choose to bet on the number that the ball will fall on, or you can bet on whether the ball will fall on a red/black number.

Other types of bets that you can make include odd/even, high/low, and dozens (where you bet on whether the ball will fall on numbers 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36).

There are two main types of roulette wheels: American Roulette and European Roulette. In European roulette, there is only one single zero (0) on the wheel, while in American roulette, there is a single zero (0) and another green pocket where there is a double zero (00).

So the house edge is different in both types of roulette. The standard house edge for European Roulette is 2.7%, while most casinos that have American Roulette set the house edge to 5.26%.

The difference in the house edge between the two roulette wheels is because of the obvious distinction: the American roulette wheel has an extra double zero (00) in addition to having a single zero, while the European roulette wheel only has one single zero (0) on the wheel.

So in the European wheel, there are 37 possibilities, while in the American wheel, there are 38 possibilities.


Baccarat also has very good odds. It may not be the most popular casino game, but the card game has a very low house edge.

On average, the house edge for baccarat is usually 1.06%, and this can even go below 1% depending on the casino.

Since it’s a simple game to learn, it can be a great alternative to some of the more popular table games.

Casino Games With The Worst Odds

It’s a bit harder to know which casino games have the worst odds. Casinos, obviously, wouldn’t want to give away such delicate information.

However, we still know a few games that have pretty bad odds. Unsurprisingly, the casino games with the worst odds are the ones that heavily rely on luck.

Below, we’re going to discuss the two games with the worst odds. If you enjoy these games, there’s no problem at all with you playing them, and we aren’t discouraging bettors from playing these games. Just know that your chances of winning big in such games are relatively low.

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is an extremely popular game that has multiple variations. The game has a basic concept: the wheel has 54 sections, and once you spin the wheel, the point at which the wheel stops will determine your prize. Sounds simple, right?

Well, you have to consider the fact that the prizes that you can win are scarce and have been spread around unevenly. And even though you can win the jackpot, which usually offers a 36x payout, the wheel usually has only one such option, meaning that the odds of you landing the jackpot are 54:1.

On average, the house edge on Wheel of Fortune starts at 11.2% and can even go to as high as 24%.


In most casinos, slots form the majority of the games. So it’s fair to say that casinos cunningly use slots to lure in bettors.

Slots are simple in nature, you select your bet amount and then spin the wheel or push a lever. You’ll then win or lose your wager based on where the wheel lands. Because of such simplicity, slots can easily attract first-time bettors.

Generally speaking, your odds of winning from a slot machine are very high. For example, the odds of you winning the jackpot—which is anything between 8 million to 33 million—are 1 in 49,836,032.

However, some loose slots have relatively good odds. If you compare casinos, you can find slots with very high payout percentages.