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How To Bet Moneyline On Borgata App


Sadonna Price

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

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Moneyline betting is the most basic form of sports betting.

And since the NFL is the most popular sport to bet on in the United States, NFL moneylines are wildly popular in their own right.

Contrary to point spread betting, where you are betting on one side to win or lose by a predetermined number of points, there are no points involved or spreads to cover with NFL moneylines.

Instead, to win your NFL moneyline bet, all you need to do is pick the side you think will win the game outright.

If you are correct, then your NFL moneyline bet will be graded as a winner. Whether the team you bet on wins by five or 25, it doesn’t matter. You will still win your bet.

At Borgata Sportsbook, you will find two different types of NFL moneylines.

There are 2-way and 3-way markets.

In this guide, NFL moneyline betting at Borgata Sportsbook will be discussed with the hopes of helping you become a more profitable sports bettor in the long run.

How To Place A Moneyline On Borgata Sportsbook

You will not be able to place a moneyline bet at Borgata Sportsbook until you sign up for a new account.

Below, you will find out how to register for a new Borgata Sportsbook account while taking advantage of a generous welcome bonus at the same time.

So read on if you like free money.

There are two ways to register for a new Borgata Sportsbook account. The first thing you need to do is to visit Borgata Sportsbook’s website or mobile app.

The app is available in both the Apple and Android app stores.

Once you are there, begin the account registration process. During the process, you will be asked for a promo code. This is where you will enter the code BOBONUS.

Using this code will activate your welcome bonus.

To fully lock in the bonus, complete the registration process while making your qualifying first-time deposit, and the bonus is as good as yours.

If you want to bypass entering a code, you can click on the direct sign-up link on this page.

Doing so will automatically activate your bonus while redirecting you to the Borgata sign-up page.

Placing An NFL Moneyline Bet At Borgata

  • Open an account at Borgata
  • Sign in to your new account
  • Find the NFL betting section and click on it
  • Navigate to the NFL moneyline you want to bet on
  • Click on it so it will land in your bet slip
  • Enter the amount you want to stake on this bet
  • Review your bet slip
  • Click on the “Submit Bet” button when ready to end the betting process

What Is A NFL Moneyline Bet?

An NFL moneyline bet is the most simplistic way to bet on NFL football.

Unlike point spread wagers, there are no spreads or points to cover.

All you need to do is bet on the team you think will win the game outright, and if you are right, you will win your NFL moneyline wager.

When you see an NFL moneyline, you will see that odds are assigned to each side of the bet.

These odds are determined by the bookmaker according to each side’s implied probability of winning.

There are three different potential outcomes with an NFL moneyline.

You can win, lose or push. There are also three different ways to bet on a standard NFL moneyline.

There is the favorite, the underdog and sometimes a pick’em or an even money bet.

NFL moneylines at Borgata Sportsbook are standard 2-way markets.

There is one winner and one loser. However, if the game ends in a tie, then the push rule will be triggered, and the stake of your bet will be refunded.

What’s more, overtime will always be included in the result of the wager unless otherwise cited at the time you place your bet.

Below is an example of an NFL moneyline:

  • Indianapolis Colts (-220) at Jacksonville Jaguars (+180)

The Colts are the betting favorite in the example above, noted with minus odds.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars are the underdog, shown with plus odds.

What Is 3 Way Moneyline In NFL?

Contrary to 2-way NFL moneylines, 3-way markets are a bit more complex.

With 3-way moneylines, you can bet on three different potential outcomes.

You can place a wager on either side to win, but then you can also bet on the game to result in a tie, eliminating the push rule that you find with 2-way markets.

With 3-way moneylines, you will win your bet if you bet on the game to end in a tie, and a tie is its exact outcome.

However, if you bet on any other result and the game ends in a tie, then your bet will be graded as a loss.

For regular season NFL games, overtime will be included in the result of a 3-way moneyline.

However, this will differ for postseason markets since NFL playoff games can not end in a tie and must produce an outright winner.

Instead, 3-way markets for NFL postseason games will settle at the end of regulation play.

What Does – / + Mean In Moneyline?

When you see -/+ signs in sports betting, these symbols will tell you which team is the betting favorite and which team is the underdog.

These symbols will also let you know the market price for each side as well.

The favorite will have minus odds, while the underdog will be attached with plus odds.

Using the Colts-Jaguars odds from earlier, here is an example of how a moneyline bet looks and works:

  • Indianapolis Colts (-220) at Jacksonville Jaguars (+180)

When you wager $100 on the Colts at -220 odds, your payout will be$145.45 if they defeat the Jaguars.

However, if the Jags (+180) pull off the upset, then you will gain a payout of $280 if that is the side you bet on.

What Does No Juice Mean In Moneyline?

Juice is another term for vig in sports betting.

The vig in sports betting represents the amount of money a sportsbook takes on every bet that it receives action for. In some circles, this is also called the house’s edge.

This can happen in two ways when you see a no juice moneyline.

When a sportsbook determines that both sides of a bet have an equal chance at winning, then a no juice moneyline is born.

This is also called a pick’em or an even money wager.

You will also find no juice moneylines as a part of a sportsbook’s promotion.

You can check for no juice moneyline specials at the Borgata Sportsbook’s promotions page.

Here is an example of a no juice moneyline:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+100) versus Seattle Seahawks (+100)

Whether you place your bet on the Steelers or Seahawks, you will get an even money payout as long as the team you bet on wins the game.

If you are correct, a $100 bet will award you a $200 payout.

Does Moneyline Include Overtime Play?

Yes. Standard 2-way NFL moneylines will include overtime play unless noted otherwise when you place your bet.

However, these rules change with 3-way markets. With 3-way moneylines, overtime is included for regular season games.

But with postseason games, your bet will be graded at the end of regulation since NFL playoff games must produce an outright winner and can not end in a tie.

What Happens To Moneyline When NFL Game Ties?

If an NFL game ends in a tie, the push rule will be in effect for 2-way markets, and the stake of your wager will be returned.

However, for 3-way moneylines, your bet will be graded depending on how you bet on the game.

If you bet on the game ending in a tie, and a tie is its exact result, you will win your bet.

But if you bet on any other result and the game ends in a tie, then your bet will be settled as a loss.

Moneyline Betting Rules At Borgata

To win your NFL moneyline bet at Borgata Sportsbook, you only need to bet on the team you think will win the game outright.

If you are right, your betting ticket will settle as a winner.

With standard 2-way markets, overtime will always be included in the result unless otherwise noted.

The push rule will also come into play for 2-way regular season markets as well.

Moneyline Calculator

There are three primary uses for moneyline calculators.

While you can use these to determine the implied probability of winning for each side based on the odds set by the oddsmaker.

You can also use these calculators to determine the potential payout of a bet you want to make.

Moneyline calculators can also be used to change the odds format from American to decimal or fractional.

NFL Moneyline Betting Strategy

Successful sports bettors go into every bet they make with an actionable strategy, and you should, too if you want to expand your bankroll in the long run.

Below you will find some of the top tips used by expert sports bettors daily.

Be Reactive To Line Movements

There are several factors that can cause a line to move in sports betting.

These factors will include the weather, injuries, public perception, and recent news. When one of these happens, sportsbooks react accordingly.

If you are proactive and act fast, you can jump on a line before it changes to give yourself an edge over the house.

Shy Away From Heavy Favorites

When you see a heavy favorite, you may think that the game is a lock.

However, nothing is a lock in sports or in sports betting, which is why you can fall into a trap. While betting on these hefty favorites can slowly grow your bankroll, one loss can wipe away a few days’ worth of profits.

If you stake $100 on -1025 odds, you can gain a payout of $109.76, netting you a $9.76 profit.

However, if the heavy favorite loses, you will lose $100. To limit the risk, use these heavy favorites as legs in a parlay.

Line Shopping

One of the best ways to expand your bankroll is by line shopping.

When you line shop, you are shopping the same market at numerous sportsbooks looking for the best price.

For example, if Sportsbook A has a market at -145 odds and Sportsbook D has the same market at -120, then it would be wise to place your wager at Sportsbook D, so you don’t leave any money on the table.

These small profits will add up long term.


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