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British Columbia Online Lottery

British Columbia Online Lottery

The British Columbia lottery has been around since 1982. In the beginning, it was only the lottery, but these days players can do much more.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) oversees online lottery games, casino games, keno, slots, and sports betting in BC.

Since its inception, the BC Lottery has put together more than $25 billion towards good causes. If you want to know how you can be part of this noble endeavor, this article is the perfect start.

We will discuss the big draws in BC, your full list of gambling options, and what the money raised is used for.

How The British Columbia Lottery Works

The BC Lottery is also taking advantage of the online revolution to provide players with multiple ticketing options.

Currently, you can purchase BC Lottery tickets for provincial, national, and even in packs for multiple draws. Incentives are in place to promote online purchases.

For example, purchasing multiple draw packs for the Lotto Max online will earn you an extra entry.

If online ticket purchasing sounds like a good deal, here are your options:

  • Lotto Max
  • Lotto 6/49
  • BC/49
  • The Daily Grand
  • Keno

The play now portal offers other online gaming alternatives for players in British Columbia. You can use this platform to enjoy instant games, many of which include massive jackpots.

Below, is a more detailed look at what you can get on the British Columbia Lottery website:

  • Casino games: popular games you can play in BC include video poker, virtual table games, and slots.
  • Live casino: British Columbia casinos also beam out games in real-time. Some live dealer options you can gamble on include blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.
  • Sports betting: live betting, novelty bets, and season-long futures are available when you bet on sports in British Columbia.
  • Sports pools: this is when you pick multiple outcomes in the hope of winning the jackpot prizes. This form of betting is also available in BC
  • Bingo: the most popular variant is 75 ball bingo. It comes in a wide variety of themes.
  • Online poker: the social nature of this game is what excites most players. You can play tournament or cash game Texas hold’em against other players in the province.

British Columbia Online Lottery Promotions

One of the main perks of playing in British Columbia online is the lottery promotions. These are usually small cash injections of $20, tops. But you will be surprised how much you can accomplish with just $20.

Naturally, the bonus you get will depend on the games you are into. This is normally the case wherever bonuses are given out online.

For example, the bet back bonus is a common feature in sports betting. Poker players are more familiar with bad beat jackpots while purchasing bundles of lottery tickets usually earns you free extra drawings.

The message here is that, whichever gambling format you are into, a bonus or promotion is waiting for you in British Columbia.

Multi Province Draws On BC Lottery

If you are a fan of our articles, you know we are always looking for ways to help you put your best foot forward. It’s no different this time around.

That’s why we feel the best way for you to collect on real winnings is to find your way into provincial draws. It is on record that the largest win in BC is $60 million, snatched by a lucky Richmond fisherman in 2019.

If you are feeling lucky, you can take part in one of 3 multi-province draws.

  • Lotto Max: draws for this game are conducted on Thursday and Friday. To take part, you need only put up $5. You will get a ticket with 3 sets of 7 numbers, ranging from 1 to 50. So how do you win Lotto Max? Just match all 7 numbers and you win a big jackpot. The prize starts at $10 million, but will quickly go up to $70 million if no one wins it.
  • Lotto 6/49: for only $3, you can be in the running for $1 million every Wednesday and Saturday. The main Lotto prize starts at $5 million and grows from there. To get it, match the 6 numbers on your ticket correctly. Aside from the main jackpot, you can also bag $1 million if your ticket number is picked as the lucky winner.
  • The Daily Grand: it costs only $3 to buy a ticket for the Daily Grand. But in return, you can walk away with $1,000 a day for the rest of your life. Now, process that for a moment before reading on. Draws are every Monday and Thursday, and the winner has to pick 5 numbers and the grand number successfully. A consolation of $25,000 a year for life is also up for grabs. You get this one if you do everything right but then miss the grand number.

British Columbia Draws

BC exclusive draws offer added rewards to players in this jurisdiction. The main prize for the BC/49 draw is $2 million. But you also have an optional extra that has a guaranteed prize of $500,000.

Tickets for the BC/49 draw cost only $1 a pop. You can purchase tickets from retail sites or online. The great thing about the BC/49 draw is you can subscribe for all 104 draws covering the entire year.

To make things more convenient, you can also take advantage of the PlayNow system. It automatically checks your numbers and deposits any winnings into your account.

To win, you need only successfully pick six numbers out of a total of 49. This contest features the regular 49 plus a bonus bowl format.

Draw Times For The National & BC Lottery Games

Every day, except for Sundays, there is always something happening in the BC lottery. Draw times are at 7:30 p.m. Pacific each day.

  • Monday: Daily Grand
  • Tuesday: Lotto Max
  • Wednesday: Lotto 6/49 and BC/49
  • Thursday: Daily Grand
  • Friday: Lotto Max
  • Saturday: Lotto 6/49 and BC/49

Scratch Tickets In British Columbia

Scratch tickets are available in retail outlets and also online. You can purchase scratch tickets in British Columbia for as little as $1.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to scratch tickets. You will find these in a variety of exciting themes and gambling models. Some tickets give you only one shot at collecting the jackpot. Others, give players multiple opportunities.

One of the main advantages of playing scratch tickets in British Columbia is that you can go online, on the BCLC website, and find out which tickets still have big prizes.

If it is all about collecting on the biggest wins, it makes sense to only purchase tickets that still have the bigger jackpot.

Since there is a wide range of scratch tickets in British Columbia, we have highlighted some of the popular options you get here.

  • Watermelon Winnings: scratch melon slices to reveal the prizes that lie beneath. You can win up to $10,000 on this ticket.
  • WWE Legends: no prizes for guessing what the theme is about on this one. Tickets cost $2 and the top prize is $20,000.
  • BC Mountains: $3 will gain you access to this game. What you are after is the top prize, which comes in at $50,000.
  • The Price is Right: the jackpot here is $100,000. This card carries a TV game show-inspired theme and costs $5.
  • 200x Multiplier: taking part in this game will set you back $20. Sure this may seem like a lot, but consider the $2 million top prize.

The list we have here is by no means exhaustive, there are many other seasonal games, board games, and even crosswords that you can get stuck in.

British Columbia Lottery Gambling Options

BC has an impressive collection of gambling options. All these are available through the PlayNow portal and can be enjoyed from one account. Below is a list of what you can expect.

Online Casino Games

If online casino games are what you seek, then the PlayNow portal won’t disappoint. You will find options listed under the casino games and live dealer tabs.

The online casino games tab plays host to some of the most popular games in BC. Here you find a collection of online slot machines, table games, video poker, and lots more.

Some of our favorite slot machine titles include MegaJackpots, PowerBucks, 88 Fortunes, Cleopatra, and Monopoly slots.

If slots become too boring for you, there are also table game options. Virtual games like baccarat, blackjack, 3-card poker, and roulette, will inject some variety into your gaming experience.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Instead of making the trip to Hard Rock Casino, you can play thrilling live dealer games using your smartphone at home. This experience is as close to the real deal as you are going to get.

Unlike virtual casino games, live dealers give you an unmatched social experience. You can chat with live dealers and even other players at the table.

Sports betting & Pools

Sports betting is also available to players in British Columbia. You can make single bets on outcomes like the correct score for each team. You also have the option to wager on 2-outcomes+ on esports, entertainment, and sports.

You suffer no shortage of options when betting on sports in BC. Popular leagues you can bet on include the NHL, NFL, NBA, EPL, and a range of other tournaments. In-play betting is also available on these.

Online Poker

Online poker comes in two flavors. You can take part in tournaments and win a portion of the guaranteed prize pool, or opt for cash games instead.

Whichever option you choose, a micro-stakes game can help you understand what these games are about.

Poker also comes with its set of bonuses and promotions. Extra cash for the highest hand, freeroll tournaments, and more are a common feature in BC.

Bingo & Keno

New keno numbers are drawn every 3 minutes and 30 seconds. You can play this exciting draw game online or on retail sites.

Bingo isn’t drawn as often but players can still have a good time. From a minimum investment of only $0.10, you can take part in Moonlight Diamonds, Suite 75, and Stardust.

British Columbia Lottery Responsible Gaming

Through GameSense, the BC lottery openly explains the risks involved in gambling. Players can also find support when they fall into gambling addiction.

One of the most common tools used in BC to battle gambling addiction is self-exclusion. This is a voluntary program that you can join and block out unsolicited gambling adverts and offers.

Corporate Responsibility

BC has always been transparent about how gambling proceeds are used. A total of $25 billion has already been raised. The money has funded community grants and other initiatives.

A portion has also gone towards eradicating gambling addiction. Through the BC government, funding has been made available for various community groups, education, and public programs.

Online British Columbia Lottery

There is a lot to admire in the BC lottery and other provincial lotteries in Canada. You can get ticket packs for the national and BC/49 draws. This exercise is effortless, and some lucky players have gone forward to win mega jackpots.

Each day of the week, except on Sundays, there is always a draw you can be part of. To get the most of your BC lottery experience, make your way to the PlayNow portal and pick up a promotion that suits you.