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Compare Online Casinos

Comparing online casinos back in the day was not very difficult, considering the options were pretty limited. But now, with thousands of options available, it can be overwhelming when deciding where you want to start.

With so many options, it’s essential to know what kind of criteria to look at when choosing a site. You may pick your favorite casino on your first try, or you might switch it up every time you play.

Regardless, we advise comparing online casino sites before sticking to one for the rest of your gambling career. Comparing the different sites can give you an edge for the following reasons:

To Always Get The Best Offers

One advantage of comparing casino sites online is that you can compare all of the offers and promotions available. Many online casinos use welcome bonuses to bring in new players.

For example, some casinos may offer up to $1000 in bonuses if you sign up. However, make sure you look into the fine print as many of these offers come with wagering requirements.

Usually, each site will have a terms and conditions page explaining these requirements. Taking a look through this page will help you greatly if you are not ready to commit to one site just yet.

Many casinos have regular promotions as well that go beyond the welcome bonuses. Take a look to see which online site has the best offers for your future games.

VIP Programs

Besides promotional offers, there are other ways to receive rewards on casino sites online. Many online sites have VIP Programs where you can receive rewards based on your status.

For example, new players can start off with a deposit reward and trade their points for cash. As they continue in the VIP program, they receive more bonuses, loss rebates, birthday gifts, and even VIP casino tournament invites.

Similar to the promotional offers, it’s best to find the terms and conditions page to get all the details of your offers. Some casinos have a specific point requirement to maintain your loyalty status, whereas others give you the benefits for life. It’s best to know what you’re getting.

One thing to keep an eye out for is casinos that have invite-only VIP or loyalty programs. We advise against these as the casino is the one that chooses when you are eligible to receive these promos.

Security At Online Casinos

Security remained a significant concern when the online casino market initially came to life in the 1990s. Over time, the fear of security has declined as a large majority of online sites are reputable. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a few rotten apples in the batch.

The best thing to do is check out review sites. This will allow you to look at the different incidents reported and figure out whether or not the site is secure. Do take these reviews with a grain of salt as some incidents may not be as severe as others.

What you want to be looking for is if your money is safe. A few complaints here and there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Another option is to take a look at the software the site is using. Knowing whether or not the site is encrypted and if their procedures adhere to the current standards in the market can ease the fear of whether your hard-earned money is safe.

Player Support

Although some rarely use it, player support or customer service can be a make-or-break aspect of a casino site. Whether or not you run into problems, how the casino deals with it shows how much they care about their players. Nowadays, there are plenty of options to reach out to support.

Live chat, telephone, and email assistance are all commonplace in the current market. This means before you even join, you can test out the waters and see what it is like to contact support.

Note how quick the response is and how helpful staff members are to deem whether the site has adequate player support.

Aside from customer support, you can also look for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Having your questions answered without having to go through contacting support is a marker of a well-developed online site.

It is certainly a plus point when it comes to comparing different casino sites directly.

Steps Used To Pick An Online Casino

Know What You Are Looking For

This depends on what you as a player are looking for. Do you want an online casino to play just one game or are you looking to play multiple options? Do you want to do some sports betting on the side? Do you want a live dealer on the site? Are you okay with a simpler interface?

Think about what is important to you as a player and create a shortlist of requirements. You can even create a list of additional features you may enjoy but are not completely necessary.

This will help you narrow down from the many options to a smaller list making it easier to decide where you want to play.

Highlight Dealbreakers

Similar to above, think about what you absolutely need. If the casino site does not have this feature, you won’t register.

Create A Shortlist

Create your pros and cons list and start checking off sites on your list. Whichever sites don’t have the absolute requirements can be removed, and you can even take a look at the features that aren’t necessarily deal-breakers.

Try to stick to a reasonable number, so you don’t get overwhelmed, and remember, there are so many options out there that there is most likely something that will fit most of your needs. Around five or so sites is a good amount to have for this shortlist and once you do, start comparing them against one another.

Check Out Online Reviews

As mentioned earlier, reviews can be a good indicator of the site and what you can expect. Be careful as you read through them as some reviews may be written with nefarious intentions.

It’s best to see if there are multiple reviews on a topic. If there is more than one complaining about withdrawals, you may want to reconsider. But, if there is only one review complaining about a personal issue, the site is most likely okay.

You can even test out the site by creating an account and looking through the interface and the feature options. Testing the site yourself may help you consolidate your final decision.

Criteria To Consider When Picking An Online Casino

Aside from security and promotions, there are plenty of other features you can factor in. Most of these depend on your preferences and what you are looking for.

Here is a list of criteria that you should consider when choosing a casino site:

The List Of Available Games

Many gamblers prefer to have more than one option when playing games. Depending on what kind of games you like and whether you prefer switching it up, this could be a big factor for you.

Of course, you may prefer to play just one game so this may not be as important but for those that would like a variety, check if the games you prefer playing are listed.


Ease of deposit and withdrawal is an important factor for all as you want to make sure you are able to not just add money to your account but collect it as well. Having constant access to the funds you apply for is essential. Online casinos with multiple options are your best bet so that you can use a backup method if your preferred method does not go through.

Moreover, you should check whether there are any limits or requirements on depositing and withdrawing your money. Knowing the site’s maximum and minimum limits will help you avoid any issues in the future.

Mobile Apps

In our modern-day and age, there aren’t many sites that won’t have mobile options. Whether it is a fully functioning mobile app or just a mobile-friendly website, checking out the interface on a smaller screen can be a make or break for some. Gambling on the go is becoming increasingly popular so if this is something important to you, make sure to check it out.

Live Dealers Availability

Although you may prefer a simple onscreen version of your preferred game, some may not give you the same feel. Having a live dealer option allows you to get the same vibe as a casino, especially when playing games such as poker or blackjack.


As we know, there are many sites out there that you may come across which makes room for plenty of scams. Besides that, there may be differences in gambling licenses and your location.

Check to make sure the site is licensed and whether it is approved for your location.

Pitfalls To Avoid

Everyone makes mistakes; however, you can avoid making mistakes while gambling online if you look for the correct information beforehand. To avoid such mistakes, stay away from sites with the following characteristics.

Casino Sites With Long Payouts

A big red flag is a site that takes too long when withdrawing your money. If it happens once, that’s understandable, but you shouldn’t overlook this issue if it’s a recurring issue that others have faced.

The best way to look into this is through the reviews on the casino site. As mentioned earlier, take these reviews with a grain of salt, but if you see multiple reviews warning others, then it’s best to stay away.

Gambling forums are another option if you’d like to double-check and get as much information as possible.

Blacklisted Casino Sites

Blacklisted sites are blacklisted for a reason. Many will try to keep their name clean so it might not be easy to find this information. However, it is worth the effort to check whether the site you are gambling with is trustworthy.

Do the research and look into why and when the site was blacklisted. This will help keep your money safe.

Sites With Habitual Problems

One or two issues can be resolved as glitches or human error, but if a site has a consistent problem and has made no effort to fix it, this can also be a significant red flag.

Of course, minor problems can be ignored, but multiple issues surrounding false advertisement, security breaches, and issues with payouts are evident notes to stay away from this site.

How Casinos Make Money


Promotions, for example, free cash offers, are one way online sites make their money. Upon signing up, many will receive a free cash offer. But remember, these come with their own terms and conditions.

Often, when cashing in on a free cash promo, you still have to create an account and deposit money.

You can continue playing with the free cash, however, some sites have withdrawal requirements, thus enticing you to play more. Despite a few wins, eventually, you may lose which leads to the casino pocketing your free cash as well as your registration deposit.

Free New Games

When hearing the term free, remain cautious as little in life is in actuality free. Online gamblers don’t tend to play regularly, which is why sites will offer free games to those who are already members.

When signing up, you must register with your email, and you shouldn’t overlook this issue, giving the site the option to add you to their mailing list. Promotions can be offered through this method.

When offering you a so-called free game, the site will most likely give you a free trial instead. So, you can play the game for free for a certain period of time, and you may even receive bonus offers. Once hooked, and the trial ends, many players will continue to play the game, bringing in more money for the site.

House Edge

Not all methods of making money revolve around players losing the game, and although online sites have tech in place to ensure no meddling on behalf of management, there are still legit ways to do it such as the house edge.

The house edge is essentially just a formula used for profit. It makes each player lose a small percentage of their money during play which then goes into the casino’s pocket. It could be as little as 5,% which may not seem like much, but it can sustain a whole site when put together. Roulette and slots earn the most as it gives the site a statistical advantage.

Despite neither the casino nor the player knowing the outcome of these randomized games, the site still earns a nice percentage of your money in their pocket.


The other option commissions, which you may see in live casinos as well as online. In certain games, for example, poker, a percentage is taken before the game even begins. Most take a standardized percentage of the first bet; however, some have a flat fee, with players paying upfront with a fixed fee.

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