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How To Bet NFL Props On Caesars App



Updated: Aug 16, 2023

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After the rapid growth of online betting, prop betting has grown from a niche alternative to one of the go-to betting options for many bettors.

Props may be extremely unique wagers, but there’s no limit to what a prop bet can be.

So going for a sportsbook that gives you limitless prop betting possibilities is the best route for bettors who are seeking variety in their props.

One such sportsbook is Caesars.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the types of props that you can place on Caesars, so read on for our detailed insight.

How To Bet Props On Caesars App

New bettors may not know how to place a prop bet on Caesars sportsbook, while seasoned sharps may be extremely familiar with the steps.

Either way, we’re still going to cover the simple step-by-step process.

Here’s how to place a prop bet at Caesars:

  • Sign up and log in to the Caesars app.
  • Go to the sports menu and select the sport of your choosing.
  • Select the specific game that you want to bet on.
  • Select the prop category that you wish to bet on.
  • Click on the odds of the prop that you wish to bet on.
  • Go to the bet slip and enter your bet amount.
  • Click the “Place Bet” button to submit your wager.

Prop Builder

As we’ve mentioned, props can manifest in many different ways.

Instead of limiting your possibilities, certain sportsbooks will give you the freedom to create custom props through the use of a prop builder.

With this tool, the creation is in your own hands, so you don’t have to depend on the options given to you by the sportsbook.

A prop builder is an indispensable tool but is still seen as a niche feature by many sportsbooks.

Currently, Caesars doesn’t have a prop builder, but we’re certain that the sportsbook is going to introduce a similar feature in the near future.

What Is A Prop Bet?

Proposition bets, colloquially referred to as props or prop bets, are wagers that focus on unique events and markets.

Props tend to focus on stats and unique in-game occurrences rather than conventional types of wagers.

General examples of prop bets include the following: Player Y to get more than six rebounds? Which team will score the first touchdown? Will Christian Pulisic receive a red card?

Other sportsbooks will even allow you to bet on events that aren’t directly related to the game, e.g., the length of the National Anthem.

This is extremely common during events like the Super Bowl, which is a magnet for all types of prop bets.

Caesars Player Props

The core focus of player props is on player stats and performances.

Essentially, you’re betting on a player to achieve a certain goal by the end of the game.

That’s why a lot of player props tend to include specific stats instead of being vague and general statements.

To help you fully understand what we mean, we’re going to show you a few examples of player props that you can place on Caesars:

  • Patrick Mahomes Over 290.5 Passing Yards (+200)
  • Kyle Lowry To Record Over 9.5 Assists (+120)
  • Mo Salah To Score 3+ Goals (+300)

As you can see, all the above props are extremely specific.

Patrick Mahomes needs to record 291 or more passing yards for the above prop to be graded as a winner.

On the other hand, Lowry needs to get 10+ assists, while Salah simply has to score a hat-trick.

Let’s say that you’re an EPL bettor who risks $200 on Mo Salah to score 3 or more goals.

If the Liverpool forward scores 5 goals during the game, then your $200 bet will earn you a profit of $600.

Team Props

Just like player props, team props also focus on statistics, only that they tend to focus on statistics involving the whole team rather than a single player’s statistics.

This means that you can still bet on the number of cards, goals, or points that a team is going to have by the end of the game.

Team props can also focus on a side’s in-game performance.

For example, you can bet on whether Team A is going to produce the MVP of the game.

Here are a few other examples of specific team props that you can place on Caesars:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers To Record Over 99.5 Points (+200)
  • Paris Saint-Germain Over 3.5 Team Goals (+300)

If the Cavs score 100+ points, then a bettor who had wagered $100 on them will win $200.

Similarly, if PSG scores 4 or more goals, then a bettor who had wagered $100 on them will end up with a profit of $300.

Game Props

Game props tend to focus on stats and events concerning both teams.

This means that you aren’t focusing on one specific team in this instance.

Generally, game props deal with things such as the exact score, which team will score first, whether the game will end in a tie, etc.

Here are a few common examples of game props:

  • Green Bay Packers To Win By 1-6 Points.
  • What Is The First Scoring Play Going To Be?
  • Will There Be A Penalty Shootout?

Novelty Props

If you’re into prop betting for the fun of it, then you’ll definitely love novelty props.

Novelty props allow you to place unorthodox bets that don’t even concern the game.

So, if you’re not into football but you want to bet on how many commercials there are going to be during the Super Bowl, then you can search for a sportsbook that’s offering that exact prop.

Here are a few examples of novelty props that have become common during the big game:

  • New England Patriots To Win the Coin Toss?
  • Will The National Anthem Exceed 2 Minutes?
  • How Many Commercials Will Feature Dogs?

Prop Betting Strategy

Props may be seen as fun side wagers, but you can still profit from them if you’re a cunning bettor.

By combining the appropriate strategies, you can bet on props and still boost your bankroll.

Here are a few such strategies, don’t forget the betting rules, that you should always keep in mind:

Never Forget Statistics

Many bettors ditch stats when they are placing prop bets, even though most of the team and player props still involve stats.

This makes no sense to us at all.

Before you place any type of prop, ensure that you’ve thoroughly combed through the stats.

Avoid Luck-Based Props

Betting on the coin toss may be fun, but there’s very little handicapping involved in such a bet.

Plus, such a prop heavily favors the bookie more than it favors you.

That’s why we’ll always advise you to focus on props that you can handicap.

You won’t need to depend on luck in such situations—and, if we’re honest, most of us are unlucky anyways.

Limit The Number Of Props That You Place

Props are good when done in moderation.

Unlike some of the other betting options, props are extremely unpredictable, especially props that can’t be handicapped.

Always make sure that you limit the number of props that you place, otherwise, you’ll increase your risk if you purely focus on props.

Propositions is a perfect bet to include in your next same game parlay at Caesars


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