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Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing industries since the United States legalized the practice in 2018.

Now, over two dozen states feature sports betting in one form or another.

Although some bettors will bet on practically anything just to have action, the No. 1 market to bet on in the United States is NFL football.

In fact, American football as a whole is the second most popular sport to bet on worldwide.

Big or small, you will be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook that does not have NFL Betting in one shape or form.

While the smaller books may only have your primary moneyline, point spread, and totals markets, just about every one of the larger and more notable sportsbooks will have it all from player props to futures.

With the new NFL season on the horizon, you may be looking for a new sportsbook for NFL Betting.

Let me take this time to introduce you to Caesars Sportsbook, one of the best operators on the planet.

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have seen a Caesars’ Sportsbook advertisement. Living in New Jersey, Caesars even pays for advertising on NJ Transit busses.

I feel like I see JB Smoove’s (Caesar) face more than my wife’s. What a world.

Caesars is gigantic for a reason. They are also partnered with the NFL for a reason. Caesars is a heavy hitter in the sports betting market, which is a benefit to its customers.

Caesars will offer their customers just about every NFL Betting market under the sun to set themselves apart from their competitors.

They also deploy layers upon layers of lucrative bonuses, promos, and rewards for new and existing users. That’s free money. Who doesn’t like that?

In this guide, I will dive into NFL Betting at Caesars Sportsbook and tell you why they should be the next sportsbook you join with the new NFL season just months away.

How To Bet On NFL At Caesars Sportsbook

Whether you are a rookie bettor or a seasoned veteran, placing a wager at Caesars Sportsbook is easy. It is just like riding a bike.

Once you do it once, you will never forget how, which is great if you are winning, but not so much if you are losing.

I will explain how to place an NFL bet at Caesars Sportsbookin just a few simple steps right now.

Signing Up For A Caesars Sportsbook Account

Naturally, you cannot place a bet on any market at Caesars Sportsbook unless you sign up for a new account. We aren’t playing for Monopoly money. You must sign up to bet for real cash.

Signing up for a new account at Caesars is easy. There are two ways to go about it.

First, you can visit the Caesars Sportsbook website or their mobile app and begin the registration process.

A few steps into the process, you will be asked for a promo code. Here, you will enter the code BESTODDS15.

You might be asking yourself “Anthony, why should I enter your code?”

The answer is simple. This code will unlock and activate your new user sign-up bonus. I have Caesars’ sign-up bonus exceeding $1500 at times on risk-free bets.

And guess what? This deal is exclusive to patrons of

You can also simply click on the “Play Now” link right here at to activate your bonus.

Upon clicking the button, you will be automatically redirected to Caesars’ registration page and your bonus will be right there waiting for you to complete the registration process and make your first-time deposit.

Caesars Sportsbook Betting Rules For NFL

Every sportsbook under the sun is out to do the same thing.

They want to take our money Consequentially, all of us are out to take the sportsbook’s money in an endless tug of war lie power struggle.

While all sportsbooks are the same, they are not created equally. From book to book, you will find differing odds, lines, juice, promos, and bonus, amongst other discrepancies.

One of the greatest differences between sportsbooks is how they grade their wagers.

This is also one of the differences that are normally overlooked and shouldn’t be. How a bet is graded can be the difference between a win, a lessor a voided wager.

Below, I will decipher the rules for NFL Betting at Caesars Sportsbook to streamline the process for you.

Moneyline Rules

A moneyline bet is a bet type that focuses on the overall outcome of a game. No total, no point spread. You must pick the winner straight up to win your bet.

At Caesars Sportsbook, overtime is included in 3-way moneyline wagers for regular-season games.

For NFL Playoff games, overtime is not included in 3-way moneylines as there can not be a tie in an NFL postseason game.

Points Spread Rules

If you place a point spread wager, you are betting on a team’s margin of victory over their opponent.

When you bet on a favorite, that team must win by more points than the pre-set number shown on your bet slip at the time of your wager.

If you take the underdog, that team must win outright or lose the game by fewer points than the number shown.

To win a point spread bet at Caesars, the side you choose must cover the spread. Overtime is included in the final score.

Totals Rules

If you bet on an over/ under total wager, you are betting on the final score combined by the two teams playing.

When you bet on the over, the total score must combine for more points than the predetermined number shown at the time of your wager on your bet slip.

If you take the under, the total combined score must be less than the number shown.

This is another instance in which overtime is included in the final.

Player / Team Props Rules

NFL props are some of the most popular bets you can make. Prop markets at Caesars are seemingly endless. The bigger the event, the more props you will find attached to it.

At Caesars Sportsbook, you will find game props, team props, player props, and exotic props.

Game Props

Game props will focus on a specific happening or outcome during a game. These are not player performance-based.

Game props also have nothing to do with the final score.

Here are some examples of game props:

  • Correct score prediction
  • When will the first time out be called?
  • How many field goals will the Cowboys successfully make?

Player Props

Contrary to game props and team props, player props are player performance-based.

Player props are the most common form of prop betting and are tied to an individual player’s statistical performance during a game.

Here are some examples of player props:

  • Over/ under 295.5passing yards for Josh Allen
  • Over/ under 0.5 interceptions thrown by Kirk Cousins
  • Over/ under 6.5 receptions for Justin Jefferson

Here are some NFL Betting rules you should know about:

  • Overtime will count for all bets unless stated otherwise and outside of bets involving quarters and the first half.
  • For a bet to have action, at least 55 minutes of the game must be played. Otherwise, bets will be voided unless they were already settled.
  • Unless there were odds available for a tie, games that will end in a tie will be voided.

Parlay Rules

A parlay bet combines two or more individual bet selections in one single betting ticket. Each individual bet inside of your parlay is called a leg.

To cash a winning parlay ticket, all individual legs must win.

At Caesars Sportsbook, you have the ability to build a same-game parlay (SGP) ticket. All of the rules for a normal parlay will still apply here.

However, the primary difference is that with the same game parlay, all of the legs are constructed from one single game.

First To Score TD Rules

Whether you want to place a wager on the first touchdown scorer or an anytime touchdown scorer (or both) during a game, the same rules will apply at Caesars outside of the time and order of the score.

Here are some NFL Betting rules you should know about:

  • Overtime will count for all touchdown scorer bets.
  • If a game is postponed or canceled while in play, bets will stand on touchdowns that have already taken place.
  • The player who scores the touchdown – crosses the goal line with the ball in hand – will be graded as the winner of a touchdown scorer bet. The passer of the ball will not be graded as the winner.
  • For the first touchdown scorer bet, the player you bet on must score the first touchdown of the game.
  • With an anytime touchdown scorer bet, the player you bet on must score at any point in the game, including overtime.

Quality Of NFL Betting Line / Odds Caesars Sportsbook

Betting odds and lines at Caesars Sportsbook will always vary next to its competitors.

In some cases, you will find that Caesars’ has the better odds. In other cases, you will see that another sportsbook may have better odds. This is normal.

However, with an operator as notable as Caesars, they will deploy promos, bonuses and odds boost to attract new customers and retain the ones that they already have.

Even if Caesars’ odds are not as good for a market, they may have a boost in place to set everything right.

For example, if you are trying to bet on Ezekiel Elliott to score an anytime touchdown and the odds are better at DraftKings, Caesars may have a boost token in place that will not only even things out, but they might also make the odds greater in your favor so you can make a larger profit.

So while the quality of odds and lines are important, line shopping and knowing what promos, bonuses, and boosts are available at a given time is just is imperative to your success as a sports bettor.

Caesars Sportsbook Bonus For NFL Betting

Caesars Sportsbook is not only a gigantic platform but they also feature gigantic promos and bonuses, especially for the NFL.

Below, I will list a few of the promos you should expect to find once we inch closer to the upcoming NFL campaign.

  • Deposit matches up to and over $1500
  • Risk-free bets that can exceed $1500
  • Odds boost tokens
  • NFL Parlay boost tokens
  • NFL Bet and Get – Wager $50 on Thursday Night Football and get a $25 free bet if the side you bet on wins
  • NFL Bet and Get – Wager $100 on the total of Sunday Night Football and Get $1 in free bets for every point scored regardless of the outcome
  • NFL SGP boosts

Don’t forget to visit our Sportsbook promotions for the most up-to-date betting bonuses.